only 1% of people can defeat me in this impossible snipers vs runners challenge 

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only 1% of people can defeat me in this impossible snipers vs runners challenge
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.



22-Iyn, 2021



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tom vit
tom vit 2 kun oldin
More videos with kevin!!!!!!!!!!
Charley Mccauley
Charley Mccauley 2 kun oldin
Mika 2 kun oldin
This three screams pure chaos
Savage Fox
Savage Fox 3 kun oldin
“My job is to make the hole bigger, and that’s what I’m gonna do”
basic_bass_licks 1
basic_bass_licks 1 3 kun oldin
Kev and gray, my two favorite youtubers
Acid Blaze
Acid Blaze 3 kun oldin
11:04 Why tf is the text german
Shadow 4 kun oldin
When the doors open in that amored thing it will take one more shot to destroy Edit : i completky forgot the name of the car
Shana Pape
Shana Pape 4 kun oldin
I like how im gay and like Kevin
Melissa Garrett
Melissa Garrett 4 kun oldin
Great to see three of my favorite chaotic youtubers together in one video 🤣
Viktor Müller
Viktor Müller 4 kun oldin
The windy kenneth conversantly kick because jump philly earn anenst a handsomely quince. callous, dead woman
Artur mugan
Artur mugan 5 kun oldin
Callme gray
Lauren McIntire
Lauren McIntire 5 kun oldin
Out of my why Lawn pleb! Gray Still Plays
Sammuel Alanis
Sammuel Alanis 6 kun oldin
Me who’s been waiting for Df And Grey too play
weirdo64 6 kun oldin
insert squid ward laugh 11:27
EMO ANGEL SINNER 6 kun oldin
Wolf 7 kun oldin
Hearin he playing with dangerouslyfunny makes my day
Ian Barber
Ian Barber 7 kun oldin
Nice, there are few entertaining GTA videos being made.
Joshua Seaton
Joshua Seaton 8 kun oldin
Funny, and I already like the content from all 3 participants. Would enjoy more
Jasmine Gaspari
Jasmine Gaspari 8 kun oldin
OMG I love this so much!!!!!!! This gives me so much joy I laughed so hard so many times I'm still wheezing
Kyle Jacks
Kyle Jacks 9 kun oldin
14:01 Uh-oh Whoops Overshot the platform YEET
JessicaTheTrooper 9 kun oldin
When i heard DF's voice i screamed- I didn't hear Gray say DF at the beginning of the video and I love DF lol
G L U G 10 kun oldin
God loves you guys!
Kasumikat 10 kun oldin
I always wanted grey and kevin to collaborate on creating a sims 4 game story but this is good too!
Zeo Thebest
Zeo Thebest 10 kun oldin
"Yeetly Deet. DF Im coming for Yeet"~Gray 2021
Mikey Thompson
Mikey Thompson 11 kun oldin
The collaboration between graystillplays and dangerously funny are amazing
uncharted7again black king
Yo grey still plays don't hold out on us as far as the car parkour goes.... lol just saying
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau 11 kun oldin
0:30 ok gray
Nptankist Gaming
Nptankist Gaming 12 kun oldin
the voice of the guy (not gray or kevin) is weird
Empire of Italy (In A Cold War)
*When The Title Looks Like A Mobile Game Ad*
ShadowIsatis 13 kun oldin
I love how he pops at 1:58, crushes DF before flipping on his front end and vanishing straight down.
Josh Tibbs
Josh Tibbs 13 kun oldin
Would love to see more of this!!!
SnowMAviD 13 kun oldin
10:58 "Out of area" "Kehr zur Action zurück". Why is it first English and then German?
Jesse Talley
Jesse Talley 13 kun oldin
The best trio
Ril3yBman 13
Ril3yBman 13 14 kun oldin
No one survives near gray
aizenhogyoku 14 kun oldin
You should do more videos like this
Eric James
Eric James 15 kun oldin
Round two Gray: Dodges both of them back to back Me: Anybody else hear goku's ultra instinct music?
Richard Oneil
Richard Oneil 15 kun oldin
I got asked if this was the video I wanted and I said *COMPLETLY*
Gay Art
Gay Art 15 kun oldin
5:08 Florida man walks away from flying cars about to hit him 😂 #YOLO
Offline Sandman
Offline Sandman 15 kun oldin
I would have never through that DF play with grey but it works so well.
Toxicskull 16 kun oldin
can we have more of this colab
Legendary Lego Dude
Legendary Lego Dude 16 kun oldin
The best crossover
Viking Ogre
Viking Ogre 16 kun oldin
Best crossover ever
Deryyl Jufri
Deryyl Jufri 16 kun oldin
Gray play with them again dont stop
It Means Joy- My name
Totally Enjoyed this
Liam Marks
Liam Marks 17 kun oldin
I don't have to go through the ad I know who call me Kevin and dangerously funny are
Sarah Langley
Sarah Langley 18 kun oldin
Gray can you post the job to the 2nd LTS? I'd love to play it with my friends
Danny, Why?
Danny, Why? 18 kun oldin
Nice, my favorite gaming youtubers together in one video :)
dallas 18 kun oldin
It means 🤔 if I say it everyone will hate me
