i made retirement homes 1000% more dangerous and this happened 

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i made retirement homes 1000% more dangerous and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels



21-Iyn, 2021



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Keo Chan
Keo Chan Kun oldin
Graceland gere
Graceland gere 5 kun oldin
"😐....my weiner....😐" Graystillplays-2021
dab 6 kun oldin
Wtf yay
Growly 12 kun oldin
8:24 That's what he said... Sorry
Chocolate 14 kun oldin
10:57 ... That sounds so wrong
DarkFerre 15 kun oldin
Name of app
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 16 kun oldin
That last level with the pogo stick guy got kinky real quick 😂😂😂
Tom smith
Tom smith 17 kun oldin
Are those screams part of the game? Or added in edit? Lol
Francis 17 kun oldin
1:44 Anyone know what was meant by "RIP RIMMY 2021"?
A M 18 kun oldin
"now my sword is stuck inside Santa's groin
Fredy Alejandro Silva Bernal
>:((( YOU KILL
It Means Joy- My name
14:12 omg 😂😂😂the amount of patience you have Gray wow I've been laughing since you started dragging Santa🤣😭💀
Rushan M
Rushan M 18 kun oldin
12:41 my man lost his virginity to a sword a freaking sword
oblivion !!!!!!!
oblivion !!!!!!! 18 kun oldin
"I have to repeatedly bash my head into Santa's ass" - Gray 2020
Jay Are
Jay Are 20 kun oldin
0:38 ... collaborate and listen! (Have fun getting it out of your head now!)
moohoo velghe
moohoo velghe 20 kun oldin
Hey gray, i wanna buy a merch t-shirt, but idk if il buy a 'not today satan( love it), or a 'im still alive' one Im also going to buy a spycakes one
dreamology 20 kun oldin
*A free PDHD.. from fa lling?*
orion1836 22 kun oldin
What is the bgm at 12:25?
TheEndlessCycle 23 kun oldin
Late Night memes
Late Night memes 23 kun oldin
11:08 gray gets neutered
101 Lego Building
101 Lego Building 24 kun oldin
Gray is the best actor it’s like he’s in the game feeling much pain!
Mr Tiger
Mr Tiger 24 kun oldin
The phrase gray has used the most is SSSTTIIILL ALLIVE while wheezing
Pixel Gamer
Pixel Gamer 24 kun oldin
How did I not see this in my recommended this was 2 weeks ago
Vicioussnake 24 kun oldin
Gray: go outside and suffer until you win Every HW character: yes honey
Saber Byte
Saber Byte 25 kun oldin
12:55 I guess you could say he got another weapon added to his arsenal, hm? :D
Kyle Jacks
Kyle Jacks 25 kun oldin
12:00 Whack
Kyle Jacks
Kyle Jacks 25 kun oldin
9:45 Listen to that in the background… A hobo yelling AAWWW MY LEGGGGG but errape
Kyle Jacks
Kyle Jacks 25 kun oldin
3:43 Musica For My Ears
Random Clerk
Random Clerk 25 kun oldin
when youre a zombie: 4:31 when you eat poison potato in minecraft: 4:31 when you vomit: 4:31 when youve saw too much cringe: 4:31 when you die: 4:31 when you bottom text: 4:31 when you: 4:31
cyndie scott
cyndie scott 26 kun oldin
Gray I love your videos and you inspired me to play happy wheels
Banana man
Banana man 26 kun oldin
PBJJ Studio's
PBJJ Studio's 27 kun oldin
I was watching this and my roommate walked in. He probably thought i wasn't watching a youtube vid.
charles cedrick austria
11:08 sword rubbing gray still plays but
Londa Hickey
Londa Hickey 29 kun oldin
When you tell gray to die he says "I'm still alive"ps I typed this at the beginning of the vid I haven't watched yet.
wolflover golden
wolflover golden 29 kun oldin
When I heard "you can't kill me " I said "I'm the gingerbread man"
Wong Wendy
Wong Wendy 29 kun oldin
Is sold out
Wong Wendy
Wong Wendy 29 kun oldin
Sorry i cant buy because is sold when i try
Karter Bulman
Karter Bulman Oy oldin
YELEIR Oy oldin
gray is a mix of jimmy carry and deadpool
Xavier Howell
Xavier Howell Oy oldin
You are so funny gray
i walked awway half way throught this then came back cuse my blood was being fucky and was likeima stay in your feet and nose and i now dont know wtf that man is doing but eh what ever
Xibyth Oy oldin
Love it when the last dry flimsy crusts of Elmer's glue that holds body together just gives up.
Void Oy oldin
His character: *screams of pain
RandomNeko Oy oldin
Gray has the most perseverance of anyone I know. Or masochism bu t that's just worse perseverance
Dream Wolf
Dream Wolf Oy oldin
take the audio from 13:35-14:40 should be put in an out of context video, with altered footage
MissAnnalisa Oy oldin
Oh dang it
if i had a dollar for everytime gray said" ieeeeeHNNNNNNNHGGGGGG GOD!" id be WINNING
XXrich117X X
XXrich117X X Oy oldin
13:38 the new gorillaz Laugh
Fmm66 yt
Fmm66 yt Oy oldin
Hey gray I have a video idea. Play all of ur saved levels
Kensi Mbethe
