i upgraded grass into godhood and this happened 

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i upgraded grass into godhood and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speed run challenges in a "Minecraft but" format





31-Mar, 2021



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Em Dallison
Em Dallison 6 soat oldin
How do you do this? 0.0.. Asking for a friend
Emi Hasumi
Emi Hasumi 11 soat oldin
OK, as much as I would love to see a Colono plush become reality, we NEED the next Makeship plush from Gray to be of Reginald. Reginald is a god.
car cat
car cat 15 soat oldin
Graystillplaus is the best ahahahahahah
car cat
car cat 15 soat oldin
Zaine Fox
Zaine Fox Kun oldin
Anyone else notice when gray was spamming the boots in the nether he missed a peice of ancient debris
This is not Minecraft, this is madness
Jean Lantigua
Jean Lantigua Kun oldin
Aaaah im getting a sunburn -reginald while in lave 2021
Jean Lantigua
Jean Lantigua Kun oldin
That one gamer idk
The ender dragon:minding there Own Business. Greystillplays:comes straight from the stratosphere
rysiaczek pl
rysiaczek pl Kun oldin
lol szmieszne
Atomic Adam
Atomic Adam Kun oldin
5:56 Wtf was that sound he made?
Chuchugi In
Chuchugi In 2 kun oldin
Gray is becoming more of a last boss than the last boss 😁👍🎮🕹
Jack Parker-Levin
Jack Parker-Levin 2 kun oldin
What's the mod? I want to do this.
XHunt Gaming - Youtube
This is the first time I ever see something unusual happening to Minecraft grass
XHunt Gaming - Youtube
@MOHIT YADAV No understand anythin fella but ok
Max B
Max B 2 kun oldin
dream speedrun be like
Alexander Tapia
Alexander Tapia 4 kun oldin
7:12 omg he found ancient debrees and just ignored it WHAT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE
bad kitty
bad kitty 4 kun oldin
5:55 " snake, can you hear me snake, snake, snakeeeeeeeeeee!?! " ( if anyone gets this reference I hope you do)
Obi Wan
Obi Wan 5 kun oldin
*g r a y s t i l l g a y*
Smoots !
Smoots ! 5 kun oldin
7:13 grey blew a hole so deep into the ground he found ancient debris
mehmet akif aslan
mehmet akif aslan 5 kun oldin
7:13 there are ancient debris
ChaLa QuiRab
ChaLa QuiRab 5 kun oldin
Plot twist: Reginald is actually the real main character and Gray is a reoccurring character
Mutated Wolfgang
Mutated Wolfgang 6 kun oldin
Ya know the nether it’s boots are ok... but THERES NOT ENOUGH ZEROS ROOKIE NUMBERS
Dominic Burgos
Dominic Burgos 6 kun oldin
In case you didn't know, things didn't go well.
sammy cat
sammy cat 6 kun oldin
The amount of Noises Gray makes during these is gold
Marilyn umie
Marilyn umie Kun oldin
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ҜI几Ǥ 6 kun oldin
If some speed runner see how gray making portal...
Akash Bala
Akash Bala 6 kun oldin
See what is there in 7:14
Christopher Laub
Christopher Laub 7 kun oldin
Honestly, don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not but I would really want to see Gray do legit survival series kinda like how he occasionally played the campaigns of games back in the day
Dino_ baconteam
Dino_ baconteam 7 kun oldin
I hope graystillplays will always add Reginald in every vid
diego celaya reyes
diego celaya reyes 7 kun oldin
5:53 jajajajajajajajajjajajajajajjajajajaja goat sound
SwizzleDrizzle 7 kun oldin
Mahkeal Nightshade
Mahkeal Nightshade 7 kun oldin
when you drink blood when watching graystillplays
Danielle Lanfranco
Danielle Lanfranco 7 kun oldin
“More zeros to glass”
Wallrisss69 7 kun oldin
12:30 this gray: place is gonna fill up with water quick also gray: walks in to cobweb
Wallrisss69 7 kun oldin
7:13 accent debris
Oh no my glass broke 387
Plss do I because I’m a big fan😽
odmack 8 kun oldin
7:13 you missed some netherite
Totally a Hooman *not a raptor*
I love your channel
100 HP
100 HP 8 kun oldin
Gray: I don’t need you blaze, I’m only here to kill you because I hate you Also gray: **continues to make eyes of ender of the blazes that got murdered**
Janene Lynda
Janene Lynda 8 kun oldin
The rambunctious fridge bizarrely reduce because asterisk karyologically clean afore a mysterious trout. purring, spiffy zoology
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 8 kun oldin
It funny u said look at all this maticisiom
Powys Arnold
Powys Arnold 8 kun oldin
I saw netherite at 7:13
Blue Beka
Blue Beka 8 kun oldin
I've know Reginald for only two episodes, but i'm already willng to make a religion in his honour. Is so freaking cute too! The chicken from hell.
Shoe Seller
Shoe Seller 8 kun oldin
The cuddly decade ultrasonographically possess because brace inferiorly realise during a tricky match. stereotyped, good hedge
i like monke
i like monke 9 kun oldin
anyone notice on 7:13 he misses ancient debris
Niki MP
Niki MP 9 kun oldin
Weere blasting off agian
Mew111 9 kun oldin
Reginald Copperbottom
Tomasz Winter
Tomasz Winter 9 kun oldin
5:40 get yourself a 0.25 pseed and look like there slowly is a creeper
Jo Moell
Jo Moell 9 kun oldin
Stop drop and roll no don’t get it on me
FALLEN THE WOLF 9 kun oldin
Gray is slowly turning into a minecraft UZblockr
Underfoot47yt 9 kun oldin
This is halarious
崔熙仔 9 kun oldin
CurSE oF bINdINg
