Minecraft, but i upgrade my pickaxe to godhood 

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Minecraft, but i upgrade my pickaxe to godhood
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges in a "minecraft but" format





16-Mar, 2021



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Eric Phan
Eric Phan 13 soat oldin
how do you do that???
Satan 14 soat oldin
Bro i dont wanna guid your pickaxe
AD - 07AP 762885 Tomken Road MS
I believe this not only killed a lot of ended dragons and sheep, but fryed his pc.
Skermit Kun oldin
8:29, 8:42, 11:23, 11:28, 11:38
Jack Parker-Levin
What mod is this? I want it.
Atomic Adam
Atomic Adam Kun oldin
Grey may be a doof but he's got a nobel prize coming. Why? You gonna call the owner of THOSE a dumbass?!?!
Maezo McKnight
Maezo McKnight 2 kun oldin
When you went to the nether you hummed Smoke on the water
thedab 05
thedab 05 3 kun oldin
13:20 *say goodbye to your computer, grey.*
thedab 05
thedab 05 3 kun oldin
in the middle of the video an add came on about saving the enviroment
JacobQTV 4 kun oldin
Honestly who wants to play this😭😭😭
Jj Read
Jj Read 4 kun oldin
I love be how he was thinking smoke on the water while waiting to go to the Nether, the first self taught song I learned on the piano age two
dio playing football
alright gray u had way 2 much fun with this video. now perish by the to much fun hammer
Vicky Harris
Vicky Harris 5 kun oldin
How to make a sword version
FOXRR 5 kun oldin
What is the best way to find diamonds? a) stripmine b) boxmine c) tntmine d) whatever the f*ck this is d final answer
Staicious S
Staicious S 6 kun oldin
Instead of level God it should be Florida man 🤣🤣
Miss CSG
Miss CSG 6 kun oldin
Finally, i found a Australian UZblockr.. I think
Avo Prim
Avo Prim 7 kun oldin
1:32 - Chakram, Gray.
Svoids of Infinite Chaos
Gray is the kind of person to get a hold of the infinity gauntlet and accidentally delete the multiverse because he wanted to see what would happen.
Walker Awesomeguy’s Vids
Any animal killer 2000
Robert Temple
Robert Temple 7 kun oldin
Oh god he’s discovered coding
501st legion
501st legion 7 kun oldin
Gray's just like: MOJANG, I'VE COME TO BARGAIN. Meanwhile at Mojang HQ: YOU'VE COME TO DIE
Umbra Highwind
Umbra Highwind 8 kun oldin
I love watching Gray in their natural environment. Sadness and Despair.
TheGoode Residence
TheGoode Residence 8 kun oldin
me thinking for a second "he is evil for killing the trader"
TheGoode Residence
TheGoode Residence 8 kun oldin
I would have been like lemme just yeet this at that village and be like a pickaxe god DUN -DO-DUNNNNN
Gabe Quenzer
Gabe Quenzer 9 kun oldin
“The stone one goes deeper” that’s what she said
Bradley Liu
Bradley Liu 9 kun oldin
gray: literally one punch man me: M aS oC hi SM
john racal
john racal 9 kun oldin
I think the makers of minecraft got the cave update from him
k'son Glaude
k'son Glaude 9 kun oldin
RIP desktop
Sam Masood
Sam Masood 11 kun oldin
subscribe and Liked
Xoney Gaming
Xoney Gaming 11 kun oldin
Make a pickaxe ninja star... Out of ninja stars... *THEN MAKE ONE OUT OF THOSE*
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 11 kun oldin
Can I have a copy of your Minecraft skin
ッSɑɨSγτɧε 11 kun oldin
Tbh if im going to find some beta testers for a game i would instantly think of gray
Castuarufoo 11 kun oldin
Blessings Chiluba
Blessings Chiluba 11 kun oldin
It’s like the rasenshuriken from naruto
Gilbert productions Hale
JaydenMazz8706 12 kun oldin
He's not cheating guys, he's just very lucky. Just like Dream.
Ohemaa Atuahene
Ohemaa Atuahene 12 kun oldin
Put this into a command block: /give @a (any item){Enchantments:[{id:(any enchantment),lvl:(any level)}]}
Zachary Erickson
Zachary Erickson 12 kun oldin
I thought end portal blocks are indestructible.
Wanda Altman
Wanda Altman 13 kun oldin
Mining in order to get OW
Felinor Bugtong
Felinor Bugtong 13 kun oldin
yes destroy the earth
Riley WILLIAMS 13 kun oldin
It looks like a god version of a blah blade
Hub Lisa Ulternate
Hub Lisa Ulternate 13 kun oldin
Mother Natures creation
stov 1212
stov 1212 14 kun oldin
Wait.... Huh. You used jet force Gemini music for the dragon victory music.
Cilvannau 14 kun oldin
Gray should make a collab with Phoenix SC 😂
logan hunte
logan hunte 14 kun oldin
Your computer hates you
Aiden Elliott
Aiden Elliott 15 kun oldin
what happens when you throw the netherite "pickaxe" strait upward?
Skid and Pump
Skid and Pump 15 kun oldin
Flame 15 kun oldin
Do you play on Xbox or pc?
vahe voorhees13
vahe voorhees13 14 kun oldin
Gray plays on pc
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson 15 kun oldin
“I’ve got bad news. I’m GrayStillPlays” when is that a bad thing. Plus, when hallelujah goes when it’s at stone, you know it’s gonna be a good day