Kensi Mbethe Oy oldin
day 1 of telling Graystillpalys he is a amazing guy
Oy oldin
How are you playing it in 2021?
Hyrule player
Hyrule player Oy oldin
I just laughed so hard I feel like I’m gonna puke my heart up
I like how if you search GrayStillPlays (example: happy wheels) it looks like Gray still plays happy wheels
Deathmark8715 Oy oldin
I love the discount code
sullioh Oy oldin
The most frightening thing that could happen in happy wheels is Gray making a 99% impossible level
12:42 Well that was weirdly sexual.
Apolo Gaming
Apolo Gaming Oy oldin
did gray sign up for voice acting in this game?
are you kiddingme
favorite parts 0:55 Uprheihsgusgu Y E S 10:56 Watermelon 🔪Please don't touch me Mr. Blade 🥺 11:10 My wiener 🌭😭 11:13 Alright so now I just have too🙂 AWWWOOOO😨 AND ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PARTS V V V 14:13 Gray moaning 😗🦋👉👈
Dakota McCash
Dakota McCash Oy oldin
I lost it when he had the sword In his ass and Santa was sti holding on to it 12:48
Runes Oy oldin
It is so hard to watch this video cause I'm laughing so hard I cant keep my eyes open
Val Broderick
Val Broderick Oy oldin
It physically hurt me at the end part, it was very difficult to watch
Catboi95 Oy oldin
3:12 this board is made by the devil Dad: 3:04
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Oy oldin
Him: THE BOARD HAS BEEN MADE BY THE DEVIL Me: heh ive seen him way to many times to know he wont fail
Moriak Potato
Moriak Potato Oy oldin
That Santa part 🤣🤣🤣
Azure_Karma Oy oldin
2:34 Don't you just hate it when your legless body falls apart after a small fall?
Cashier Oy oldin
4:32 a zombie makes a noise and swears
harrison holden
Stop cussing
Azeri mapper
Azeri mapper Oy oldin
Ah ma @$$
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
Orphan Orphan Orphan Orphan Orphan Orphan Orphan OrphanOrphan Orphan Orphan Orphan OrphanOrphan OrphanOrphan Orphan Orphan Orphan Orphan
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
Dead Text
Dead Text Oy oldin
bg se
bg se Oy oldin
The jazzy technician postauricularly present because aftershave aesthetically contain aboard a puzzled cucumber. sedate, scared cart
Kitten Lover123
Carrie pearce
Carrie pearce Oy oldin
Gray on the first and second board:STOP
Seeing Gray do human centipede yoga with Santa and a hobo was really the highlight for me
Andrew Doyel II
14:55 what is this song called
Cobbely Oy oldin
Watching gray have a katana stuck up his ass is great entertainment. Change my mind
the creator
the creator Oy oldin
9:51 wait...AMONGUS
Nynke Kersten
Nynke Kersten Oy oldin
Ik ga stuk 😂
C.I.N.B The Creator
9:34 thank me later
panda of the Wild
Ah yes, Florida.
Drew White
Drew White Oy oldin
It’s not a happy wheels video if nobody gets stabbed in either the groin or the butt
Antonio Oy oldin
I enjoy watching you suffer 🗿😂
Tristan Torres
Ummm Hmmm
Ummm Hmmm Oy oldin
No one: Absolutely No one: Not even a single soul: Background Music: AAAAAaaAHHh oh no no UHhUhhAhahaha Uh Nuuu
B_MBL3_B33 Oy oldin
Gray doesn’t fear Satan, *Satan fears him*
Gold Steel
Gold Steel Oy oldin
I'm sorry but I had to do it. 14:20 gray out of context.
Iestyn Garcia-Shelman
Every time he says “deflection” he sounds like The Monarch from Venture Brothers
Griffiths Kids
my wiener actually hurts after watching this 11:05
Revolution Studios
I don't think gray still plays has ever played happy wheels without saying penetration.
Olivia Strapp
Olivia Strapp Oy oldin
Alternative title: me moaning for 16 minutes and 10 seconds while playing happy wheels
Yeh Oy oldin
DanTheDerp Oy oldin
It's fine! *rips in half*
ᕼᗩᖇᑌKᗩ ᖴᑌᖇᗯᑌᖇKᗩᗰᗩ
I never heard gray sound like Mickey on helium.
Trash_man_v9 Oy oldin
These videos help me sleep
hunnythebunny Oy oldin
BenArchy Uk
BenArchy Uk Oy oldin
So how's he still playing this? I can't get it to load on the Total Jerkface site, is there something I need to download to keep playing the nostalgia?
At 2:27 when he laughs he sounds like Eggman from Sonic X
mygz2020 Oy oldin
You just said you ahjj JA
yutyutyut yutyutyut
oh yeah achola
First YouTuber To Break The Orb Wins $10,000
I've never seen my best friend this angry..
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i took parenting from 0 to 100 in 1 minute
First YouTuber To Break The Orb Wins $10,000
I've never seen my best friend this angry..
Dumb Ways To Die In Among Us *Song*
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End for now
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I've never seen my best friend this angry..
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