when you jump a $4,800,000,000 yacht across the planet 

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when you jump a $4,800,000,000 yacht across the planet
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.



9-Iyl, 2021



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Cher Miket
Cher Miket 4 soat oldin
Have you ever noticed that there is GTA in graystillplays ?ilumanotty
ѕтυnna вaвy playѕ
The pirates of the Caribbean music is everything
dylan jackson
dylan jackson 9 soat oldin
I was scared that he didnt want to give us much love at the end 😭
B R Kun oldin
"this thing drives terribly" :whale rolls its eyes
DEZERVED-420 2 kun oldin
That's one whale of a car.
tread nokash
tread nokash 2 kun oldin
3 wheelers pls
Professor raccoon
Professor raccoon 3 kun oldin
Damn bro driving ur ex wife I see
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner 4 kun oldin
uzblock.info/post/video/sKaLsaVwgLF9iJw.html uzblock.info/post/video/sKaLsaVwgLF9iJw.html
anti furry
anti furry 4 kun oldin
Can we have some more sims 4
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Ah I see ur using a Kuda burst
T_c90 Gaming
T_c90 Gaming 5 kun oldin
Yessssss, my favorite super hero is here, Florida man and his flying Floridian boat
EMO ANGEL SINNER 5 kun oldin
I like this
MrLiquidOcelot 5 kun oldin
Save the Whales.... On an opposite day according to this video...
Ethon Gritter
Ethon Gritter 6 kun oldin
That’s a funny looking Dodge Charger you’re driving
Guardian Gibbs
Guardian Gibbs 6 kun oldin
You need merch of an upside down whale ramping through the air.
Marie Stukes
Marie Stukes 6 kun oldin
I thought the title said: when you jump a (large amount of money) yeet across the planet
starlight vail
starlight vail 6 kun oldin
every jump video has that jump thumbnail
Bean 6 kun oldin
Lets be honest, Grey would be a Greta father. Grey's kid would NEVER be bullied, the kid would be super popular. Grey would totally not threaten them all 👁👄👁
Tracy Ingram
Tracy Ingram 7 kun oldin
HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer
Gray: *Feel the power of 1 FPS* My easy bake oven: *Crying while on fire*
Marcel Boulet
Marcel Boulet 7 kun oldin
whale in the sky? Whaaaaaaaat?
It Means Joy- My name
Epic there also are on
Roundishsnow gaming
3:06 you have now enabled Minecraft boat fly hacks.
Riddle Man
Riddle Man 9 kun oldin
I've seen a horse fly, I've even seen a house fly, but I ain't ever seen a freakin' humpback whale fly.
McMon3y Gam3r
McMon3y Gam3r 9 kun oldin
Nobody ever: Gray: all these peoples knees are getting in my way!!!!
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 10 kun oldin
6:39 (insert dolphin sound here)
Tburkalurk 11 kun oldin
That’s gotta be the best pirate I’ve ever seen
EeveePlaysYT 11 kun oldin
When I’m watching this it is at 666k likes XD
Kirb Stc
Kirb Stc 11 kun oldin
Go ahead and cheer chHeee
treyart1 12 kun oldin
What happened Gilligan. Did you ate the Skipper.
AnimeQueen😘 12 kun oldin
At 10:53 i am just thinking Bakugo stop Destroing Deku
Emily Cress
Emily Cress 12 kun oldin
This man loves pain and hates physics
the pizza delivery god
Here before 5 million
Bredyn Morales
Bredyn Morales 12 kun oldin
Freedom over fps
MellowMedia 12 kun oldin
"Parkour inside the belly of a whale isn't that bad" 😂
babsilk 12 kun oldin
Florida man stole Patchy the pirate's car
A'VIAN LOVE 13 kun oldin
"its hard to see exactly where the whale begins and where the ARRGHH" Gray 2021-
Rob Moore
Rob Moore 14 kun oldin
Cute that you named your whale after a type of triangle. A sentence I never thought I would say.
Jacob Bowman
Jacob Bowman 14 kun oldin
I was laughing so hard I cried, Thanks for the Laughs in this time of Agony and Satan's work...🤣🥴😈👏👍😜😝😏
Troy 14 kun oldin
galndolf: your a wizard gray
Ethan Willis
Ethan Willis 14 kun oldin
gojira would be proud
blocky_worlds 14 kun oldin
When he is inside the fire "just like Florida
ThatOneOakTree 15 kun oldin
11:38 I’m not sure Chief Brody is the guy we should be using as a role model lmao
ThatOneOakTree 15 kun oldin
DiscoChixify 15 kun oldin
I loved this episode! It was amazing 🥲
Parul Shukla
Parul Shukla 15 kun oldin
The detailed step-uncle unpredictably hug because bail feraly sigh as a kindly bee. bright, judicious parcel
The Great Papyrus
The Great Papyrus 16 kun oldin
6:48 "The scream"
Summer Draws
Summer Draws 17 kun oldin
“Oh man this thing drives terribly-“ Yes Gray. That is a whale. But then again, Florida may have much worse whales than we do here in sunny side California where trees combust into flames.
Yeetus Meatus
Yeetus Meatus 17 kun oldin
4.97 mil we’re so close!
Hogan the Raccoon
Hogan the Raccoon 17 kun oldin
“I’ll be seeing you in a minute...at high speeds” is the best threat I’ve ever heard
Master_Yort 17 kun oldin
Imagine a police report on that. "Uh sir the vehicle appears to be a flying whale."
Sans 17 kun oldin
16:45 Gray's balls go boom
MT OLYMPUS 17 kun oldin
