when nature becomes 100,000,000x more violent 

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when nature becomes 100,000,000x more violent
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21-Mar, 2021



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20 Among 21 Us
20 Among 21 Us 9 soat oldin
16:10 Pixel explosion
Ryan A boss
Ryan A boss 11 soat oldin
Overall city smash is on 2 k of meth
Altairverse 16 soat oldin
1:39 exploding black hole sees: explosions bus: i believe i can fly! and also why is so many buses survives ur chaos?
Hassan Ibrahim
Hassan Ibrahim Kun oldin
Why why there is flying truck is at screen in 13:25
Sharkvistaboy 2 kun oldin
13:24 Tanker:I Belive I Can Fly
Timothy Payne
Timothy Payne 3 kun oldin
I love how activating everything at the same time still doesn’t do as good as the beam
Danny Engineer
Danny Engineer 3 kun oldin
gray is right,the game is on cocaine
Tim Patriss
Tim Patriss 3 kun oldin
Did any one else see the bus go fling
Alvin Brown
Alvin Brown 4 kun oldin
Gray: *blows the city with a hurricane* Me: *thinks* ..................................... *LE GASPS* I'M ONLY 19 BUT MY MIND IS OLDER-
Maniac Farmer
Maniac Farmer 5 kun oldin
You) yeeeees oh u peace of bloooooopededoop Me) ahh im 11 ahhh i dont care if theres bad sayings as long as im happy by your vids and i rlly im :[)
Maniac Farmer
Maniac Farmer 5 kun oldin
Oh and keep up the good work
Ravenclaw250 6 kun oldin
7:56 I guess this is what Thanos wanted when he said “rain fire”
MiaAmia505 7 kun oldin
3:53 It's fourth of July
Elijah Bergeron
Elijah Bergeron 7 kun oldin
If you use the big success with the portal, you can make a pre-2018 iPad almost die, I love it.
innovation dark
innovation dark 7 kun oldin
you are late for the update
adam Phillips
adam Phillips 8 kun oldin
No it ares who the god of war no no it’s gray
FlyinC4T 8 kun oldin
14:25 Ahh, what a nice day it is today. I sure hope it wont rain-
Jose Calihua
Jose Calihua 8 kun oldin
10:48 was perfectly timed
Odilia Villatoro
Odilia Villatoro 8 kun oldin
You can put bombs on car i try it
Sean Bailey
Sean Bailey 9 kun oldin
I`ve waited 3 long months for gray to come back and destroy the world
Rees Plays
Rees Plays 9 kun oldin
Bruce McBride
Bruce McBride 9 kun oldin
I like that Gray made city smash into a low star rated game, last time I checked it was at 3.7 stars for google
Sue C
Sue C 10 kun oldin
Fact of the day: Miniguns are called miniguns but they are the size of the freaking sun
ZNyaTurretZ 10 kun oldin
"It's not an earthquake, it's planet Earth cracking in half like an egg" - GrayStillPlays, 2021
CrazyCactusRblx 11 kun oldin
The answer is always more *b a l l s*
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip 11 kun oldin
The reason lightning can’t hit cars is because of the rubber tires.
Créator 64
Créator 64 13 kun oldin
you can put ufo into portals if you place them right
Tara Blackman
Tara Blackman 13 kun oldin
This video was hilarious
Joseph Kucinski
Joseph Kucinski 14 kun oldin
I have this game and it is soo much fun
Mimi Jenkins
Mimi Jenkins 14 kun oldin
Gray: the strip club is the only surviving building. That one building: am i a joke to you
UserGuest 8392
UserGuest 8392 15 kun oldin
5:00 **USSR Anthem intensifies**
Caoimhe Smyth
Caoimhe Smyth 15 kun oldin
List of inappropriate stuff Gray said: Penetrate F**k Sh*t Po rn
Caoimhe Smyth
Caoimhe Smyth 15 kun oldin
Also e
Caoimhe Smyth
Caoimhe Smyth 15 kun oldin
I.shoved a whole lot of jelly beans up my aas
Napkins 15 kun oldin
COVID has 2,000,000 deaths Grey: ROOKIE NUMBERS!!!!!
TrapperAaron 15 kun oldin
Fun fact there is a radial zone where an atomic bomb will perfectly cook a frozen pizza.
Hazel Comet
Hazel Comet 16 kun oldin
GrayStillPlays is the only person who can hear water even though water was never even in reality.
Do not Watch any of my conent #SaveTheEarth
Gray makes destroying the Earth and cities less scary
Lucas_amiry 16 kun oldin
8:38 the only thing I can imagine is that one stripper holding on the the pole for they’re life
GradeCUnderC 16 kun oldin
Caoimhe Smyth
Caoimhe Smyth 16 kun oldin
Aidan Mcdonough
Aidan Mcdonough 17 kun oldin
5:20 “But throw it real slow.”
baz 17 kun oldin
14:25 represents the whole of 2020
CrazyCactusRblx 17 kun oldin
Gray be like: *the force is what gives a jedi it’s power*
grim reeper9513
grim reeper9513 17 kun oldin
I feel like this video has been out for a month, time is traveling very slow for me
Conrail Fan
Conrail Fan 17 kun oldin
I am addicted to it
JustABored Loser
JustABored Loser 17 kun oldin
In today’s episode of: gray says the word “suck” so many times
Malakai Bullen-hopkins
This is so funny
Kamko 18 kun oldin
That vulcan with 100 just look like popcorn machine xd
BlackBee SSamurai XD
The suck blaster😂 😂 😂
Dnoodnater Chase
Dnoodnater Chase 18 kun oldin
Make the suck force zero and last it’s almighty push
Twistedwolf 18 kun oldin
Jin bbbgrvbvgghhkmjnun Mk. Mtvbnym J Get Hngmj K Mmhmhh mha Mhmm NNj H H m N
Cam Man
Cam Man 18 kun oldin
Alright so we're checking out the channel that calls twelve million rookie numbers. Its GreyStillPlays.