Nigel 15 kun oldin
How do I make this wonderful Creation
swag gamer282
swag gamer282 15 kun oldin
why u not put mod link :(
perfect Cell
perfect Cell 16 kun oldin
It's scary but he has created a new way to play called destructive game play
MASKED GAMER 14 17 kun oldin
Minecraft:adds tnt Gray:are you kidding me? That is insultingly low
Max Ng
Max Ng 17 kun oldin
he broke bedrock when he killed the first ender dragon
Major Singh
Major Singh 17 kun oldin
Mod name
Matthew Komorowski
Matthew Komorowski 17 kun oldin
Would be a 10/10 way to get exp also the iron pick sounds like a lightsaber imagine the netherite pick axe is like 😅
lollo spitfire
lollo spitfire 17 kun oldin
4:17 smoke on the water time
super dude
super dude 18 kun oldin
Yo gray you have to talk to Boffy about a colab but he must be sleep deprived because then he loves to cause terror like you.
LimitlessGaming 18 kun oldin
Dude litterally deleted water souce blocks... dude just accedently made a jezus modpack
Bridgett Walthall
Bridgett Walthall 18 kun oldin
Bridgett Walthall
Bridgett Walthall 18 kun oldin
Bridgett Walthall
Bridgett Walthall 18 kun oldin
Ranbir 18 kun oldin
The bruh Dead memes
The bruh Dead memes 19 kun oldin
How to mine water
Blessed Arsonist
Blessed Arsonist 19 kun oldin
God, Gray needs to be in the Dream SMP. Imagine how chaotic it would be-
BriannaG 6 soat oldin
The dream SMP right now if he was in it *I’m in Danger* Dream would try to kill him if he tried to destroy it
Руслан Туаев
İ agree
Robert Temple
Robert Temple 7 kun oldin
Haha eys
Evelyn Copening
Evelyn Copening 19 kun oldin
Steve Platon
Steve Platon 19 kun oldin
i like the part where the blocks break
DIe 20 kun oldin
what mod is this? if anybody knows let me know
CGB 20 kun oldin
Definitely should have used an intel CPU
7mikaka 20 kun oldin
Scape run parasite mod Turns everything bloody and corrupt garunteed to work!
NolandSpring 20 kun oldin
i feel like gray has gotten more insane throughout the years
Mikkel Markvardsen
Mikkel Markvardsen 20 kun oldin
The circle pickaxe would be useless and dumb. It removes all the edges
Te To
Te To 20 kun oldin
You forgot netherite
Karlie Schottel
Karlie Schottel 21 kun oldin
The amount of beefiness your computer needed for this level of abuse is astounding. I love it. Hahaha 😂😂
Cameren Nelson
Cameren Nelson 21 kun oldin
Grey is parting water like Moses.
The Gamer Fencer0129
He should turn that into an arrow
Oli Solar
Oli Solar 21 kun oldin
Godhood? No no no, SATANHOOD
Aoi Shizuki
Aoi Shizuki 21 kun oldin
4:59 "I did some mining off screen"
Nicholas Pazos-Ordaz
Hmm, this destruction is, ACCEPTABLE
furry roblox twins
furry roblox twins 21 kun oldin
Hmm not good enough try holding 64 diamond swords that have 32k enchants
flightfull 21 kun oldin
love the minecraft videos
AndyJamison 22 kun oldin
We went 72 videos without sadistic gray. Welcome back.
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 62 of asking for more beamNg
Erica Oronia
Erica Oronia 22 kun oldin
This is really better than never right pickaxe
Dave Cheney
Dave Cheney 22 kun oldin
What mod is this?
leelogan ._.
leelogan ._. 22 kun oldin
Minecraft beyblades of mass destruction
Razel Yap
Razel Yap 22 kun oldin
me:i have a mod where u can mod a dmg of a pick sword axe hoe and shovel and we added the bomering mod gray:yes
Razel Yap
Razel Yap 22 kun oldin
lack of numbers is bad for gray but 1000000000 number is good to gray
FlameWing ElementalBlack
"Alright, we're checking out the only game where you can upgrade your pickaxe to destroy all life on the entire planet, *it's Minecraft."*
xPLODER 23 kun oldin
Does anyone know where to find this mod?
Colton Daniel
Colton Daniel 23 kun oldin
Why did he hum Deep Purples Smoke on the water when he made the nether portal 🤔
Psycho Lamborghini
Psycho Lamborghini 23 kun oldin
12:20 *E1M1 intensifies*
Nøah- 23 kun oldin
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: The pick axe ninja star: *YoU sPiN mE rIgHt RoUnD bAbY rIgHt RoUnD LiKe A rEcOrD bAbY RoUnD rOuNd RoUnD rOuNd*
Ezra Youngberg
Ezra Youngberg 23 kun oldin
Why would you use the recipe book
C Swaar
C Swaar 23 kun oldin
"So I've prepared this target here, um, just to see if the inputs for the weapon work as... they're supposed to." since when has this channel been about things working as intended [EDIT]: Oh of course you're still abusing sheep
Millard Carter
Millard Carter 23 kun oldin
The physical dibble intuitively form because beginner startlingly tickle along a perfect justice. afraid, idiotic lettuce
Bloby Gaming
Bloby Gaming 23 kun oldin
I. need. this.
Daniel Rhinehart
Daniel Rhinehart 23 kun oldin
where can i get this mod pleaseee XD
Logan LockHeart
Logan LockHeart 23 kun oldin
I want this to be a mod
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