i took medicine to unrealistic extremes and this happened 

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i took medicine to unrealistic extremes and this happened
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Brain puzzle is a mobile game where you have to find the solutions to funny situations



19-Iyn, 2021



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Pastel_boba_cat UwU
Pastel_boba_cat UwU 3 soat oldin
the dont drop the soap made me instantly think of prison. (im not in prison my so and told us stories)
Pastel_boba_cat UwU
Pastel_boba_cat UwU 3 soat oldin
at 14:08 I was saying two can keep a secret if one is dead. haha my messed up humor.
Evelynn Bonneau
Evelynn Bonneau 7 soat oldin
The advice was "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"
Zevano Moreyno
Zevano Moreyno 22 soat oldin
The tamnel it
Rare foxpotyt random clips
The advice near the start was an apple a day keeps the doctor away bc there was a doctor and a apple
Viper 2 kun oldin
“Oh, her true love is money, not humans!” -Graystillplays 2021
sabri abdalbari
sabri abdalbari 2 kun oldin
13:33 Mob Psycho reference?!?!
Weebleswee 740
Weebleswee 740 3 kun oldin
2:29 gray's anatomy lol
Chaospale44_HD 3 kun oldin
itle: How many injections do we Need?: 1. or 100? Grays answer: All of Them!!! **
Stick_411 Bread
Stick_411 Bread 3 kun oldin
what's her quarantine look? grey: UUUUUUUUHHHH......, Oh and as u can imagine, i need a brain cell donation because of this THING lol
Volcanic Gaming
Volcanic Gaming 3 kun oldin
Gray the advice was an apple a day keeps the doctor away so that’s why the doctor had an apple because she was giving it to you
Rigel Starz
Rigel Starz 5 kun oldin
how about one hundred
tbomb 233
tbomb 233 5 kun oldin
Кирилл Фролов
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Ian Barber
Ian Barber 8 kun oldin
I stopped watching.
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez 8 kun oldin
12:37 make me sushi
Kawaii Universe
Kawaii Universe 8 kun oldin
"THERE ARE A BUNCH OF RED BLOOD CELLS DOING THE HARLEM SHAKE!" Ok this is one of the best quotes from Gray I've ever heard.
david lambert
david lambert 9 kun oldin
gray wold cmit soowa side and say hear i come
Klaus 9 kun oldin
5:02 me and the boys at 3 am triyng to relax
Amair Hepburn
Amair Hepburn 10 kun oldin
Eat this is not bad
Daniela MM
Daniela MM 10 kun oldin
Why was eggplant not one of the things???!!! Lol
Randomnesss E
Randomnesss E 10 kun oldin
Please play brain out! It is a pretty cool game!
lemonhead_lmao 11 kun oldin
gray seems like the type of person to say cha cha cha when the birthday song is playing
ROGE LEON GARCIA 11 kun oldin
Gian 12 kun oldin
Torcher them gray
Roblox player
Roblox player 12 kun oldin
U NEED 10.000 sub for get 5M
lesbiona 13 kun oldin
The moment I.saw the two wine glasses with the lipstick I just knew she wasn't cheating with no man
harley benton
harley benton 14 kun oldin
Vicki Panks
Vicki Panks 14 kun oldin
I am brain
Vicki Panks
Vicki Panks 14 kun oldin
Cierra Roulette
Cierra Roulette 15 kun oldin
' try not to be laugh' Hehehaha oh no i laugh
Jacqueline Sondakh
Jacqueline Sondakh 16 kun oldin
I like girls and anime girl
Jacqueline Sondakh
Jacqueline Sondakh 16 kun oldin
I like girl😒
Tanya Salamashka
Tanya Salamashka 16 kun oldin
When I saw the brain pooping I was poop ing
Semper Fi
Semper Fi 16 kun oldin
Who is a man 🤣
Semper Fi
Semper Fi 16 kun oldin
Find her kids 😂🤣😂
Adeline Nance
Adeline Nance 16 kun oldin
If u put it on “hey cancer stay away” on 0.25 it sounds like grays on drugs
Recon Expert hello
Recon Expert hello 17 kun oldin
Whats the main reason for divorce
Recon Expert hello
Recon Expert hello 17 kun oldin
Stand_it 17 kun oldin
The game that i saw is weird
Laxmipriya Mohanty
Laxmipriya Mohanty 17 kun oldin
Saiamartya 10
commander nitrogen
commander nitrogen 18 kun oldin
I actually needed weed after this
T-bones Reptiles
T-bones Reptiles 19 kun oldin
What is the name of this game
sudeshna mondal
sudeshna mondal 19 kun oldin
the 2nd advice was an apple a day keeps a doctor away!
Keqing 20 kun oldin
2:20 oh f thats the piano piece i learned in like grade 4
Keqing 20 kun oldin
the merry peasant i believe the name is
Top2X 20 kun oldin
jacob Davidson
jacob Davidson 21 kun oldin
Adelle Murrell
Adelle Murrell 21 kun oldin
naomi Lehman
naomi Lehman 21 kun oldin
RB foxy
RB foxy 21 kun oldin
You’re screwed up
Markus Rouvinen
Markus Rouvinen 21 kun oldin
3:50 hmmmm...
BOB 22 kun oldin
Vicky Boun
Vicky Boun 22 kun oldin