dallas 18 kun oldin
Df mean a bad word
SuperQB7 21 kun oldin
Gray has online friends - Panik! Gray has friends - Kalm Gray has friends - Panik!
bumble bois
bumble bois 21 kun oldin
Awww gray made some friends in kindergarten! XD
Luke VanderHart
Luke VanderHart 21 kun oldin
Neo 21 kun oldin
Gray should do a collab with SMii7Y
Yuna 21 kun oldin
Gray has friends????
Jibanyankiller 30
Jibanyankiller 30 22 kun oldin
11:05 "Kehr zur Action zurück" is German😐🤔 Grey are you German?🤔😂
TimTastic 22 kun oldin
10:41 When did DIO get a different truck
Fraser142 23 kun oldin
so good seriously just so good
ケアシア 23 kun oldin
pleaseeeeee collaborate with them again gray im on my knees
MISTER MIESTER 23 kun oldin
Florida, Ireland and DF!
MISTER MIESTER 23 kun oldin
I've waited years for DF and Gray to play together!
Vollification 23 kun oldin
Normal day in Florida :D
CTDicer 23 kun oldin
He finally played with call me Kevin i’m so proud The years that I’ve waited😖😢
Dixce Roblox
Dixce Roblox 24 kun oldin
yay he played with df
andrew stufflebeam
andrew stufflebeam 24 kun oldin
Yay dangerously funnyyyyy
nelvon prince
nelvon prince 24 kun oldin
4:03. it was at this moment gray knew he f***ed up
Arizen 1451
Arizen 1451 24 kun oldin
2 of my favorite youtubers collabing, wow something i never knew i needed, please make another collab with df
LGBTDude 24 kun oldin
“Yeetily deet, DF I’m coming for yee.” -GrayStillPlays, 2021
Elevator Fan 100
Elevator Fan 100 24 kun oldin
His laugh: WHEEEZ
GD S 24 kun oldin
Wow he actually has friende
Prince Hall
Prince Hall 24 kun oldin
Are u not from the us the writing didn’t look like it
scp-999 24 kun oldin
theuncalledfor 25 kun oldin
I barely managed to recognize you on Kevin's channel because of the missing sound effects.
AFAQUE AHMED 25 kun oldin
Gray still plays must be changed to Gray struggles to play .
Clone high JFK
Clone high JFK 25 kun oldin
I kinda want more of this
THE MEMES 25 kun oldin
I would love to see a hole series of gray actually playing gta and the goal is that he has to reach 200M
Milotic350 25 kun oldin
Gray + Kevin= infinite chaos
L M 25 kun oldin
Pls do more of thiss in gta
Mr. Calladore
Mr. Calladore 26 kun oldin
Yo Gray and kevin? Let's go
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne 26 kun oldin
Oh my god the crossover of the century
Lacey Oakes
Lacey Oakes 26 kun oldin
Other dude sounds like a soft spoken Dan Avidan! 😳
Vanessa 26 kun oldin
CallMeKevin and Graystillplays in a video together!! I think I died..🤩🤩
TofuDaTurtle 26 kun oldin
I would like to see more of "Multiplayer Gray""! :D
TofuDaTurtle 26 kun oldin
Alternate title: Floridian, Canadian, and Irish fight each other in an Amarican way
TofuDaTurtle 26 kun oldin
"you missed the entire platform" -a man expecting a man with no expectations to meet expectations
Cartoon cat
Cartoon cat 26 kun oldin
Do more
LT_tomUSMC Roblox
LT_tomUSMC Roblox 26 kun oldin
Why do kevan sound like donald trump?
Melissa Maldonado
Melissa Maldonado 27 kun oldin
I love watching all of these people and the fact that they all made a video together is amazing
Iron Feline
Iron Feline 27 kun oldin
Havent seen gray play with some one in years
n o
n o 27 kun oldin
I thought gray had no friends
Marlon Jimenez
Marlon Jimenez 27 kun oldin
is kevin the dude who used to annoy people on bo1 for content?
Rosie 27 kun oldin
Lee-anne Bekker
Lee-anne Bekker 27 kun oldin
This was so cute!! Ahhhh
Sebastian Louw
Sebastian Louw 27 kun oldin
You should absolutely do more colabs
simon wager
simon wager 28 kun oldin
Why does he sound like a horror movie trailer narrator
NEVERSUB2ME 28 kun oldin
Gray: Loud but funny Dangerously Funny: Calm but scary Kevin: ....Normal compared to DF and Gray, but still crazy.
NEVERSUB2ME 28 kun oldin
It was inspired by Dust D. Raptor....
NEVERSUB2ME 28 kun oldin
Dust D. Raptor. His comment had Calm insanity and Confused Insanity for DF and Kevin respectively, and Loud insanity for Gray.
NEVERSUB2ME 28 kun oldin
Don't like it, go to the pinned comment by
cazymike59 28 kun oldin
They should be a super UZblock channel
cazymike59 28 kun oldin
I love it when the three devil met and absolutely have a lot of fun
ThePurple 1
ThePurple 1 28 kun oldin
Us DF fans have been fed with his very rare laughter
nolan taylor
nolan taylor 29 kun oldin
gray with friends, wow, thats a more rarer occurrence than me
Andrea SanFacon
Andrea SanFacon 29 kun oldin
Im so happy DF and gray did a colab lol
i literally drove to space and this happened
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