i turned your childhood into nightmares and this happened 

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i turned your childhood into nightmares and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels



25-Iyn, 2021



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That one Bi Weeb
That one Bi Weeb 13 soat oldin
All the happy wheels characters can’t walk
Marta Fernandes
Marta Fernandes Kun oldin
everyone is Nick be like:
My cat enjoyed this video!
Mega dragon thing
Mega dragon thing 5 kun oldin
Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran 5 kun oldin
I Just Realized Everybody Is Just A Giant Hunk Of Meat
Natalya D
Natalya D 5 kun oldin
7:18 OMG I knew peppa pig was a psycho
[{its._.bean}] 5 kun oldin
Axoloter 6 kun oldin
This video is my first notification ever lol
Calm sea
Calm sea 6 kun oldin
12:36 is so funny
Nathaniel Javorski
Nathaniel Javorski 6 kun oldin
Times the segway screwed Gray sideways: 12:14, 12:29
Toad sama
Toad sama 7 kun oldin
thats crazy im left handed & my favortie color green🥺my friend showed me your vids & ily😽
K1RK 518
K1RK 518 7 kun oldin
Wow that end had me crying 🤣
mark stephen sajul
mark stephen sajul 7 kun oldin
That green god zilla is actually george's toy dinosaur
At the beginning it was George the pig aka peppa’s brother
Jose Emiliano Hernandez Agudelo Jose Emiliano
8:18 no, is a foot
Shana Juedes
Shana Juedes 9 kun oldin
I like seeing graystillplays doing jet falls
Morgan Bazer
Morgan Bazer 9 kun oldin
Gray: *”LIKE A GRACEFUL SWAN”* Me: “I am a not graceful anything”
Morgan Bazer
Morgan Bazer 9 kun oldin
“Well piss, there goes my bike” - GrayStillPlays, 2021
GamingWithYolo GWY
GamingWithYolo GWY 10 kun oldin
When you scream it reminds me of doofenshmirts in phineas & ferb🤣
kittyairgaming 12 kun oldin
13:10 “Seriously it is singeing the hair off of my gr🔘in” -GrayStillPlays
Оля1970 Оля1970
I cant stop laghfing!
Just_Triumph 12 kun oldin
Apparently Canada has ninja cats
Jamison Marteniz
Jamison Marteniz 13 kun oldin
Remmy Winstryg
Remmy Winstryg 14 kun oldin
I love the part in the harpoon run when the rocket thruster was tryna help him
Simolians4630 14 kun oldin
5:09 Anyone know the song he used?
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose 14 kun oldin
I love watching my favorite show when i was a kid turn into a horror board
Max Reyes
Max Reyes 14 kun oldin
Can I get a hoyaaaaaaa
ERIC 14 kun oldin
ERIC 14 kun oldin
Blend_ Xyphon
Blend_ Xyphon 14 kun oldin
My childhood ruined
Cillian F
Cillian F 14 kun oldin
I like it because a bit before 12:53 you go killed by your vehicle
ur local gay cryptid
What if it was already a nightmare to begin with? You can't break what's already broken.
•Lunar Light•
•Lunar Light• 16 kun oldin
Don’t worry gray that wasn’t a mullet that was a foot
· H A S H B R Ø W N ·
Gray what you thought was a mallet was a leg :l idk what you thought it was but it definitely wasn’t a mallet
emma caballero
emma caballero 17 kun oldin
I love grey he's so funny =w=
Naomi Dhanu
Naomi Dhanu 18 kun oldin
Gorg dinosor pigiy from roblax
Matthew Giles
Matthew Giles 18 kun oldin
Why was Nixon's dismembered leg wiggling?
Gameboy9 18 kun oldin
Mario Kart meme: when you get hit by a blue shell and you're still in 1st: *oh I'm still alive*
david groenevelt
david groenevelt 18 kun oldin
Do a facereveal
random stuff
random stuff 19 kun oldin
poor grey 12:17
Jasmine Prindiville
Jasmine Prindiville 20 kun oldin
That music is from cells to singularity
Rodney Rose
Rodney Rose 20 kun oldin
YouHave hair in your groin
Rodney Rose
Rodney Rose 20 kun oldin
Great why do you like or am I Why do you sound like a nerd
Fredy Alejandro Silva Bernal
Fredy Alejandro Silva Bernal
isn not god
Hunter Ware981
Hunter Ware981 20 kun oldin
8:00 lol
Deadly Go Ryley Voon
You'reAddictive 21 kun oldin
When he said "I enter everything," I had a thought. Why do I feel like he's the type to play Genital Jousting... If you don't know what that is, do NOT look it up. It's a pretty inappropriate game. If you do know what it is, watch Markiplier play it, it's so funny!
Hezekiah Josef CASTILLO
GrayStillPlays mmmmmmmmmm I'm stoll alive
RoÆther 21 kun oldin
8:10 I know exactly what you are going for here... but it looks like a leg and foot IMO
Chopsticks Studios
Chopsticks Studios 22 kun oldin
8:16 *Cough* That’s a leg with a shoe on you dirty minded bastard.
The Starlit Zombie
The Starlit Zombie 22 kun oldin
Can we just appreciate that Gray is so powerful, that his segway tried to kill him.
Jennifer Hendricks
Jennifer Hendricks 22 kun oldin
6:27 That's not Peppa. That's her baby brother. 7:40 Papa Pig! No! 8:12 A leg. Don't you see the shoe? 10:14 😂
Daniel Hassan
