i made hurricanes move at 1,000,000,000x light speed and this happened 

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i made hurricanes move at 1,000,000,000x light speed and this happened
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Universe Sandbox ² is a physics-based space simulator that allows you to create, destroy, and interact on an unimaginable scale.

It merges real-time gravity, climate, collision, and material interactions to reveal the beauty of our universe and the fragility of our planet.

Universe Sandbox ² includes the desktop version and a VR mode with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, and Windows Mixed Reality.
Simulate Gravity
N-body simulation at almost any speed using Newtonian mechanics. Real science, real physics, no supercomputer required.
Collide Planets & Stars
Epic, mind blowing collisions of massive planetary bodies that leave behind molten craters.
Create Your Own Systems
Start with a star, then add a planet. Spruce it up with moons, rings, comets, or even a black hole.
Model Earth's Climate
Watch sea ice grow and recede with the seasons because of the tilt of the Earth: change the tilt and change the seasons. Or move the Earth farther from the Sun and freeze the entire planet.



6-Iyl, 2021



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X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii Soat oldin
'we always go deep' *thats what she said*
Tom Nook
Tom Nook 2 soat oldin
Gray: *looks at Saudi Arabia* Also Gray: "SpAiN"
No thoughts, head empty.
Gray: *names meteor "Tyler"* Also Gray: *names Earth "Joseph"* Me: Wait a minute-
promithius 4 soat oldin
Those clouds mystified them
promithius 4 soat oldin
Those clouds mystified them
Liam Hillberg
Liam Hillberg 7 soat oldin
I hate when he says ROOKIE NUMBERS something bad always happens after that
Liam Hillberg
Liam Hillberg 7 soat oldin
Me:wtf is wrong with gray Gray:I WANT TO KILL EVERYONE
BlueBeyblade Kun oldin
Me : did not see graystillplays upload solar smash/universe sandbox videos Me : turn off notfication Me : see this video Me : turn on notfication back Me : hope there is a lot more videos about universe sandbox and solar smash Me : because this is the game that make me subscribe to this channel :/ The best one is universe sandbox
Woody The Random Weirdo
When Hurricane Endgame gets 1 billion times worse.
Joseph NeSmith
Joseph NeSmith 2 kun oldin
You gotta watch out for Joseph 😁
Ja'Ron Pichon
Ja'Ron Pichon 2 kun oldin
Only gray can 1 shot the solar system
Gustavo Triviño
Gustavo Triviño 2 kun oldin
16:06 song?
Gorata Koorapetse
Gorata Koorapetse 2 kun oldin
Light speed hurricanes are called hypercanes
Just Some Guy Who Edits
the planet basically just turned into scarlet witch from the marvel comics and said, "no more solar systems."
Godin Castelan
Godin Castelan 2 kun oldin
gray did a supernova speedrun at the end of the video
SAMUEL- BR.man__
SAMUEL- BR.man__ 2 kun oldin
Every time i play his vids: AYY
boys demase
boys demase 2 kun oldin
Congrats on 5 mil gray!!! I haven't watched your content in a while but I am back
Austin Gibson
Austin Gibson 2 kun oldin
Gray: "I SWEAR I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!" Police Officer: "Tell that to the Judge." Gray: "Watch the video above!" Police Officer: "Seems legit." Police Officer 2: "But he's GRAYSTILLPLAYS!" Police Officer: *Pulls out gun* Gray: "NOT TODAY SATAN(IC BEAST)!!!!"
Austin Gibson
Austin Gibson 21 soat oldin
@Elisabeth sun no
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun Kun oldin
I saw you in the comments 2 times in a row, are you spamming?
gamingwithem 2 kun oldin
16:05 LMAO
Relentless 2 kun oldin
3:28 He Just Called Saudi Arabia, Spain. Now that's Spain without the S.
Stale Shortcake
Stale Shortcake 2 kun oldin
Since I live in Western Australia, Sad Monkey Mier noises (the coast that you annihilated gray)
Liam Nacinovich
Liam Nacinovich 3 kun oldin