That has to be the best pirate I'v ever seen
Red Vanquish
Red Vanquish 18 kun oldin
I love how the boats have almost too much handling. The irony.
LeRatBleu 18 kun oldin
"Physics can SUCK IIIIIIIIITTT!" 😂😂😂
askew 18 kun oldin
You need a Reginald for gta
Captain Piggg
Captain Piggg 18 kun oldin
My ears every time after these EPIC AWESOME WONDERFUL UNDERATED videos: 🥲 n-nice video I’m a fan.
jason jernigan
jason jernigan 18 kun oldin
Don't hit me its a whaleony
Godzillabiollante67 18 kun oldin
14:19 that would have been funny if one of these plesiosaurs was the next vehicle
Nithin's Useless Videos
admit it. this man understands how we all long for those sandbox videos
Shazad Mohammed
Shazad Mohammed 18 kun oldin
That thumbnail is what i would try to do in gmod lol
Oliver IDK
Oliver IDK 19 kun oldin
No one : Not a single soul: Gary still plays : I’m loosing tracto9j on the whale ,
Oliver IDK
Oliver IDK 19 kun oldin
“This thing drives terribly “ all whales ever HES A GODDAM WHALE WAHT DID U EXPECT
NinjaMasterZer0 19 kun oldin
Anyone else get that sinking feeling in their stomach watching someone drive downhill quick bnb or falling great distances like you're the one falling?
AFAQUE AHMED 19 kun oldin
How can you not drive the lochness ;(
Brendon Hill
Brendon Hill 19 kun oldin
Hidden Leaf Shinobi ANBU Unit
Piloting this thing like a psycho 😂🤣
Anthony Parry
Anthony Parry 19 kun oldin
'Footage of flying whales' Gojira fans: YES
Levi with V
Levi with V 19 kun oldin
I think it's one of the rare times Gray is having fun on a GTA parkour
Kerry Burgett
Kerry Burgett 19 kun oldin
mjaf2008 19 kun oldin
Yay, testing is bak!
Rawshun Khan
Rawshun Khan 19 kun oldin
11:00 "AAAH I'm not gonna make it nevermind I'm totally gonna make"
SCP Foundation explained
Alternative title: Gray breaking physics and gravity
Owen Radigk
Owen Radigk 19 kun oldin
Alt Title: I played GTA slightly more cursed than usual
Pocket Ellie
Pocket Ellie 19 kun oldin
5:00 Graystillplays and Graystillmakeswhalenoises finally team up only for gray to abandon it at the next checkpoint “Reality is often disappointing”
Jak Gemino
Jak Gemino 19 kun oldin
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas 19 kun oldin
Gospel Bearer
Gospel Bearer 19 kun oldin
"Am I a joke to you?!" -Jonah
David Ephrat
David Ephrat 19 kun oldin
14:58 a GTA bottle run!
American Engineer Jacobe_88000
I thought the tree was your good friend!..
Micah Starnes
Micah Starnes 20 kun oldin
Wish My PS4 self could do crap like this in GTA
Jess Zolczynski
Jess Zolczynski 20 kun oldin
As gray says....what the fresh hell is this? 🤣
kai wang
kai wang 20 kun oldin
Eveeyone in the world: bro nice boat! Only in Florida: whats a bost? This is my Gator Mobile that I purchased by shooting my gun into a hurricane while watering my lawn during a flood.
Danny Dacheedo
Danny Dacheedo 20 kun oldin
Isosceles and Reginald need their own video.
Spirit Pug
Spirit Pug 20 kun oldin
7:00 "I'm on a whale, what do you want from me?" the best line to ever have been said by gray.
Damon Dunbar
Damon Dunbar 20 kun oldin
Dude I don’t wanna go to Florida
Sparrow9612 20 kun oldin
All aboard the S.S. Yeecht!
DeathToRain 20 kun oldin
This is more hellish than most of the other challenge maps xD
Chels Terhune
Chels Terhune 20 kun oldin
Nitros too much 😂
Zazie Stockstill
Zazie Stockstill 20 kun oldin
supersized bottlerun much gray?
skydragon gaming
skydragon gaming 20 kun oldin
Bro u need to make a gta vid with treyten😩
Preston Youatt
Preston Youatt 20 kun oldin
15:21 i died laughing
L'apôtre 20 kun oldin
Gojira liked this video
martha troche
martha troche 20 kun oldin
have you found a whale in gta v story mode that gray was in i did
Your Normal Baby Cartoon Cat
It's called a humpback whale for a reason
goldenvortex57 20 kun oldin
Feel the power of one FPS Minecraft Bedrock players:Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power
Tiger Willow
Tiger Willow 20 kun oldin
Grey: This thing drives terribly... Me: IT"S A WHALE GREY
Jeanieinabottle 20 kun oldin
7:39 Just imagine you minding your own business and you see a whale falling from the sky...what a day that would be😂
Geoff Palfrey
Geoff Palfrey 20 kun oldin
Gray :I bet you would never see a whale on a jumbo jet! Me:Thats normal, I see that everyday!
Mistakes were made
Mistakes were made 20 kun oldin
Gray it is just a bottle run
Misterio 123
Misterio 123 20 kun oldin
Alternate title: "I was forced to cosplay Jack Sparrow on stereoids"
i literally drove to space and this happened
Dumb Ways To Die In Among Us *Song*
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minecraft but i made storms 1000x stronger
Dumb Ways To Die In Among Us *Song*
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln
24 Hours With Madelyn Cline | Vogue
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln
Isaiah Rashad - Runnin' ft. ScHoolboy Q
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