i took bullying from 0 to100 in 1 minute and this happened 

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i took bullying from 0 to100 in 1 minute and this happened
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Braining is a mobile game where you have to find the solutions to funny situations



23-Iyn, 2021



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Jozsef Nemeti
Jozsef Nemeti 17 soat oldin
no one: Litteraly no one: Gray: thinks that a ruler is a club with a nail
Annie Boyd
Annie Boyd Kun oldin
Grace still plays you should play a VR game
dakota johnston
dakota johnston Kun oldin
Penny Turner
Penny Turner Kun oldin
The axe was more affective
Barbara Pulis
Barbara Pulis 2 kun oldin
Cold Spartan
Cold Spartan 2 kun oldin
14:47 my boyrfiend
Helping hand
Helping hand 2 kun oldin
TheFoxDiamond 2 kun oldin
1:44 Nobody: Not even your last two brain cells in a math test: Me: dO tHe rOaR
JHE Trickshots&gaming
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson 2 kun oldin
show your face in a video plz
Buddy 3 kun oldin
You just made me lose my appetite at 13:35 oh my god I threw up my mashed potatoes.
Franzine Suela
Franzine Suela 4 kun oldin
666 dislikes 💧👁👄👁
Delta354DLC Martin
Delta354DLC Martin 5 kun oldin
2:37 Me: 🤣
amazing friend 13
amazing friend 13 5 kun oldin
Hi gray , your videos made my day. I am happy because of your videos and keep up the awesome videos
Poompky 6 kun oldin
S Wong Tsz Shun
S Wong Tsz Shun 6 kun oldin
9:33 that’s a lion wearing tiger head u can see the lion tail
Rylan Looney
Rylan Looney 6 kun oldin
You need a game
Demon resurrection
Demon resurrection 6 kun oldin
It’s just the fact that he went from Massacring his laptop to happy sunshine‘s in rainbows
MJ’s Mom
MJ’s Mom 7 kun oldin
12:11 That's A hydra.
Nikky 8 kun oldin
YOU GOT 5m subs!!! Happy for ya!
Zack 9 kun oldin
10:30 Which one will escape Matt from wii sports OR mark Zuckerberg but black haired and younger
TheMikearmy11b 9 kun oldin
You shpead too much money
fried egg gamer
fried egg gamer 9 kun oldin
14:28 my boyrfiend
fried egg gamer
fried egg gamer 9 kun oldin
5:55 my man Matt ended up in prison 🎳🏓🥌🎯
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 9 kun oldin
I seem to be popular.
Noodle Doodlez
Noodle Doodlez 9 kun oldin
2:40 Potter's always Lazy 😂😂 Weasley has the slump of the work, and Malfoy is stuck in the shadow of the laziest man alive😂
Natalie Frost
Natalie Frost 10 kun oldin
I ment game
Natalie Frost
Natalie Frost 10 kun oldin
What is the gene called
PetriFyXD 11 kun oldin
11:59 Florida is the worst decision, it is a living hell lmao
dora Fernandes
dora Fernandes 11 kun oldin
8:13 this looks like a fish
Darryl Smith Jr.
Darryl Smith Jr. 11 kun oldin
Was that you were a laptop or was that Florida man's because anyway you need to buy a new laptop for Florida man or you
lughostdeathgod 12 kun oldin
you took it too far I love it
Kendra Matthews
Kendra Matthews 13 kun oldin
Can u do a face reveal plz
Benjamin Curran
Benjamin Curran 13 kun oldin
I love how every episode gray turns into Florida man
skye venter
skye venter 13 kun oldin
that is fu&kt up to brake a laptop for fun everyone say ttr if u agree
XWasHere 15 kun oldin
Dominick Elsbree
Dominick Elsbree 15 kun oldin
How does this man get sponsors lmao
Riz Alvin Juyad
Riz Alvin Juyad 16 kun oldin
smp h h h h
random man
random man 17 kun oldin
Matt? 6:12
Shingabadguy 17 kun oldin
Your sponsorship ads are the best
bla Tminus
bla Tminus 18 kun oldin
I love how he called a ruler a club with a nail in it
ShockDragon 18 kun oldin
5:51 is that... is that Wii Sports Matt on the right there?
WildCardNewt 18 kun oldin
Yo. I’m so happy that he sawed a laptop
Frisk 18 kun oldin
Fun fact: he couldn’t have tried yeeting the shose
Abzity 18 kun oldin
what we learned today is: gray is a rich man to buy a laptop just for a sponsor
Nazar Alatan
Nazar Alatan 18 kun oldin
What did the co,punter do
AR - 03RE 885959 Helen Wilson PS
I saw this 2 weeks after you made it
RealKingScrubs12 18 kun oldin
The one thing that triggers me... *is that stupid mistake in the title that says to100 instead of to 100.*
Andrew Heal
Andrew Heal 19 kun oldin
did he just call a ruler a club with a nail?
AbbieMabey 19 kun oldin
It’s a ruler
