minecraft, but every jump I jump higher 

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minecraft, but every jump I jump higher
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft deathruns and Minecraft parkour challenges, completing impossible death run challenges and going from noob to legend in Minecraft parkour




8-Mar, 2021



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Mercer Woods
Mercer Woods Kun oldin
Naruto jump? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Aqua Sea Studios
*Me every time he jumps*YEETUS FEETUS
Henry Stickmin But Drip
No context comments 1 YEETUS THE FETUS
no please
no please 4 kun oldin
why doesn’t the thumbnail point at florida
Madison 5 kun oldin
I watched Captain Sparklez do this in under an hour. I prefer Gray's masochistic run.
Scrimshaw Games
Scrimshaw Games 5 kun oldin
I appreciate the amount of time you took to make this video, like editing the many hours of content is outstanding thank you
KASUAL MASCOLA 6 kun oldin
almost 5 hours but you did put the effort of completing this map, so I will give you that
Villain Us
Villain Us 7 kun oldin
Gray, your pain and suffering are an inspiration. Your willingness to die 2000 times for your fans is something we should all aspire to!
Illusionary Gull38
Illusionary Gull38 8 kun oldin
Congratulations, a new record for how many strokes in one video. 👏
Harley C
Harley C 9 kun oldin
Reminds me of flappy bird
Z Dember
Z Dember 9 kun oldin
Gray your eyes are hunted 🧐
Robert Green
Robert Green 11 kun oldin
His death the entire time was so high
Jamzters Gamez
Jamzters Gamez 12 kun oldin
“The sky is the limit” Gray : gray ___ Sky
Weebmaster 42
Weebmaster 42 13 kun oldin
This jump course was so painful that I felt pain just watching how close some of those jumps were.
Lucien Rose
Lucien Rose 14 kun oldin
Gray: I’m starting to get the pattern Gray two seconds later:falls
Lucas Blanton
Lucas Blanton 14 kun oldin
I wonder why he's called Graystillplays because he can play a map for a LONG PERIOD OF TIME AND NEVER QUIT
Lucas Blanton
Lucas Blanton 14 kun oldin
Trevor Marks
Trevor Marks 16 kun oldin
Did… did I just hear Gray cry? Oh my god this thing really did make him go insane.
Deven Johnson
Deven Johnson 17 kun oldin
I like how if you look at the death counter you can see how many times he fails between each cut
Damian Baca
Damian Baca 19 kun oldin
It's fun to watch the death counter when he cuts
Vohs Rex
Vohs Rex 21 kun oldin
Are you letsgameitout brother? your both like pain is great
Tyler Korenke
Tyler Korenke 21 kun oldin
I did the math I think I did it wrong, but he would hav died once every 10 SECONDS
Decman Joe
Decman Joe 21 kun oldin
A moment of silence for how long it took gray to do it and how many deaths he had.
Marco Meijer
Marco Meijer 21 kun oldin
This reminds me of the game Warfork. It's basically Quake style bunny-hopping but with extra walljumps and parkouring. Parkour is a big part of the game.
William Garnett
William Garnett 21 kun oldin
I think minecraft gave gray a hand disability
Malcolm Litton
Malcolm Litton 21 kun oldin
hes cliping it so it looks like he is doing it in one go
Jayden Hull
Jayden Hull 21 kun oldin
53 seconds in and already 20 deaths
William Westman
William Westman 21 kun oldin
the death counter at 2:22
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 55 of asking for more beamNg
King squonk
King squonk 22 kun oldin
okay I mean this in the best way, He sounds like a constipated grandpa doing gymnastics
Red Dot
Red Dot 22 kun oldin
Roblox is garbage
Joe_Stowers 15
Joe_Stowers 15 23 kun oldin
Lets thank spongebob for his mixtape in the background
A.S. MB 23 kun oldin
Guys, If you remove the middle 5 in the deaths is 505 and 505 is SOS so..... AMONG US WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME! Well not the whole time.
Grey Thomas
Grey Thomas 24 kun oldin
the fact that me and one of my fav UZblockrs have the same name
Spleens The cat
Spleens The cat 24 kun oldin
Where is the sims isle?
NLPwnage 24 kun oldin
greystillplays darksouls? love the determination ;)
Kisean Richards
Kisean Richards 25 kun oldin
Uwantsum Tacos
Uwantsum Tacos 25 kun oldin
Nelia Mesias
Nelia Mesias 25 kun oldin
50 levels??? ROOKIE NUMBERS!!!
sushmap9feb 25 kun oldin
Gray should get a nobel prize for being a masochist
ember flyte
ember flyte 25 kun oldin
Can we get a moment to release that gray came out of this map with a hole new voice and he sounded like a father that is in public but is mad
Diego Hernandez Cruz
In every cut the deaths multiple 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Jim-o-rocket 26 kun oldin
That ending though... I've never heard Gray sound so broken
Crazy thing is, he could have written "every jump I jump, I jump higher" and it still would've been correct. English is stupid.
gunslinging gamer
gunslinging gamer 26 kun oldin
gray would like dark souls
best siblings forever Fahri and Leyli
I love how he spends 4 hours and 50 minutes
Bill Nye The Nazi Spy
Aym 27 kun oldin
Man I the start of the video when he cut alot of death I predicted 2000 I'm am so disappointed
