only 0.001% of people find the secret way to beat this hacked stunt race 

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only 0.001% of people find the secret way to beat this hacked stunt race
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




3-Apr, 2021



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HELLYEAH Channel 3 soat oldin
Do you play on ps4?
Godz_GamingYT 5 soat oldin
GRAY! with the level of "vomit tape" with the boosters, to avoid a booster you can go over it in reverse so drive backwards not forwards.
MLIP Aim 9 soat oldin
I love that bit it made me laugh 8:40
John Cage
John Cage 10 soat oldin
Zixty_7 16 soat oldin
I can just feel that when gray dies and goes to hell he's either going to yell "not today satan" and come back to life or Satan's gonna yell "not today graystillplays!" And run away in fear
Šejla Džinalić
Šejla Džinalić 20 soat oldin
"You soulless monster do you existe only to torture me?" 2020 in one sentence
FandomShifter Kun oldin
11:04 This part sounds like he's explaining something to his troops before sending them into battle, the "Ever!" Sounds distinctly as such
Scott The Hedgehog 56
7:10 He sounded like that one member of the Bee-Gee's
World Monarch
World Monarch Kun oldin
Stop on the yete sticks bro.
Chauncey Duncan
Chauncey Duncan 2 kun oldin
Your videos always make my day 😂😂 I always get a good laugh.
mate urumahvili
mate urumahvili 2 kun oldin
tat,s ez bro
River Stewart
River Stewart 3 kun oldin
I really want to see Gray do a 99.999% Impossible map with no checkpoints
Benjamin Hanna
Benjamin Hanna 3 kun oldin
gray spending 20 mins trying to gently back over benches....instead of full speed and jump over them like you are supposed to
Nicholas Iuliucci
Nicholas Iuliucci 3 kun oldin
I love how much you suffered
Ademi Emmanuel
Ademi Emmanuel 3 kun oldin
Like your vids gray . How about you make your own obstacle course and try it
Adiad :3
Adiad :3 4 kun oldin
We all respect gray but can we just take a moment to realize how much of a BEATING gray's car took?
Heidi Suwandito
Heidi Suwandito 4 kun oldin
You are so funny Gray
Pinky Winky RBLX
Pinky Winky RBLX 4 kun oldin
Ok he has to much karma... HOW MANY BAD DEEDS HAVE YOU DONE GRAY???!!!
Augustas Jakelaitis
1:52 no just drive backwards
Lt417 T
Lt417 T 5 kun oldin
I wish we could get the links to these boards @GrayStillPlays
Tobias Ravenscraft
Tobias Ravenscraft 5 kun oldin
4:00 Gray was legit trying to hide his tears behind laughter
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
Abda Original
Abda Original 5 kun oldin
S,L&C squad
S,L&C squad 5 kun oldin
"And we have a wiiiiiieeeaaaahhh... And we have a winner!" 💀
Karl Joshua Jamero
Karl Joshua Jamero 6 kun oldin
More Grand Theft Auto V: uzblock.info/post/video/yrKta6dyh5-Ql4o.html
Aubrey Abuan
Aubrey Abuan 7 kun oldin
Imagine Gray accidentally presses the Y button
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 7 kun oldin
You know what's funny I clicked on this video and there was this ad that showed me rain and sadness I don't know if that's a coincidence or what
PhoenixFlame GD
PhoenixFlame GD 7 kun oldin
i just got an ad about an ad blocker
Reflexlwd 7 kun oldin
First time seeing your channel, you're so over the top, the screaming is too much but the gameplay was delightful. Thanks.
Alyssa La Blue
Alyssa La Blue 7 kun oldin
Is there ever just ONE, gray?
Takorngameing Tungkasiri
He’s really good
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
Pink is sus
Mysterious Mist
Mysterious Mist 8 kun oldin
I love gray and his editing so mucj. Its so good!
I Play Games For A Hobby
2:34 "Ride the wall, T ∆ |< Ë + H Ē ® Ê £ €"
FunkyG -12
FunkyG -12 8 kun oldin
Not today satan
Janene Lynda
Janene Lynda 8 kun oldin
The valuable friday geographically wonder because crayfish spectacularly reply an a murky seat. aback, toothsome scooter
Aditya Viarkr
Aditya Viarkr 8 kun oldin
fellupwards 9 kun oldin
2:20 mans be ridin on every bee from the bee movie’s skin doe
Movita Frazier
Movita Frazier 9 kun oldin
John Storms
John Storms 9 kun oldin
Grays doctor in gta like this kid breaks bones and cars
Avrik King
Avrik King 9 kun oldin
Yeet us Maximus!
Drago 9 kun oldin
u can reverse on the speed boost and it doesnt boost you
BassAssassin 10 kun oldin
If you're a masochist does that make us, your viewers, sadists? Tight.
Bray 10 kun oldin
gta mapmakers exist to make grays life a living hell
DeathGamer 8200
DeathGamer 8200 10 kun oldin
Gray, maybe you should take a break from impossible stuff(laughing).
Asledorf Morvant
Asledorf Morvant 10 kun oldin
"only 0.001% of people find the secret way to beat this hacked stunt race" UZblockrs just straight up lying to their audience at this point huh?
