when you fly a plane into the core of the earth 

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when you fly a plane into the core of the earth
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14-Mar, 2021



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Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent
I can pew pew the plane
Zippy Doodah
Zippy Doodah Kun oldin
You can do the same thing with the missiles incept it's the original UFO and those things that go around the planet
pelahai Kun oldin
What the game name
Ibrahim Mehdi
Ibrahim Mehdi 11 soat oldin
World smash
Ohemaa Atuahene
Ohemaa Atuahene 3 kun oldin
How To Make A Plane That Fires Black Holes(optional): Step 1: Control the plane and pause time. Step 2: Select the black hole. That's all.
Ohemaa Atuahene
Ohemaa Atuahene 2 kun oldin
@Sayri S Official go in fullscreen
Sayri S Official
Sayri S Official 2 kun oldin
how do u even ride the plane XD
1stChill 3 kun oldin
For anyone that wants to fly a plane you have to shoot 66 missiles.
Shah Khan
Shah Khan 4 kun oldin
How to get this plane
Rachel Del Rosario
Rachel Del Rosario 4 kun oldin
Creeper_Girly848 4 kun oldin
how did you get it on your computer?
Jakob Appels
Jakob Appels 4 kun oldin
how do jou activate that plane?
Matthew C
Matthew C 5 kun oldin
Tell me you've dropped a meteor into the Chicxulub crater??
coconut sprinkles
coconut sprinkles 5 kun oldin
Gray:"Its like a hunter hunting an ear of corn" Me:Dieing of Laughter
ninjaboy002 5 kun oldin
Ha plant go brrrr
Titanic Lover115
Titanic Lover115 6 kun oldin
How do I get the plane i want the plane
danny silverio
danny silverio 7 kun oldin
Me in Australia look up trying to see a moon colliding into earth.
mergy101 Dalmatians
the moons started shooting up because when they got in ur crosshair it thought u were trying to shoot the moon which resulted in like an infinite loop of their projectory moving upward
TOXIc Fam69
TOXIc Fam69 8 kun oldin
How he get the plane do
Autobot 1st Lutenit Jazz
Gray is the darkness in the destiny series
Aloidia 9 kun oldin
uzblock.info/post/video/1qarimiYmbKAeKw.html So Austin from game theory is fan :)
Christine Vance
Christine Vance 9 kun oldin
Gray: ive never really been this deap before Me: THATSSSS WHATTTT SHHHHEEE SAAAIIIID
Danevanjake111 10 kun oldin
You know what we call this? Rookie numbers
straya gaming
straya gaming 10 kun oldin
how do you get this game on windows 10?
Morgan Moon
Morgan Moon 11 kun oldin
A methlacoil, God dam it gray no.
fishpop 11 kun oldin
This game has secrets? How can you do the plane?
Brick Battler
Brick Battler 12 kun oldin
Gray is literally me when i get my amazon package
politically inaccurate toaster
gray shouldve flew the plane into the black hole ngl
shiyou 13 kun oldin
This is the proof that earth are flats Chest lol
Adisike 13 kun oldin
all hail the methla coil
Alexander Palma
Alexander Palma 13 kun oldin
Hell:I think we should recruit gray Gray: just destroying hell and humanity what a normal day ay
night wing
night wing 13 kun oldin
plane where
Jean 13 kun oldin
the plate after you take it out of the microwave: 14:44
Isaac Suggs
Isaac Suggs 13 kun oldin
How do get that plane
David Vincent
David Vincent 13 kun oldin
What we have here, is the seed for the greatest space shooter ever made. Turn it into a whole solar system, add 32-64 player games with different game modes (protect planet mode, destroy enemy planet) (zombie chathulus) (free for all) (teams) (capture the planet core) etc...., epicness assured
kazookee 14 kun oldin
How do you download this game on pc to play like gray?
no no
no no 10 kun oldin
Use an Android emulator
PikaPlayz 47
PikaPlayz 47 14 kun oldin
The Devil: Wait that’s my job!
Eli_spawn_ king
Eli_spawn_ king 15 kun oldin
Gray how do you get to fly the plane
Jonathan LaChapelle
Jonathan LaChapelle 15 kun oldin
When Gray resets the planet: Gray: Alright so.. The people on the earth: ahh sh*t, here we go again
Aqua 15 kun oldin
Why does gray never change the planet
Aadil Shah
Aadil Shah 16 kun oldin
Something is missing from your Discworld.
royalbunny 16 kun oldin
3:26 whoa
Kadin King
Kadin King 17 kun oldin
How did he get the plane
CheeseBurgerCodm 17 kun oldin
How do I get plane?
Burrito Uzumaki
Burrito Uzumaki 17 kun oldin
Scientist:how do we survive over population Grey:hold my bear
teo urs
teo urs 17 kun oldin
How do you get The plane?
Parker Cordell
Parker Cordell 17 kun oldin
How do u get the plane
dhanushka dias
dhanushka dias 17 kun oldin
place the black hole and fly into it happy face
E Marti
E Marti 17 kun oldin
*says "Stop touching me" in a whiny voice*
Matthew Komorowski
Matthew Komorowski 17 kun oldin
How do u fly the plane?
Frost Cate
Frost Cate 18 kun oldin
1:25 not really because you not only you have Universe Sandbox But Spleens Existence can cause the same thing
Zug75 19 kun oldin
all of a sudden FL had 0 pop from moving and not even from hurricanes, based on greys destruction theories.
