only 0.000001% of people can complete this infinite accuracy challenge 

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only 0.000001% of people can complete this infinite accuracy challenge
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26-Mar, 2021



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blade of honor YT
blade of honor YT 2 soat oldin
me being the nk picher in baseball but people say i suck at piching i say (i'll YEET until i can't YEET no more)
Morg Fucding wall
Morg Fucding wall 10 soat oldin
"*wow that was a tight hole*" Yes, Gray hates us now.
MickeyDep22 Kun oldin
A good *vomits* good landing
Michael Vuur
Michael Vuur Kun oldin
Anyone got direct linka for any of these lengthy fun maps? All I ever find myself is shitty small things that are like bad jokes.
Sariel of ocean
Sariel of ocean Kun oldin
1:41 he sounds so sad 12:43
Anna Laughy
Anna Laughy Kun oldin
wow this is a tight hole. ugh that´s gonna show up in the comments section whatever you say gray
richest beast
richest beast Kun oldin
its kinda weird that hes saying satan devil to much
Koinu Kun oldin
The only people suffering more than Gray are people with an intense fear of heights. Immersion therapy woohoo!
Emily Halloran
Emily Halloran Kun oldin
ugh thats gonna end up in the comment section no problem Gray
Gizylla_ 2 kun oldin
Only 1 out of a billion people can complete this? Hmm, Gray must be one of those 7 people... I'm interested.
Demon Werepire
Demon Werepire 2 kun oldin
gray: thats a tight hole me whos beinr eading gay smut: pffft ahahaha! this is amazing :'''''')
Därk çâstër
Därk çâstër 2 kun oldin
"wow that's a tight hole"
demon_14gach 2 kun oldin
;_; wow that is a “tight” “HOLE” ;- ; what type of hole tho lol
Asa Woodward
Asa Woodward 3 kun oldin
how many holes do I have to penetrate -Gray 2021
Boxy boy
Boxy boy 3 kun oldin
Hey u should play rimworld it has organ harvesting
Marbenmin 3 kun oldin
"My wife's gonna be like ' Where are the kids?' Well, they *were* in the back seat!" I'm sobbing.
Will The Texty
Will The Texty 3 kun oldin
hi :D If you`re reading this then please consider subscribing to my youtube channel, i`m a small channel and it would mean a lot to me.
gallade gamer
gallade gamer 3 kun oldin
Is this supposed to be in your minecraft playlist?
Edel O'Leary
Edel O'Leary 3 kun oldin
Gray: wow that's a tight hole Me: Gray that's not the only thing that is tight! 😅🤣
ContagiousRepublic 3 kun oldin
"only 0.000001% of people can complete this infinite accuracy challenge" unless they spend an hour trying, apparently that's enough. So do people fail this challnge by merely NOT downloading it? That's clckbait right there!!!
Nick moore
Nick moore 3 kun oldin
Entertaining watching these courses and hearing the frustration but,....I'm "YEETED" out
Fermifire 3 kun oldin
Is it me or did Gray go a bit overboard on the sexual innuendos in this video? 😂
Team RWB Cleveland/Akron
“Wow that’s a tight hole, ‘sigh’ that’s going to show up in the comment section”
Maggie Hosking
Maggie Hosking 4 kun oldin
FireFame 4 kun oldin
Gray plz respond I am your bigest fan and you make me happy when the days are bad also I can't get over "Wow that's a tight hole" 😅
FireFame 4 kun oldin
From your bigest fan FireFame
RHENZOPLAYZ 5 kun oldin
Your gta titles are like ads
João Gomes
João Gomes 5 kun oldin
4:23 It would be better if you jumped over it and then braked
Divyam Goyal
Divyam Goyal 5 kun oldin
My happiness when he managed to get that checkpoint at 9:04
Alex Cox
Alex Cox 5 kun oldin
“Wow that is a tight hole” “I fit” “tiny pink hole” -gray 2021
Perchman20 6 kun oldin
How grandparents say they got to school every day
CatAndCrow 7 kun oldin
Kid: i want mcdonalds. Parent: we have mcdonalds at home. Mcdonalds at home: 7:37
Snowball YT
Snowball YT 7 kun oldin
Wait he has a wife and kids? O-o
Bio Soldier
Bio Soldier 7 kun oldin
“Wow that’s a tight hole” “ugh that’s gonna show up in the comment” “at least I fit”- gray 2021
Dogethedog 7 kun oldin
His titles are becoming ads
Jedediah Thomas
Jedediah Thomas 8 kun oldin
This hits me right in the sweet yeets
Alex Kjaersgaard
Alex Kjaersgaard 8 kun oldin
gray "half of my life just left my body" me "what life"
Jugularink96 8 kun oldin
Your name should be gary still plays
TwoowT 8 kun oldin
Wow that is a tight hole “well that’s what he said”
Raghav Raj Sharma
Raghav Raj Sharma 9 kun oldin
*Wow, that's a small hole.* I present to you the first ever - "That's what _he_ said" joke
ReBooTz 9 kun oldin
Poop Sus
Poop Sus 10 kun oldin
I want a compeshon of every weird sound gray ever made.
