minecraft but i made storms 1000x stronger 

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minecraft but i made storms 1000x stronger
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.



10-Iyl, 2021



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GrayStillPlays 20 kun oldin
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X Virus
X Virus 4 kun oldin
I would but i already have it >:D it’s a really good game!!!
Ñø _båd_vîbęś
@Just me it’s really not thatttt cringe
Ali Bonner
Ali Bonner 9 kun oldin
Meanwhile, just last week we had a total of 42 tornadoes touch down in Tornado Alley in one night. Gotta love Tornado Alley.
dmg0425 11 kun oldin
BookWorm 11 kun oldin
Gray destroys a lot of things for sponsorships. Just look back at some of his sims 4 vids. He did a lot of crazy bs to his raycon earbuds
Je73zz16 Gaming
Je73zz16 Gaming 8 soat oldin
Villagers turn to gray Villagers: AHHH $#it HERE WE GO AGAIN
Cal The Konqueror
Cal The Konqueror 13 soat oldin
Lol he always calls bread carbs for some reason
Nora Bellmyer
Nora Bellmyer 17 soat oldin
But gray your in the nether you are in hell
Adam Cox
Adam Cox Kun oldin
Question why are you breaking all the doors in the end fortress
Star_ Krafter
Star_ Krafter Kun oldin
too bad there isn't a bloody download link to this madness
Chelsea Adams
Chelsea Adams 2 kun oldin
I see Gray is simulating an average day in South Dakota.
jaded 2 kun oldin
you know when u said its everyones dream to have an earth qauke.. well it really is my dream to be in a earthqauke...
GDcheerios 2 kun oldin
He knows how to do this kinda stuff in minecraft but doesn't know how to open doors xD
boys demase
boys demase 2 kun oldin
Extremely strong winds it said, it actually said severely but idc
Kratelox 2 kun oldin
you should have really turned on your coordinates so we could see how far you go in those winds
Nic Mackowey
Nic Mackowey 2 kun oldin
Thinking now be glad it wasn't every millisecond
Citris Aurora
Citris Aurora 3 kun oldin
Gray: Imma try and beat a game with extreme natural disasters. Game: THE POWER!!! WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! --------------------------------------------------------- proceeds to... 1. Spawn him in a bad biom 2. Imidiately kill him with cold 3. Give VERY useless chest 4. Yeets him across at least half the map Gray: time to star digging Game: Okay :D Gray: I can beat this all with a boat! Game: THERE IS NO ESCAPE. 5. Falls into lava Gray: I may have made a mistake here. Game: You did. You gave me POWER!!! Gray: I WILL ESCAPE YOU!!! Goes underground 6. Cave in 7. Water guiser Goes into nether Gray: Mother nature can suck my etvkgejf. 8. Tornado in nether Gray: oh, come on! 9. Lava guisers are now a thing... Exists nether 10. Guiser-Strong Winds-Earthquake-Blizzard Sinkhole sound Gray: I dodged it! Game: guess again. 11. Sinkhole 12. Acid Tornado yeets him from the game Gray: This has been the worst expirience of my life Game: Payback's a b**ch Gray enters End 13. ABSOLUTE CHAOS Epic Ender Dragon battle in a tornado. Gray: I wo- Game: I can't let you end this! I'm having too much fun! 14. Dies in sinkhole? Earthquake? Gray: well now I have to go back. 15. Gets yeeted from game Gray: SEE YA!!! Game: NOOO!!! COME BACK!!! Gray: NEVER AGAIN!!! cries* Basically a summery of what I just witnessed. I've determined that the game hates you. Thank you for this much enjoyment and sorry for your pain.
Aaron Lanham
Aaron Lanham 3 kun oldin
Gray: let this happen, oh for the love of god, just let it happen Game: dude u know the answer to that
Aaron Lanham
Aaron Lanham 3 kun oldin
8:19 and 9:07 are my favorite parts it’s just the voice listen
AAN DARIYA 3 kun oldin
Braxton Doty
Braxton Doty 3 kun oldin
5:35 as a Kansan I can confirm that
Darnae Bows
Darnae Bows 3 kun oldin
Paul Evan Shaibu
Paul Evan Shaibu 3 kun oldin
I was laughing when he got carried away by wind
memgefly 3 kun oldin
16:02 gray littelary went crative mode
Ryan Chilton
Ryan Chilton 3 kun oldin
you wanted to dig gray and nature answered 7:00
moose 3 kun oldin
"There was a dead cod on the side of the mountain because of the winds." Sounded so weirdly poetic. That could literally be the first line in a novel
Preston Mermis
Preston Mermis 4 kun oldin
On the Kansas part, yes it can get that way with wind. On an average day the wind can be anywhere from 10-40 MPH, yet Oklahoma and Missouri have more tornados than us (depends on the year). Can any Kansas folk that see this relate?😂
rdv ryan
rdv ryan 4 kun oldin
what is the grass thing ?