Slavtherussian 28 kun oldin
Oh god he plays minecraft now...
joel rosique florido
Me: Do You belive in Gravity? Gray: NO I DONT SCREW GRAVITY!
{ rulBmutnauQ }
{ rulBmutnauQ } 28 kun oldin
29:49 Gray's noise of the day
Mr Last
Mr Last 29 kun oldin
Who else is clinging to their phone when there is a close call!!!
Rivion Bennett
Did anyone notice that he had 969 deaths At 20:04
PokekidKanto YT
Gray would make a great Geometry Dash player.
Beepo Playz
Beepo Playz Oy oldin
U should just try doing Minecraft hardcore
Kenjishurima Ojisaka
Tags: Mindbreak
NickMortuus Oy oldin
I need more of these videos
G. Reaper
G. Reaper Oy oldin
I wonder how many people would be interested a collaborative effort to make the most painful, longest, cross dimension parkour ever just for GSP? (I host a parkour server, that's why I'm curious)
wolf gamer
wolf gamer Oy oldin
"Gravity?who gives a crap about Gravity?"reply who thats from and what game thats from
wolf gamer
wolf gamer Oy oldin
If you find out who it is your a pro
GrantzStuff Oy oldin
Can we all appreciate that he got 1977 deaths somehow.
7:44 made water come out of my nose
Eli McKinney
Eli McKinney Oy oldin
In the vid pic I saw that universe sandbox 2 background was there for the 2000 jump thing
Steve Oneil
Steve Oneil Oy oldin
i like how he died like 1977 times of camera
Potato that tickles his pickle
Do you film these kinds of videos in one go or do you take breaks?
Cyrus Reid
Cyrus Reid Oy oldin
“Ninja Gayden”
Michael Mamo
Michael Mamo Oy oldin
the fact that he spent 5 hours on this and probably even more than that editing it that’s dedication
The One
The One Oy oldin
You are too funny I can't eat drink sleep breath while watching your videos because how much I laugh
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong Oy oldin
12:39 And the #1 song of the month, you all voted for: "I believe I could fly," my GrayStillPlays!!!! Edit: 19:12 Coming in a veeeeerrryy close second: "Oh sweet Satan," also by GrayStillPlays!!!
Mason Richter
Mason Richter Oy oldin
i seen the other vid and i heard hintia wallpapers😂😂😂
DiscoChixify Oy oldin
Not kidding, I’d totally buy a shirt with one of your slogans on it
Maco Maco
Maco Maco Oy oldin
How much time did you spend on this video? Poor you
RayTube101 Oy oldin
I just want to point out that at 18:14 he cut out 10 minutes and 100 deaths on that one level...
do more minecraft
Roman Harris
Roman Harris Oy oldin
28:58 sounds like my neighbours chiauaua when a car goes down our street
The O
The O Oy oldin
30:17 well then it wouldn’t be hidden now would it
DatCat Sister
DatCat Sister Oy oldin
I kept seeing coments where they say that gray said rookie numbers but now I finaly heard him say it
DudeXh Oy oldin
me when I almost drop the baby 20:03
B. Unenzorig
B. Unenzorig Oy oldin
Florida man arrested for throwing alligator to Wendy's
stephen ong
stephen ong Oy oldin
i bet you could beat dream with this challenge
Juan Hernandez
The illegal novel alarmingly practise because diploma secondarily fetch excluding a gorgeous cost. tasteless, slim raven
i love u gray :)
Inferno 79
Inferno 79 Oy oldin
So this is the hell Gray has been sent to for all those deaths when he blows up the earth.
Blue Rabbit
Blue Rabbit Oy oldin
I never realized he was bad at Minecraft. (No hate.
Gon Zoldyck
Gon Zoldyck Oy oldin
me staring at death count* looks at level* me:👁👄👁
Herman Patricia
The grubby gruesome bonsai canonically scribble because hexagon apparently pack opposite a guiltless gallon. crooked, observant scorpio
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong Oy oldin
"This pane of glass is a pain in my ass!!!"
6:21 TRIGGERED It's iron gray
Енот и игромир
Hayden Edgar
Hayden Edgar Oy oldin
X Mango X
X Mango X Oy oldin
Good. *Now find a way to shoot the man family into space*
Pickled Crazy
Pickled Crazy Oy oldin
Wanna hear a slightly offensive joke???????? :) Women that get an abortion be like:Yeetus fetus deletus
Last breath mints
You should play on the Version of Minecraft where netherack is called bloodstone You could just have you staring at it the whole video it explains everything
hi I'm a penguin
Me: *waits for gray's 666the death* Gray: *edits it out* Me: "what the HELL!"
The Dude
The Dude Oy oldin
Bring back Sims 4. I miss Spleens and Tonsils.
hi I'm a penguin
What about blue cheese
Danny Schatz
Danny Schatz Oy oldin
window pain
Mendoza 091999
not gonna lie he is really good at parkour
Alex Van der veen
Yeetus macfleetus
OuteRspacE přőđůçťîøñ
i can tell gray i8s suffering, and i can feel his pain while watching this, this is hellllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can i say this video has 666k views
Jonny Blade
Jonny Blade Oy oldin
Alright, who decided to combine Prince of Persia with minecraft?
The World of Minecraft Needed to End This Way
when lightning splits the earth in half
minecraft, but i get cloned every minute
i made school 1,000,000x more violent
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Minecraft, but i upgrade my bow to power 1000