DeathGamer 8200
DeathGamer 8200 10 kun oldin
Gray, you know how to entertain us. I LOVE THIS. (Starts laughing hard enough that satan can hear me)
Natalie Geer
Natalie Geer 10 kun oldin
I love how you fail ;) just kidding
sad kitty Cheatham
sad kitty Cheatham 10 kun oldin
4:41 and 4:47 =me:"thats what she said"
Hiro Code 016
Hiro Code 016 10 kun oldin
No one : Random blimp : DARLING IN THE FRANXX
THE UNKNOW Laser 11 kun oldin
Gray:NOSE DOWN also gray:keeps nose up
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip 11 kun oldin
I’ve never seen an Christmas ornament like that?
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
Иван Кисьов
Grey : says something Me : almost dies to laughter
Victoria Podnebesnyy
Just after he DIDN'T land on the target... A FRICKING AD SHOWED UP and i screamed internally because i have a little sister that would have started screaming herself if i didn't do it in my head... that's it...that's all i have to say. also the way Gray says "yeetaleedeet" it just makes me go "ppppffff" every time cuz it so funny but i don't want to laugh out loud .___. . . _______________________________________________ why is anyone still reading this comment?
Laila Colbert
Laila Colbert 12 kun oldin
And we have a wow
Frank Parker
Frank Parker 12 kun oldin
So wait grey, you said you fit into the tight hole? :)
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 12 kun oldin
in the beginning when Gray says "It's Grand Theft Auto V". Close your eyes and picture General Zod. You will now never unhear it. You're welcome.
Deadpool Games
Deadpool Games 13 kun oldin
nilachal vaidaya
nilachal vaidaya 13 kun oldin
Valrain 13 kun oldin
what mode of GTAV is this?
Jeremiah Bristow
Jeremiah Bristow 13 kun oldin
These are always worth a rewatch!
Patrick Armstrong
Patrick Armstrong 13 kun oldin
Sick car
Justin Genske
Justin Genske 14 kun oldin
A game I think you will like is Fireworks Mania. You would probably enjoy destroying stuff
Rc/Lego HD
Rc/Lego HD 14 kun oldin
Wow that's a tight hole
Wizard Gaming!
Wizard Gaming! 14 kun oldin
I love how gray thinks everything is satan.
nacho cheese
nacho cheese 14 kun oldin
What does a pink car going through a “tight hole” remind you of
Ryanplayz 14 kun oldin
wow that is a tight hole yes it will show up in the comments btw i am a big subber
CK Friends
CK Friends 14 kun oldin
15:09 that’s most happy I’m still alive I’ve heard from gray it’s actually kinda cute it genuinely made me smile
Akira Chiyoko
Akira Chiyoko 14 kun oldin
"Ugh that's gonna show up in the comments section." Your wish is my command Grey. "Wow that is a tight hole." Time stamp 4:31.