Duck 19 kun oldin
3:54 - 5:04 to skip the sponsor literally nobody cares about
Weeb_fo_lif3 19 kun oldin
Could have gave me the computer🙄
Bükkösi Csanád
Bükkösi Csanád 19 kun oldin
4:48 wat?
Sk8r_0rb Lol
Sk8r_0rb Lol 19 kun oldin
Matt from wii sports in jail?
Zeina Allem
Zeina Allem 19 kun oldin
I swear your the funniest UZblockr i I I have ever watched
Robert Abernathy
Robert Abernathy 20 kun oldin
I would've taken that laptop☹☹
Stephanie Busi
Stephanie Busi 20 kun oldin
Grey:Now its just natural too wake up with 2 people saying there your mom/daughter. Me:I've never had the happen
The Wild Animals
The Wild Animals 20 kun oldin
Do a face reveal
Eric Fronzaglio
Eric Fronzaglio 20 kun oldin
3:24 : that looks like mark iplier
Izaiah PLAYZ
Izaiah PLAYZ 21 kun oldin
Jackson Rhode
Jackson Rhode 21 kun oldin
they computer you destroyed is the same exact one that i was watching this video with
Faisal Majid
Faisal Majid 22 kun oldin
EXOTIC 22 kun oldin
Dying light 2 dying light 2
Scottie P
Scottie P 22 kun oldin
Pregnant Powerpuff Girls…niiice lmaooo
Hamza m
Hamza m 22 kun oldin
do face rev PLS IM SUBBED
Meltes2000 Adventure
Sponsor part : thought he was going to pull out his Naginata. It was a electric saw on a pole.
Glen Schimmels
Glen Schimmels 22 kun oldin
Stop cussing
Element Batson
Element Batson 22 kun oldin
You always make my day
Element Batson
Element Batson 22 kun oldin
Dying light
Kit and Meowscles
Kit and Meowscles 22 kun oldin
11:23 she isnt wearing that ring it is stuck between her pinki and 2 ring fingers (there is a line in the middle of her ring finger)
Kit and Meowscles
Kit and Meowscles 22 kun oldin
now THATS sponseship i like keep torturing video game charicters for our entertainment gray
Daniels Vībots
Daniels Vībots 22 kun oldin
5:35 Gray it's a ruler, not a club with a nail.
Isabel Zhu
Isabel Zhu 23 kun oldin
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Jessica Hie
Jessica Hie 23 kun oldin
Gray I made a Level that you will die in fear and it’s in happy wheels you’ll die a lot you’ll get harpoons 1000 times and you always die
Tiky 23 kun oldin
Alex Carter
Alex Carter 23 kun oldin
Phil swift here let's reck this laptop and put it back together with flex tape
Merlin's Guide to the Seagull Merlin M4 Joe Cool
in the beginning of the vid, hit the back arrow as fast as you can
Terror the Indoraptor
9:24 *tiger head, lion body. W h a t*
Traci Hannon
Traci Hannon 23 kun oldin
I think every game he plays the creator is ALWAYS on drugs. I think.
IpLaYeR666 24 kun oldin
Wow i would love that laptop right now 😢
Blood Moon Alpha
Blood Moon Alpha 24 kun oldin
Ur my favorite youtuber
Thomas Crone
Thomas Crone 24 kun oldin
7:01Game: who is cheating on the exam? Graystillplays: I don't know but I know who gave up. Hahaha
Thomas Crone
Thomas Crone 24 kun oldin
1:27 that there is a fat woman
Kakeyboi2278 24 kun oldin
The carpet from the second level looks like pee
President Dedede
President Dedede 24 kun oldin
Please tell me you could replace that laptop.
Maia X
Maia X 24 kun oldin
I can just imagine greys neighbours thinking that he’s just doing some yardwork when in reality he’s cutting his laptop in half with a saw
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore 24 kun oldin
That thumbnail.
Arif Musa
Arif Musa 24 kun oldin
5:50 matt wiik3
OlafttheGreat1998 25 kun oldin
The art in this game makes the Legend of Zelda CD-I games look like they were drawn by Leonardo da Vinci
OlafttheGreat1998 25 kun oldin
The art in this game makes the Legend of Zelda CD-I games look like they were drawn by Leonardo da Vinci
Zelda Gamer Game
Zelda Gamer Game 25 kun oldin
Ahhhhh computer death
Caleb Coghill
Caleb Coghill 25 kun oldin
At 5 million can you do a face reveal
nothing now
nothing now 25 kun oldin
Hey do a giveaway with the laptop lol
Lol Gamer God
Lol Gamer God 25 kun oldin
Mrbeast challenge be like
Indy Chansue
Indy Chansue 25 kun oldin
Stealthalquinn 25 kun oldin
It hurt my soul to see the computer destroyed but then I remembered who I'm watching XD
Mr white
Mr white 26 kun oldin
Rip laptop
ALEX 26 kun oldin
Reed Waide
Reed Waide 26 kun oldin
Honestly I didn’t even watch the video. I just watched the ad
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