Oh my God you’re so stupid that’s wax
Claire29 22 kun oldin
Him: there's a bunch of Red blood cells- Me: there's 10 blood cells dud count it ;-;
It’s me Nikki
It’s me Nikki 22 kun oldin
I laf so moch wen you aok funny stoffffffff
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 22 kun oldin
0:05 The way he said that pretty much sums up the mobile game industry.
why to not d*** the s*** (also its not good for kids) you drop it and it falls on your privates
all about drugs and getting mugged
ROG 22 kun oldin
Titan Dunn
Titan Dunn 23 kun oldin
in this video no joke i got an ad for slice it all but on the half of the screen with the dude advertising it he was playing helix junp
Jonathan Santacruz
Jonathan Santacruz 23 kun oldin
The Jax n Ro Show
The Jax n Ro Show 23 kun oldin
Best yet
team blue and pink cats and doges
im laughing rn
William Haley
William Haley 24 kun oldin
"Hey cancer stay away"" died laughing
Aidan Heckathorn
Aidan Heckathorn 24 kun oldin
The internet come in and smoke cocaine lol
Traci M
Traci M 25 kun oldin
Ollie elder
Ollie elder 25 kun oldin
No more icicle boy
Mr Bass
Mr Bass 26 kun oldin
i love how greys immiedente idea to evrything is strip
Redwolf Maddox
Redwolf Maddox 26 kun oldin
He’s a transvestite
Redwolf Maddox
Redwolf Maddox 26 kun oldin
Harlem shakes yeah
Levi Bosman
Levi Bosman 26 kun oldin
What is the name from this game?
Mason Compton
Mason Compton 27 kun oldin
The handsome club demographically recognise because word marginally moan below a woozy light. handsomely, uptight factory
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin 27 kun oldin
Come on Grey.. you know what the bouncing needles were for... Come on..lol I'm not.. it was making fun of the fact that girls are getting injections of fat.. in their butt... Especially girls with out a butt... And in the Hipps.. for that hour glass figure
Senne Allegaert
Senne Allegaert 27 kun oldin
1:25 the advice was: an apple a day keeps the doctor away
Fluff Bean
Fluff Bean 27 kun oldin
Oh dang
I died 😂when he said a cockroach that looks more like a decepticon
Emma Lancaster
Emma Lancaster 28 kun oldin
This game is hilarious, ridiculous and a little disturbing 😈 perfect
gray loves so much to torture people even satan wont let him enter in hell satan is probably like: pls dont die becouse i dont want you inside hell!
Fatma Boko Toprak
Fatma Boko Toprak 29 kun oldin
Aynen havatörcedırmeye bir bant sıkılırız
Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel Oy oldin
O 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel Oy oldin
*flipachip sans.
*welp;* If I've learned anything in this episode of drugs and alcohol, all I can say is that beware of people from Florida with high temperature bodies. *because it most likely means they are the spawn of satan.*
Dusk Sunsetio
Dusk Sunsetio Oy oldin
I accidentally muted my phone so I thought Gray was in deep, contemplative silence as he turned the woman from "ready for a date at a restaurant" to "depressed"
Breana Behnsch
He has like an extra dirty mind in this vid.m
G L U G Oy oldin
God and Jesus love you guys!
Coolest Gal
Coolest Gal Oy oldin
I love your vids
Gray:Well this doesn’t mean anything he could just be from Florida! Me:What’s the difference?
Gà Rừng
Gà Rừng Oy oldin
MrEnderVoid Oy oldin
"How many injections will I need?" "yes"
𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘆 𝗗𝗮𝘆𝘀.
"hey, cancer, stay away!" -a bunch of red cells, 1782
Alexandra Potts
1:25 "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Even though the doctor is right there but that's fineeeeeeeeee
AR - 03RE 885959 Helen Wilson PS
I saw this 1 week after you made it
gamerfan gudas
Hey cancer stay away 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
i have an idea. minecraft but everything is a zero. except for carbs.
tman 213
tman 213 Oy oldin
its either hepititas or coronavirus
James Boulton
James Boulton Oy oldin
Grey: *tries to make a penis: Game: NOT TODAY GREY
Bradley Hazelton
Aria Jermaine
Aria Jermaine Oy oldin
I like this guys videos.. sometimes? like, he posts videos where the thumb-nails are sexualising woman, like he posted a video and the thumb nail was ob a animated man stareing at a woman's boobs, like, grow up! and now you post a video where the thumb nail is of a woman (again.. wow do you see the pattern here?) getting her butt injected to make it bigger, HONESTLY?!?! like I know men worse than you, but like; GROW UP!
Franklin Coachman
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