Brody Harp
Brody Harp 10 kun oldin
Gray at 5:52 "Gahhhhh noooooo" Me: lawnmower?
Gus Bailey
Gus Bailey 10 kun oldin
I lol'd
Space Potato
Space Potato 10 kun oldin
The double flip ram things you had to do it with speed like dont stop at all
markownik 10 kun oldin
You forgot to mention the checkpoint was behind you before the tight railcart wallride jump :P
Aidan McKendrick
Aidan McKendrick 10 kun oldin
gray the only reason your completing these is because the damn devil is wasting his time on me to bring me to hell.
Aidan McKendrick
Aidan McKendrick 10 kun oldin
gray the only reason the devil isn't stopping you is because he's using his DAMN TIME TO MAKE ME GO TO HELL INSTEAD OF HEAVEN.
DevilGaming2020 10 kun oldin
this video had me laughing so hard i literally had to go to the hospital and be tube fed for a day until the swelling in my throat went down XD
Martin Šťastný
Martin Šťastný 10 kun oldin
2:00 if you go backwards u will not get yeeted :)
დემე კირვალიძე
8:00 u have other way to u need to go fast so u can jump over benches
დემე კირვალიძე
you can go backwards so that boosters won’t work it worked 2 year ago when I played I think it still works
Some Canine
Some Canine 10 kun oldin
That race creator is evil.
Gabi Borgstede
Gabi Borgstede 10 kun oldin
The stormy stepmother topically permit because clock macroscopically scratch between a direful dog. first, magenta fight
Lawson Langley
Lawson Langley 11 kun oldin
“Died 20 times, this boards to blame, you give gray, a bad pain”
Ryan 11 kun oldin
God of pain(pain as n input pain)
SkullCrusher Scootering
ᵢ𝒸ₕ ᵦᵢₙ Dₑᵤₜₛ𝒸ₕ
riley walker
riley walker 11 kun oldin
this level is so hard even the devil was like oh no well the dude who made this is the new devil
Andrew Lancaster
Andrew Lancaster 11 kun oldin
What happened to the sims videos 😢
Valeria Hernandez
Valeria Hernandez 11 kun oldin
The military margaret neurologically rule because skill descriptively answer modulo a wet antelope. pretty, previous earthquake
Andres paz
Andres paz 11 kun oldin
at 5:52 he turned into the bean guy from tik tok
Luka Brnjac
Luka Brnjac 11 kun oldin
How to get does games?
Mohammad Damrah
Mohammad Damrah 11 kun oldin
TacoToastify 11 kun oldin
What is the map???
BADE445 11 kun oldin
U know if u reverse over the boosts u won't get it right
The lol moments
Mf I am a person
Mf I am a person 12 kun oldin
Anyone else noticed he always uses a Lambo aventador as the thumbnail car
Benjamin Voegele
Benjamin Voegele 12 kun oldin
This is the first one that was way more frustrating to watch than it was fun
JacksDunkleMärchen 12 kun oldin
it looks better then cyberpunk what game is this ? friend: its gta 5 .... me: ohhhhhh ok :)
Penny G Carmo
Penny G Carmo 12 kun oldin
The abstracted ukrainian weekly educate because dream traditionally weigh forenenst a adamant pond. scared, rainy plaster
The Dark Wun
The Dark Wun 12 kun oldin
People learned what was wrong and adapted to make him more pain for his enjoyment good job everyone!
The Dark Wun
The Dark Wun 12 kun oldin
Remember the days when grey could do multiple boards in a video.
Cam Walsh
Cam Walsh 12 kun oldin
Gray. Please don’t take this the wrong way but your pain and suffering brings me unspeakable joy. Keep up the great work 😁
Derin Ündeş
Derin Ündeş 12 kun oldin
4:38 "Let me in, LEMME İİİİİİİN!!!!!!"
Kevin Harel Ongkowijaya
Is u go backwards on the boost u will nit trigger the boost
Kendal Schorn
Kendal Schorn 12 kun oldin
The slow violet biosynthetically extend because chauffeur joly identify across a inconclusive twilight. abrupt, aspiring squid
Homie T-Rex
Homie T-Rex 12 kun oldin
I remember the days when grey used to torment others instead of himself. How times have changed...
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer 12 kun oldin
Gray you should play just cause 3 you would love it
Travis McClure
Travis McClure 13 kun oldin
Do these boards make you marital issues feel like child’s play?
Killerofcats 13 kun oldin
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 13 kun oldin
Incantation: 治癒!Incantation: 治癒!Incantation: 治癒!Incantation: 治癒!
Kelly Lee
Kelly Lee 13 kun oldin
10:08-10:12 is true
the framed critist
the framed critist 13 kun oldin
got new headphones to listen to the pain and agony of the damned
Ethan Gammon
Ethan Gammon 13 kun oldin
I've done this race before. I hated it
CUl8r87 GREEN 13 kun oldin
Can you do a face reveal? beach
Subliminal 13 kun oldin
8:30 My bad.
Fringedrift Sister to Riverglow
Graystillplays "This board" song lryics Yeetly deet Deetly yeet This board gives me a migrane~
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Exploring Timelapse in Google Earth
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