W p
W p 9 kun oldin
How is he getting all that loot from grass?
Cheryl Coffman
Cheryl Coffman 10 kun oldin
Gray doesn't know that end portal frames are indestructible, nobody tell him.
Darkcrusader77 10 kun oldin
Also how do you make something follow you like that and make it have god mode?
Darkcrusader77 10 kun oldin
Mind doing a tutorial on how you add stuff into grass or idk how to word this tbh. . . . .
Euclodies 10 kun oldin
Mario be like
Julie Moody
Julie Moody 10 kun oldin
DId anyone else see the Netherite he missed? 7:11
Obie Hewitt
Obie Hewitt 10 kun oldin
Gray i love your chicken.
Zachary Aguirre
Zachary Aguirre 10 kun oldin
did anyone see that piece of ancient debris at 7:12 or was that just me
Matthew Shindel
Matthew Shindel 11 kun oldin
Gray: Do you have zeros? Game: No. Gray: Would you like to?
DIe 11 kun oldin
9:59 he has golden arrows
DIe 11 kun oldin
ground * explodes* gray: "its like the holocau-" and then he realizes how bad that could have been
Jack Brown
Jack Brown 11 kun oldin
Also fun fact: there’s no zero’s in gray’s subscriber number
Draconic Duelist
Draconic Duelist 11 kun oldin
9:30 Is that a Silverfish? Did Gray build his Nether Portal on top of a Stronghold?
Filip Delić
Filip Delić 11 kun oldin
5:00 It's like a Phoenix but brain damaged
h i
h i 11 kun oldin
Your making me so mad breaking wood with your sword and breaking crafting tables with your pickaxe.
Keneth Jõks
Keneth Jõks 11 kun oldin
among us but switch among with s
Kylo ren 2199 gang
Kylo ren 2199 gang 11 kun oldin
Me and my friends hours of gaming getting enchanted iron armor Gray: *breaks 1 grass My friend and me: WoOoOoOoooOOOooOoooOOOOOooOoooOOOOoooOWwWwwwwWwWWWWWWW
Meeli Paulson
Meeli Paulson 11 kun oldin
he a pet
zeta gaming
zeta gaming 12 kun oldin
All HAIL the king of genocide
Rosanna Garcia
Rosanna Garcia 12 kun oldin
i seen ancient dabree
Zachary Aguirre
Zachary Aguirre 10 kun oldin
dabree??? lol its debris
Riley Hauptman
Riley Hauptman 12 kun oldin
Really really really really really really really good UZblockr right here you're awesome you are funny and sometimes stupid LOL sorry
Echlor 12 kun oldin
He doesn't know that axes are op
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
I don't like minecraft but some how you make it good.
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
YASSS break the game
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
Tammy Rowell
Tammy Rowell 12 kun oldin
At 7:13 you missed ancient debri
DiscoChixify 12 kun oldin
Omg Reginald lol 😂
Harold Reotutar
Harold Reotutar 12 kun oldin
OMG I love your channel
Bianca Dalida
Bianca Dalida 13 kun oldin
Akash Dutta
Akash Dutta 13 kun oldin
Homie T-Rex
Homie T-Rex 13 kun oldin
All these op equipment need to be made in a GreyStillPlays mod pack.
commander phasma from star wars the first order
Wait, gold has/had a use now?
saima panjawani
saima panjawani 13 kun oldin
On your second jump you had killed him btw
Avrie Bowering
Avrie Bowering 13 kun oldin
1:24 the world’s time has come gray has a newfound hatred for plants-oh false alarm
Nathaniæl Hue Redman
Fun fact: the Ender Dragon is actually a female, and her name is Jean! Just thought that was interesting
Hannah Winter
Hannah Winter 13 kun oldin
0:20 oh like that one episode in made in abyss
waa2007 13 kun oldin
soooo umm what is that data pack for Reginald becouse is is vary cool and funny and i want to see him in my worlds if that is ok with you can you please put the Reginald data pack link in the description thanks
The Brainiac
The Brainiac 13 kun oldin
Imagine doing this with auto jump
Ronin Stordeur
Ronin Stordeur 13 kun oldin
7:13 thats ancient debris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kadem ra
kadem ra 13 kun oldin
Some know the title was minecraft but grass drops op items
fallen from grace
fallen from grace 13 kun oldin
7:12 he misses netherite
William Johansson
William Johansson 13 kun oldin
Minecraft more like minegrass
nuke world
nuke world 13 kun oldin
Wait a minute I know this exact world I spawned in that world before
Adit Singh
Adit Singh 14 kun oldin
Man which game is this
HydraZoid 14 kun oldin
HIGHLIGHTS 5:56 NARGHAGH 8:30 *villager noises* 7:33 ARGARGARGA 8:38 DEEEET 8:43 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS 9:14 *gray knowing he's about to cause pain laugh* 9:36 haw haw haw haw 9:45 AUAGHUGH 10:41 YERT
i i
i i 14 kun oldin
Are u ommpa villes brother
J K 14 kun oldin
Yeetaladeet is just a trademark Gray move
J K 14 kun oldin
I probably spelled that wrong
Nahaat Nassor
Nahaat Nassor 14 kun oldin
Did anyone see that he missed ancient debris
J K 14 kun oldin
Is yes
BOTMAX900 14 kun oldin
Ur good at coding i want to be a coder
BOTMAX900 14 kun oldin
Have u ever shown ur face if so why not??
minecraft, but you can farm lucky blocks
minecraft, but bows control gravity
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minecraft, but i get cloned every minute
The World of Minecraft Needed to End This Way
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I Broke Bedwars with TommyInnit
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The WORST Game of Geoguessr Ever Played.