Even just the first thing would be really bad that rock is twice the size of the one that killed the dinosaurs. Yeah there wouldn’t be a 96% survival rate
Thegreatcross 4 kun oldin
my name is joseph and i heard him call the planet joseph aand i was like whenss the fbi opening up my door
Cycy's Channel
Cycy's Channel 4 kun oldin
Why did the asteroid became a star
freshyt 4 kun oldin
12:46 it happened to the planet named after me lol
DE ONE 4 kun oldin
Imagine when Grey realizes that when he gets life likely hood to zero, not only did he kill about 7.5 million people, but he killed every living thing, including bacteria, which means he has killed multiple quadrillion things.
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun Kun oldin
ByronTG 4 kun oldin
3:28 gray *ITS REACHING SPAIN!* (points at oman is the middle east)
VestedUTuber 5 kun oldin
You know what you did at the end? You caused a Big Crunch.
Ragr 5 kun oldin
You should make a video that’s exactly 13:23 long
Evan Mansell
Evan Mansell 5 kun oldin
12:36 he didn't even lose 1% he gained 1% instead
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun Kun oldin
W0RBE YT 5 kun oldin
my name is tyler i feel specials=
Mitchell Barton
Mitchell Barton 6 kun oldin
The sudden pop of the solar system dying out in a literal blink of an eye had me losing it. XD
Tyler.S 6 kun oldin
welp I killed 10% of the earth. LETS GOOOOO
Khodi Britton
Khodi Britton 6 kun oldin
16:06 “Everyone died. The end!”
Boris Plays
Boris Plays 7 kun oldin
I love that fact that despite Gray doing crazy experiments, ecery video has the epic moments that should be clipped
Jequarius Patrick
Jequarius Patrick 7 kun oldin
Created a new big bang🤦🏾😂😂
Kj gaming popsicle
Kj gaming popsicle 7 kun oldin
Kj gaming popsicle
Kj gaming popsicle 7 kun oldin
Bad ending cutscene 15:30
Pufflee YT
Pufflee YT 7 kun oldin
I don’t get how everyone DIES when the blast don’t spread across the world burning and killing everything
Gene 7 kun oldin
Me want play game game
odinpeanut 7 kun oldin
Florida Man is finally happy that Gray made another video of Universe Sandbox BECAUSE FLORIDA MAN LOVES ROOKIE NUMBERS IN UNIVERSE SANDBOX
Jon’s World_Official
I just realized what that is. 😂😂
Helal Ahmed
Helal Ahmed 8 kun oldin
I still play what do we call 36 mph rookie numbers routine numbers rookie
Tyler Deater
Tyler Deater 8 kun oldin
JD Jones
JD Jones 8 kun oldin
Legit, this probably explains what happened to Venus if it was ever inhabited. The humans there, like us, built HAARP, sped up the cloud cover to block space rocks, and imploded the planet.
DragonMaster 3607
DragonMaster 3607 8 kun oldin
13:01 the earth had babies because that moon had “impact” on it 🤣😂
DragonMaster 3607
DragonMaster 3607 8 kun oldin
the hurricane literally started in a puddle of water in like, Utah
Fier Drages
Fier Drages 8 kun oldin
Australia has a new island
Artur club
Artur club 8 kun oldin
Light speeds clowns
Bava 9 kun oldin
Catgerory Infinte Hurricane be like:VENUS EARTH
Toprak B.
Toprak B. 9 kun oldin
8:02 That’s three times as fast!!
Icecream 9 kun oldin
Lava Boat Cube
Lava Boat Cube 9 kun oldin
You said “the weight of clouds” and “ atmospheric weight”. I guess you meant “ atmospheric wind”
The Earth
The Earth 9 kun oldin
jesus gray stop
A. Buster_123
A. Buster_123 10 kun oldin
i think so many people died from the clouds because their entire property got lifted out of the ground and eventually landed in Australia.
ZavaShark 10 kun oldin
5:50 is this the impact site no this is Patrick
Nexer Karigum
Nexer Karigum 10 kun oldin
Rock: *hits united emirates* Gray: S P A I N
Monkey Business
Monkey Business 11 kun oldin
Hey, guys, welcome back. Today we're going to casually disintegrate the fabric of spacetime. Strap in!
Niyi Aguaze
Niyi Aguaze 11 kun oldin
Weird. That hurricane is spinning clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.
Niyi Aguaze
Niyi Aguaze 11 kun oldin
3:06 - That's a verneshot.
Gibson De Leon
Gibson De Leon 11 kun oldin
The first time Gray saves Earth with deadly meteorites.