Hot Pocket Overlord
i honestly can’t wait till i get my paycheck in order so that I can buy some merch.
Y Gamer
Y Gamer 4 kun oldin
1000 times zero is still zero :()
Aura x Jinshin
Aura x Jinshin 4 kun oldin
What’s your favorite color? Gray: 0
Dr. Creeper Boy
Dr. Creeper Boy 4 kun oldin
i want to play this
Despi Eli
Despi Eli 4 kun oldin
5:45 magnutide 20000000000000000000000000000000 earthquake with cat 200000 tornado 4000000000000000000000000000000000 knots
Despi Eli
Despi Eli 4 kun oldin
40000000000000000000000000000000 knot winds i mean
KING of Defly
KING of Defly 5 kun oldin
The Great Wunkus
The Great Wunkus 5 kun oldin
I like at the end when 2 mobs got the black plague
WAYLON HOGG 6 kun oldin
Wow, the first episode that I’ve seen where grey tortures himself along with everyone else
=Taiko Tora-noka=
=Taiko Tora-noka= 6 kun oldin
4:47 "Do you know how long it's been since I've seen a piece of bread?" WJSJSJSAKAKSJHAHAHAA 😭
Peter The Robot
Peter The Robot 6 kun oldin
Poor tablet
Brady McClendon
Brady McClendon 6 kun oldin
5:41 when i blow on a fly
Starwars Experte
Starwars Experte 6 kun oldin
16:00 making a little sanctuary in creative mode... caught you cheating!
Starwars Experte
Starwars Experte 6 kun oldin
No one, really no one: GrayStillPlays: 15:21 Breaks Wooden door with a pickaxe instead of opening it.
Adrian Montgomery
Adrian Montgomery 6 kun oldin
Kalypso 7 kun oldin
Yes Gray, that's exactly how it feels to live here in Kansas.
WaterBottle 7 kun oldin
why did you destroy the wood doors and not open them
Sophie Hamby
Sophie Hamby 7 kun oldin
1 Like for Gray = More MURDER for Reginald to see
TheDragonFriend1 *
TheDragonFriend1 * 7 kun oldin
a 1000 times stronger? ROOKIE NUMBERS!
Ian Hoffmann
Ian Hoffmann 7 kun oldin
16:18 uh where am I:falls down AHHHHHHHHHHH-
The L man
The L man 8 kun oldin
What about 128 elements?
notice me
notice me 8 kun oldin
Grey: time to get digging The earth: “hole”
How the hell does he pass the stupid ass challenges
Fabian Santiago
Fabian Santiago 8 kun oldin
I died of laughter I the very strong winds...
sneaky squid
sneaky squid 8 kun oldin
* a mob has contracted the Black Plauge*
Bug 8 kun oldin
The fact that he broke the wooden doors when he could have just opened them hurts me.
Lily the lab fox
Lily the lab fox 8 kun oldin
0:02 "dad I don't feel so good" *Gets black plague
Cloudmonkey 8 kun oldin
"In sixty minutes" actually due to the constantly reduced interval it approachs 30 minutes to maximum chaos
BaconSlayer100 8 kun oldin
7:08 Spawner :3
Elise Lange
Elise Lange 9 kun oldin
"lava gyser? LAVA GYSER!?"
Emilio tanadi
Emilio tanadi 9 kun oldin
Its bad when a water geyser that shoots you to the height of 10000feet counts as a miracle
Kalel Bostic
Kalel Bostic 9 kun oldin
his tablit:oh why ;( HIM:hahaha break tech
Mini muff
Mini muff 9 kun oldin
Now, do it hardcore :D XD
TheGhostReckon 9 kun oldin
3:02 vegan moms when they talk to people
mason davis
mason davis 9 kun oldin
Like bruh this dummy is doin this with no armor
Just Jak
Just Jak 9 kun oldin
Yo your net worth is 17.25 million!!!!
Alex N
Alex N 9 kun oldin
What does Gray's wife, if he has one, think about all the weapons he keeps in the house and all the electronics he destroys.