Sabalooneee 19 kun oldin
Make the orange lasers strength to 5 and make the earth as thin as possible (everybody will die) then reset the planet for a really cool easter egg like so gray will see
N01SEB0MB14 19 kun oldin
Where F-15
River Sanders
River Sanders 19 kun oldin
If make the earth flzttened on both side with the laser and then reset it you make the earth flat
Lu Ck
Lu Ck 19 kun oldin
Gray the Red laser bounces off machine world if you fire at the side.
Shredder 9
Shredder 9 20 kun oldin
8:47-8:58 when aliens nuke earth
kalili Johnson
kalili Johnson 20 kun oldin
Drive into a black hole
kalili Johnson
kalili Johnson 20 kun oldin
Penny The beagle
Penny The beagle 20 kun oldin
2:24 yeah its pretty bad 😂
LolShÄdo 20 kun oldin
what is the emulator for solar smash?
Aleksandra Safonova
Aleksandra Safonova 20 kun oldin
The fancy area exemplarily reject because pasta ordinarily burn beyond a quirky centimeter. ashamed, aboriginal swedish
Sam Rankin-Hirst
Sam Rankin-Hirst 20 kun oldin
Why cant u blow up new zealand
Tina Plume
Tina Plume 21 kun oldin
I just want to see solar smash in any other smash type game just get a nuclear bomb the size of the world and have a like a cut scene just it's calling everybody screaming and just the thing entity or anything like that you're staring up on the world the burning world or just the dust that's left no now I'm depressed
Shannon Morgan-Pelosi
how do u get an airplane
Shannon Morgan-Pelosi
how do i get a plane
iceblade 21 kun oldin
How do you get the plane.. ?
James Eakins
James Eakins 21 kun oldin
If you put a UFO over Washington it will be blown up and youll get an achievement.
Josh McCabe
Josh McCabe 21 kun oldin
Omg I'm if you place down the sheild and then place kuthulu he will explode
Josh McCabe
Josh McCabe 19 kun oldin
You can also cut the worm in half with the sheild
Josh McCabe
Josh McCabe 19 kun oldin
You have to place them at the exact same time
cartopcake 76
cartopcake 76 21 kun oldin
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Marshmanfun 21 kun oldin
How do you get the space ships
Darth Pluto
Darth Pluto 22 kun oldin
Don't let this distract you from the fact that I'm the Senate
RINA 994
RINA 994 22 kun oldin
How Did you get the plane?
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 60 of asking for more beamNg
Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba 22 kun oldin
If you shoot a ufo at moscow or washington dc they shoot it down
V E 22 kun oldin
Is it a mod
Ellen Reed
Ellen Reed 22 kun oldin
Hey, gray, are you happy that florida is going to be in godzilla vs kong?
Tyler Haws
Tyler Haws 22 kun oldin
I'd like to kindly suggest Gray does a Stellaris video. And hopefully a series like his other space games.
ellen lobello
ellen lobello 22 kun oldin
grey: *finds an easter egg in game* everyone else: Oh god no spare us pls
The KGB 22 kun oldin
Gray: Mislicks Mar 14, 2021 "Buncha bigass fuckin missiles" incident
Justice Koprin
Justice Koprin 22 kun oldin
Or beet Cthulhu
Justice Koprin
Justice Koprin 22 kun oldin
moments in time
moments in time 23 kun oldin
Do a world box video ^^
Maxwell 23 kun oldin
How do you get the plane?
Midnight daylight Uwu
I love how gray always destroys stuff in every video
Mambe 23 kun oldin
You don't have to shoot the planes before using it, just press the button that would make it shoot and it'll spawn one
Mambe 23 kun oldin
7:20 the sun was going around the earth and you were trying to follow it so you went in circles, it happened to me
That one guy
That one guy 23 kun oldin
Wait how do you get the plane?
John Hooper
John Hooper 23 kun oldin
your getting proficient at killing the earth
Ilia Naghdifar
Ilia Naghdifar 23 kun oldin
The story of operation 66: it was 2025 and and a space worm was attacking at earth the nora squadron was the only stand against the worm that squadron kill the worm but from all 6 plains only 1 came back to home
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 23 kun oldin
Hey gray what would happen if you put shields around the earth and then blow up the sun
Jerimiah Clanor
Jerimiah Clanor 23 kun oldin
U can actually make the earth flat if u cut the earth flat and reset and the earth is flat
Esat Demirbaş
Esat Demirbaş 23 kun oldin
How do u get the plane
Claire Bradshaw
Claire Bradshaw 23 kun oldin
Markiplier plays Solar Smash: "Why is it still throwing rocks! I'm so sorry!" Grey "All of them"
Darian Ward
Darian Ward 23 kun oldin
Gray: destroys the earth by accident like 27 times. Kanye: NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER!!!
Hae Zhao
Hae Zhao 23 kun oldin
The reminiscent eggplant emotionally sprout because dolphin histochemically guess with a rhetorical raven. typical, nonchalant account
Calming Gamer
Calming Gamer 23 kun oldin
Why do you send a whole swarm of jets with you when you can just send yourself by yourself
Creator Of change
Creator Of change 23 kun oldin
GRAY i found out if you remove the center area of the earth you can throw ball mines inside the middle and make them stay in place
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 23 kun oldin
if you do the ship then go to deadly lazer and then click the button that launches the ship it equips the lazer btw this button: 1:11
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 23 kun oldin
also if the lazer is on level 5 its even better
Mr Eggs
Mr Eggs 24 kun oldin
Gray: alright Australia... Me: OOF
sdfsd123 24 kun oldin
You should stream universe sandbox. Let your fans help destroy the universe
Mcmurr 24 kun oldin
Shut up
Amalija 24 kun oldin
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