durp havoc
durp havoc 11 kun oldin
aww man i only killed 4% of the population
Stockbrotsalat 11 kun oldin
You know that those percentages you're always refering to are not about the population?
Mclovin420blazn 11 kun oldin
Imagine a hurricane did this, oh wait we can’t because we would be dead.
Zain SG
Zain SG 11 kun oldin
The entire universe since god created it didn't create enough energy to move an object with half of that speed ... i was waiting for a black hole but deleting the galaxy looks more realistic
Matheus Pessoa
Matheus Pessoa 11 kun oldin
conclusion: you are a psycopath
Not Again
Not Again 12 kun oldin
UZblock at 3 am : here is another way to destroy the earth
Liz Kinnee
Liz Kinnee 12 kun oldin
almost 5mil
Noob Xbox Gamer
Noob Xbox Gamer 12 kun oldin
16:09 Finally the big bang
Lea Firebender
Lea Firebender 13 kun oldin
That's not 15% of the population ... that's a 15% chance that ANYONE is alive xD
Lucas Hudson
Lucas Hudson 13 kun oldin
analysis of 16:06 sedna turned into a tumor the tumor grew huge turned into a sun shrank and pulsated vaporized turned into a tiny pulsating star
Jacob E Blackman // MegaspeedPlays
Again, The Universe Went Hypernova And Evaporated
Lucas Hudson
Lucas Hudson 13 kun oldin
"It'll rain fire in Australia," bit cold out today
Hungrr Czzze
Hungrr Czzze 13 kun oldin
I love stupid universe Sandbox videos... because im stupid 😅
axel n sanda
axel n sanda 13 kun oldin
The thumbnail looks like something else 😭😭
Red_Echo_Panda 13 kun oldin
Lol I feel like gray is just so awesome I'm watching one of his vids the second time and just as intrested :O (:
Rylan Crabb
Rylan Crabb 13 kun oldin
Best OF leaks in the GAME!!!!! Come check it out discord.gg/QDyCafTJ
Wubbasite -
Wubbasite - 13 kun oldin
Casually makes the pre-Big Bang primordial soup of the universe with a rock and some wind
Potato Gaming
Potato Gaming 13 kun oldin
16:05 some say this was the true cause of the big bang.
Currupt 13 kun oldin
gray should change his name to "GrayStillKills
SSJ Sal 215
SSJ Sal 215 14 kun oldin
Factory reset the universe
Atiya Muhammad
Atiya Muhammad 14 kun oldin
Finally Gray is tryin to do good with his masacism
King0fRand0mness 14 kun oldin
What song was used at 9:43
Alyssa 14 kun oldin
never laughed so much in a long time 😭😭 thank you
Empire of Italy (In A Cold War)
16:07 What Happend: The Entire Solar System Disappeared And That Asteroid That Hit Earth Has Become A Sun
Empire of Italy (In A Cold War)
16:06 Plot Twist: You Created Another Universe With Another Big Bang
Captain 14 kun oldin
Skull Kid from Majora's Mask: You know what I want? I wanna make the moon crash down and cause all life on this planet to go extinct. Gray: Been there, done that.
Are You Lost Baby Girl
Thumbnail looks kind of sus.....
We Have A Containment Breach!
You're thinking about this all wrong, consider Jupiter's giant storm
Cedrick Bell
Cedrick Bell 15 kun oldin
Someone get the scientist we just need light speeding cloud to protect us lol
Jacob King
Jacob King 15 kun oldin
Can you make a star bigger than WOH G64. It's diameter is larger than Saturn's orbit.
psycho8262 15 kun oldin
Universe Sandbox: Lavos Edition
Rhyss Deacon
Rhyss Deacon 15 kun oldin
So the asteroid that killed 75 percent of all life on earth was 7 miles wide but in this game throwing a dwarf planet of 113 km kills 4 percent?
Fatih Cevik
Fatih Cevik 15 kun oldin
5:15 you had the meteorite selected
kojjuc 15 kun oldin
Light speed = unlimitid mass 1000000000× light speed = 1000000000× unlimited mass = 1000000000× unlimited power
Candle's 15 kun oldin
Hello, I live in Australia.
lil r¡ot
lil r¡ot 15 kun oldin
He created a 2nd Big Bang
Russka TheRealOriginal
This guy's sadism for out entertainment knows no bounds
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards 15 kun oldin
The big bang !?!?
i literally drove to space and this happened
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telling you the truth.
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