SnapJaw Crafting
SnapJaw Crafting 10 kun oldin
Gray: This is what it must feel like to live in Kansas Me: Well… kinda…😅
Reborn Divine
Reborn Divine 10 kun oldin
I find it funny that he breaks doors instead of opening them
[content deleted]
[content deleted] 10 kun oldin
Gray: this is what happens when your kids don't get off the damn cellphone : me who uses a cellphone and Xbox All day and has become an anti social freak due to it: :(
THENEONTIGER 10 kun oldin
Hey gray if you don't already have a tablet repair person check out n8s tech services in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, they do mail-ins (i assume you live somewhere in Florida) and have good pricing/turnaround time.
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Not_an_eboy_ 10 kun oldin
did he just mine through a door WITH A PICKAXE
0:09 LOL
Xavier Howell
Xavier Howell 10 kun oldin
How to get that mod?
worrmgutss 10 kun oldin
5:30 "i have to keep picking up all my stuff every couple of seconds because im afraid itll blow away. this must be what its like to live in kansas" as a kansan, can confirm
Murphy Green
Murphy Green 10 kun oldin
How do you get reganal the chicken
Sopagags 10 kun oldin
We all just watching gray mine gravel with a pickaxe
Miau 10 kun oldin
MR.GUY MAN 10 kun oldin
well i lost interest once he turned on god mode at 12:00
MR.GUY MAN 10 kun oldin
Grey: "we have to do this with as few obsidian as possible." proceeds to make a 3x3 portal.
MR.GUY MAN 10 kun oldin
0:59 how the hell did u jump over a fence on a grass block
Rylle Ydan de Guzman
Imagine being gray's neighbour and then seing him destroy a laptop and a tablet
Groody Gibson
Groody Gibson 11 kun oldin
With the World of Minecraft being so big, I wouldn't be surprised if the weather was that severe LOl
Banan Man
Banan Man 11 kun oldin
why does it annoy me so much that he mines the wooden doors with a pickaxe instead of just opening them
Akira Husky
Akira Husky 11 kun oldin
reason gray is one of the most elite youtubers he makes sponsorships fun by destroying something and we all love destruction here
JARG Gamer
JARG Gamer 11 kun oldin
Alternate title: Minecraft but it's 2012
Zechariah Fung
Zechariah Fung 11 kun oldin
Technically, you already were in hell.
Clarity 67
Clarity 67 11 kun oldin
4.99M damn
darrlewonroblox e
darrlewonroblox e 11 kun oldin
As soon as he screamed cuz the cave in I got an ad , perfect timing .
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor 11 kun oldin
You contracted the black plague at the end
神茶 11 kun oldin
So no one is gonna talk about gray breaking a wooden door which he can open without buttons?
Sonya Hicks
Sonya Hicks 12 kun oldin
5:40 i seriously couldnt stop laughing at this whole part it was hilarious XD
The Emperor Of Anarchy
“YES IT WORKED!” “oh hell”
Phantom Aviator
Phantom Aviator 12 kun oldin
grind war thunder but without sponsorship, press account, or spending money, and you'll feel suffering!
Gigiyigas strikes back
It's all fun and games untill this actually happens
=Taiko Tora-noka=
=Taiko Tora-noka= 6 kun oldin
Why did you have to say that? You've cursed us all, congrats.
marley Moreno
marley Moreno 12 kun oldin
This is so funny on the part where you just start flying like crazy I started to laugh very very hard🤣
marley Moreno
marley Moreno 12 kun oldin
I am watching this on that kind of tablet🙂
Alia L
Alia L 12 kun oldin
I think gray has officially gone insane
XXoutletDUDE 12 kun oldin
terrible weather:gives gray a warning of a thunder strike Gray respons in seconds:yea i dont wanna hear it xd the sinkhole made him place a bout then the lava comes and the thunder warning made me laugh
Keylaygamesandvlogs 12 kun oldin
Where do u get the mods
freaking llamas
freaking llamas 12 kun oldin
GrayStillScreams .8:00.
Johntheman 12 kun oldin
every time he posts a video, he is one inch closer to the asylum
Olivier P.S Amvame
Olivier P.S Amvame 12 kun oldin
Water geisers or however you spell it, fire ones, earthquakes and tornadoes... Gray is the Avatar😂
Yeesports sss
Yeesports sss 12 kun oldin
Alternative title I play Minecraft in Kansas
potato queen
potato queen 12 kun oldin
Dire The Western Wolf
Gray: OK we're going to play a game where you can take anything in mother nature would use to kill anything and add more 0s to it.... It's minecraft. Minecraft: A mob has controlled the Black Plague.
i literally drove to space and this happened
Minecraft but you can enchant axolotls
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minecraft, but grass breaks the game
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