Sam 18 kun oldin
The end mad my video lag
Q Zrex
Q Zrex 18 kun oldin
Does the earth quake work in space???
Carlton Li
Carlton Li 18 kun oldin
I love how grey doesn’t even know he killed the dragon when he jumped the first time
Beau Mariano Magat
Beau Mariano Magat 19 kun oldin
Chunkboi 19 kun oldin
Gray, don't think of the default tsunami as disappointment...think about it as waterboarding your city. You're drawing the pain of your citizens out ever so slowly, savoring the tears of your digital denizens. Also...Biggest nuke blast radius with least power = neutron bomb. Oh, and take a look at SatisFactory. I found one thing that might pique your interest, in addition to the editable file... Two words. CONSOLE COMMANDS.
the cultured refrigerator
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General Kenobi
General Kenobi 20 kun oldin
Tsunami? More like sad-nami
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia 20 kun oldin
Gacha Gappie
Gacha Gappie 20 kun oldin
the first 3 explosions of the first 3 fireworks are inline with the music so...... well done gray :)
Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort 20 kun oldin
Chibaku tensei
devyn's shorts
devyn's shorts 20 kun oldin
Play world box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanos 20 kun oldin
"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."
ODYSSEY VLOGS 20 kun oldin
When he runs out of breath he sounds like captainsauce laughing
Joey Velasquez
Joey Velasquez 20 kun oldin
Yooo UZblock recommended Godzilla after watching this 🤣
Yeet 21 kun oldin
7:32 does anyone know this orchestrated/choir piece? I’ve been looking for it for quite some time!
James Ray
James Ray 21 kun oldin
I'm really curious what kind of amazing chaos @GrayStillPlays and @LetsGameItOut could do together!
Mr. Socky
Mr. Socky 21 kun oldin
6:31 that’s what she said
Nicholas Strange
Nicholas Strange 21 kun oldin
I love how the movie Godzilla is being recommended by UZblock to me because of this video
Nate Shima
Nate Shima 21 kun oldin
Yaaayyyy gray went back to city smash
MidnightDStroyer 21 kun oldin
i wonder if Gray could make more money as a professional play-tester for new games still in beta-mode? He can tell the game developers where the game breaks so they can improve it.
Anthony Bauer
Anthony Bauer 21 kun oldin
In your next episode it does take a little bit but it's possible to get a bomb on a car.you should try it in your next episode
ELPHIE TOY 21 kun oldin
13:24 Truck be like WEEEEEE-
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 21 kun oldin
Hey the Cluster Bombs know what Grey likes, an explosion formation that takes the shape of a rocket at 4:14.
男ニンニク 21 kun oldin
Planet crusher: Earth POV
Casey Young
Casey Young 22 kun oldin
I like how thunder that destroys buildings cant destroy cars, but the 1 thing the buildings are made of can how does that work?? I also like how theres a link to buy godzilla lol
P Mer
P Mer 22 kun oldin
This vid has so much chaos that youtube thinks its related to 2014 godzilla
Team KAY Channel
Team KAY Channel 22 kun oldin
Did you know that you can destroy the alien with lightning?
TBNRDurza141 22 kun oldin
Do what u did with the cluster bombs and the portals but do the meteor and the portals horizontal
CrazyCactusRblx 22 kun oldin
“Mom why is the city destroyed?” *”It’s because of that god damn cellphone!”*
Sue C
Sue C 10 kun oldin
@shamir mohammed y e s
shamir mohammed
shamir mohammed 17 kun oldin
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 66 of asking for more beamNg
Algodooify 22 kun oldin
No one: UZblock: wanna buy Godzilla? for some reason on the right it says the Godzilla movie
Aleko Handrick
Aleko Handrick 22 kun oldin
Uhh did anybody else have a 100 hour ad like actually 100 hours😳😳😳
Alex 22 kun oldin
Ok you can't suck the worm, but what happens when you blow it?
virinrinaona offczx
virinrinaona offczx 22 kun oldin
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Inkastar 0312
Inkastar 0312 22 kun oldin
how do you get this game
Games With JKB Justin
Hi gray
Bart Pog
Bart Pog 22 kun oldin
The yeetus mc deletes laser
Carmine Mccarty
Carmine Mccarty 22 kun oldin
Nature was an excuse gray was the real reason
The Army Turtle.
The Army Turtle. 22 kun oldin
Omg I got a ad for Godzilla
Orion Rennebohm
Orion Rennebohm 22 kun oldin
just to say graystillplays i love your vids ther so funny
Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez 22 kun oldin
So dem Florida jokes...turns out there true lol people are maniacs here. (Except le tsunamis)
Matt Lin
Matt Lin 22 kun oldin
Hope 22 kun oldin
Greystillplays is the type of person that could ruin lives on Animal Crossing
Monique Horton
Monique Horton 22 kun oldin
Jacob Schantz
Jacob Schantz 23 kun oldin
"Let me try to suck harder." - Graystillplays, 2021
05 - [READACTED] 23 kun oldin
Pls someone tell me wat the music is on 3:41
Jed & Jen
Jed & Jen 23 kun oldin
6:03 I just realized that that is indeed the space worm. That is the Solar smash alien drill/space worm
Jacob Schantz
Jacob Schantz 23 kun oldin
There is a new game by the guys who made this game called Room Smash.
matty bear
matty bear 23 kun oldin
nobody: youtube: G O D Z I L L I A
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