Daniel Hassan 22 kun oldin
warpath the stupid ad that I hate
Daniel Hassan
Daniel Hassan 22 kun oldin
that’s not Godzilla that’s mr. dinosaur
rea kittyfreak
rea kittyfreak 23 kun oldin
The grays plays says grrrrraaaaaaaaaaaahh ita so funny🤣🤣🤣
cj playz
cj playz 23 kun oldin
Did u know if you look up peppa pig house look trough the windows zoomed in and you'll find peppa
Bituin Baybay
Bituin Baybay 23 kun oldin
That’s a pain in the a#$
IT'S A FLUFFY 23 kun oldin
12:17 Gray's Segway: Ello m8 time for me to to screw you up
gerti 23 kun oldin
the goodes jutuber
gerti 23 kun oldin
Enderman Galaxy
Enderman Galaxy 23 kun oldin
7:40 I feel bad for the dad it makes me cry :'(
Noah He.xing - Elev
Noah He.xing - Elev 24 kun oldin
Gray 2021- "and penetrate this tiny hole" 9:12
DA BOIS 24 kun oldin
Spikes georges dinosaur
Yoshi Junior
Yoshi Junior 25 kun oldin
8:12 That's a leg. Not what you think it is.
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 25 kun oldin
13:48 🎵 who suffers in a pineapple in an acid pool? SpongeBob Meth pants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! SpongeBob Meth Pants! If lots of drugs is something you wish! SpongeBob Meth Pants! Then kill Patrick and eat him on a dish! SpongeBob Drug Pants! SpongeBob Drug Pants! SpongeBob Drug Pants! SpongeBob, Drug Pants! 🎵
Susan Reed
Susan Reed 25 kun oldin
12:20 best battle ever
Angela Blackwell
Angela Blackwell 26 kun oldin
Nooooo ooooooooooooo o
JD Belohorec
JD Belohorec 26 kun oldin
i sa the washing machine looking like it had a face
Nickolas Burget
Nickolas Burget 27 kun oldin
No one: Hard level: I'm about to end this mans whole career Gray: or will u YEET TOM HARDY
Tationa Stinson
Tationa Stinson 27 kun oldin
I’m a lefty toooooo
Bentley Casciari
Bentley Casciari 27 kun oldin
So you're telling me you pick cuz your left handed I'm right-handed and you pick Green my favorite color is red I would have picked right and then I would have still picked right again because I'm right-handed I don't want to keep picking red no matter what unless it was the wrong one
Gehan Flanders
Gehan Flanders 27 kun oldin
And yellow shirted pig is peppas mom
Gehan Flanders
Gehan Flanders 27 kun oldin
That disind bodyd head is peppas dad
Sean McHugh
Sean McHugh 27 kun oldin
The thing on the table was a foot Gray, not the daddy-
Joly Arborist
Joly Arborist 27 kun oldin
123 From Outlook
Gray:oh piss (2secs later) or am I!!!
Thats not a mallet its a leg
Stephanie Wehrle
Stephanie Wehrle 28 kun oldin
7:23 this is the first time I heard him yell not just OH MY GOD but the first time ever
black_twitchie 28 kun oldin
That last level with all the characters had me crying with laughter. Thank you Gray, making my day one painful death at a time.
JESSICA BISHOP 28 kun oldin
the rubber malot was peppas foot xD not a weewe
Lily Crank
Lily Crank 28 kun oldin
White Blaze
White Blaze 28 kun oldin
Just to clarify, that is NOT a mallet head Gray, it is in fact a disembodied leg, with a shoe still on it's foot @ 8:19 -- my ability to read chicken scratch and make out shapes lets be understand this caveman like art style for you'
Llama playz msm
Llama playz msm 28 kun oldin
People:lauhing at his vids Me:laugh so hard only from thumbnail Gray always coming up whit the funniest jokes.good for changing mood And everytime i hear gray i think:PAIN IN MY A$$
Llama playz msm
Llama playz msm 28 kun oldin
This is called....AAHHHHHHHH
David Franklin
David Franklin 29 kun oldin
I miss your "more ______ dammit"
Katherine Showalter
Katherine Showalter 29 kun oldin
Gray: TOM GET BACK ON THE B- *squishes child to death* you can stay behind...
Thomas Ezzy
Thomas Ezzy 29 kun oldin
I’ve never seen gray so happy to lose his helmet I saw it as forshadowing
Jade rose
Jade rose 29 kun oldin
WhiteSpaghet i
WhiteSpaghet i 29 kun oldin
8:17 A leg
Scout from TDS
Say stun seed backwards.
As someone who is absolutely obsessed with medieval stuff I almost had a stroke when he called that longsword a broadsword😤
nathaniel izquierdo
I felt when he said "every time these rockets pass my groin at 1million miles per hour it causes a spike in my blood pressure" it had me diein
Gamebro Oy oldin
12:36 wise words gray wise😏
Witch Vulgar
Witch Vulgar Oy oldin
Joke's on you, Gray. My childhood already _was_ a nightmare
Rainbow cat
Rainbow cat Oy oldin
Are you trying hard again and again and again
Ana S
Ana S Oy oldin
Gray: I don't know anything about Peppa Pig Also Gray when he is trying to push George's dinosaur up the mountain: Grrrrrrrr!
Ármin Budai-Balogh
All video title: This Happened
Mooseberg Oy oldin
This is literally just "Gray nails every board on the first try" episode
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