Santos Mangual
Santos Mangual 15 kun oldin
"Wow that is a tight hole." "Ugh that's gonna show up in the comments section." As you wish, Gray
Janey van Trigt
Janey van Trigt 15 kun oldin
I frigging love that Yoshi hnnnggggrrr
Susan Potec
Susan Potec 15 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice this one took him two days
Arthur Likoya
Arthur Likoya 15 kun oldin
Really Jason? 😂😂😂
Fakhry Ramadhany
Fakhry Ramadhany 15 kun oldin
Anyone knows what game that's had SFX in 12:13, seems familiar but I forgot 🤔
DualKG 15 kun oldin
4:40 "Wow that is a tight hole."
Youssef Tamer
Youssef Tamer 15 kun oldin
We learn a new lesson from Gray, never trust a creator
ViolinCat123 15 kun oldin
Its funny how he complains about not being able to fit in those tight holes.
Duke Onkled
Duke Onkled 15 kun oldin
4:40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
zack seper
zack seper 16 kun oldin
“Ughhh that’s gonna show up in the comments section” -edit I just realized people already made like this exact comments
Do not Watch any of my conent #SaveTheEarth
Why is this is the “Breaking Minecraft” playlist-
Satan 16 kun oldin
I strongly approve of this board.
Unknown Someone
Unknown Someone 16 kun oldin
A little sus
Stan Hanson hu
Stan Hanson hu 16 kun oldin
Lol that rowl was awesome I laughed so hard
goldforpewter 16 kun oldin
Oh I love this series.
Janene Dean
Janene Dean 16 kun oldin
Gray's favorite word is satan and "yeetilly deet"
nukapan is poopoo
nukapan is poopoo 16 kun oldin
"thats a tight hole!" Oh hey Gray never knew you weren't gay.
"wow that is a tight hole"
Demon Princess
Demon Princess 16 kun oldin
I’m so glade that my sister showed me this. I get a good laugh.
Pazo Lol
Pazo Lol 17 kun oldin
Can someone tell how to get to do these.
Andrew Dees
Andrew Dees 17 kun oldin
Purple shorts. Not pink.
Payton McDaniel
Payton McDaniel 17 kun oldin
satan never did take a vacation he took a lap dance
Karl Billings
Karl Billings 17 kun oldin
Let me know of you get this reference but he/you sound exactly like the voice actor from tenjou tenge that plays... omg one sec.. when he's younger and some time when he's older. Mitsuomi Takayanagi
OWA OWA 17 kun oldin
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuu- sticks tha landing🥲
Randöms 17 kun oldin
Gray is uh a guy?
Jayden Knickmeier
Jayden Knickmeier 17 kun oldin
Do you think all the "impossible" boards are just made for gray until he cant complete one.
E Marti
E Marti 17 kun oldin
You can tell when he shows an area he already did that he's gong to mess up.
Enid Animates
Enid Animates 17 kun oldin
2:00 Florida man was looking into the mirror thinking: *Loud Demonic Screams*
JJ Draws
JJ Draws 17 kun oldin
Ah yes “Into a OH JESUS”, it’s a classic I tell you
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 18 kun oldin
Gray"is this the same thing or what?" Gray"yep' also Gray" with the power of Satan!"
_ KriTikz _
_ KriTikz _ 18 kun oldin
Wtf that’s a tite hole what the fudge gray why just friking why
Potato that tickles his pickle
Imagine walking on the street, looking up and seeing a pink car falling from the sky about to land on you. The last thing you ever heard was "shiiiiiiiii"
odderous Germ
odderous Germ 18 kun oldin
Gray: wow that's a tight hole * drums intensifying*
Jacob Schantz
Jacob Schantz 18 kun oldin
"Wow that is a tight hole." Graystillplays 2021. Also, yeah it is, Gray.
Jaymz Petrey
Jaymz Petrey 18 kun oldin
I Have a Big Announcement
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln
when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph
minecraft, but bows control gravity
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I Have a Big Announcement
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln