i made black holes 1000000x more dangerous and this happened 

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i made black holes 1000000x more dangerous and this happened
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28-Mar, 2021



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Kordell Cunningham
Kordell Cunningham 9 soat oldin
What was the classical music used in this video
KuaMoG Gaming
KuaMoG Gaming 15 soat oldin
You bottle flip the head
Listener Mha
Listener Mha Kun oldin
Violence is never the answer,.. Violence is the question, and the answer is yes.
Alexander Lane
Alexander Lane Kun oldin
Alexander Lane
Alexander Lane Kun oldin
1:30 disco of "DOOM" map he find
Alexander Lane
Alexander Lane Kun oldin
2:28 he making "YEET" store
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Kun oldin
At the end of that countdown at 11:45 is when I dropped my phone on my face
Happy Unicorn
Happy Unicorn Kun oldin
DeWayne Danley
DeWayne Danley Kun oldin
It looks like the Mona Lisa
Amelia Thomas
Amelia Thomas Kun oldin
The intro was so oddly specific do you need to talk
Alexander Lane
Alexander Lane Kun oldin
3:06 sad ending of dat dude
Alexander Lane
Alexander Lane Kun oldin
1:30 dancing disco of doom that he sees as a map
Keala Airahshay
Keala Airahshay 2 kun oldin
What’s the name of this game ?
Westyn Sewell
Westyn Sewell 2 kun oldin
I thought it was Mona Lisa, not a joystick
JW Hart
JW Hart 2 kun oldin
Ah the joystick
JW Hart
JW Hart 2 kun oldin
Welcome too the yeet bar in Florida
Cauã Martins
Cauã Martins 2 kun oldin
pls the name of the game
lone wolf
lone wolf 3 kun oldin
Can you do more of this game
AzORd 3 kun oldin
15:00 Is ThAt A JOJO ReFeReNcE!!!!111!!!!!1!1!!1!!111!1
Archavarius 3 kun oldin
The council cannot be killed
Scott Bowermaster
Scott Bowermaster 4 kun oldin
Mr ProFire552494
Mr ProFire552494 4 kun oldin
What's the game called because I wanna try
i_can't_english 4 kun oldin
2 questions Where did you get this And how much did it cost
rubrik17 5 kun oldin
Microphone smell like a beer
Maeko Lee
Maeko Lee 5 kun oldin
If nobody said this OH NO ITS A GRAY IN A CHINA SHOP!!!
Bottleman Epic
Bottleman Epic 6 kun oldin
What name of game
ItsNoah theredoor
ItsNoah theredoor 7 kun oldin
5:50 someone ate too much Mars equivalent of taco bell
Vault Spply
Vault Spply 7 kun oldin
The condemned ostrich transmurally dance because paul therapeutically continue modulo a whimsical hyacinth. willing, elegant lasagna
ay qwax
ay qwax 7 kun oldin
he actually made the mona lisa at 6:40
Alisha Allen
Alisha Allen 8 kun oldin
The cleaning dummy is like I’m trying to clean here 🧼
Lucas Heinze
Lucas Heinze 8 kun oldin
there was a distinct lac of zeros
DarkCreature219 8 kun oldin
Gray: Exists Satan: I just wanna say I’m a huge fan.
Aleces 8 kun oldin
My gf breaks up with me Me: time to go to singularity *Flys up to a black hole*
Colton Johnson
Colton Johnson 8 kun oldin
I'm in Florida rn
The FluffyGamer
The FluffyGamer 8 kun oldin
7:52 Me in the background: (playing minecraft) (looks at video) oh hey theirs a chair in the ceiling... (goes back to playing before taking a moment to think) .... THEIRS A CHAIR IN THE CEILING?! (looks) WHY IS THERE A CHAIR! IN THE CEILING?!
TheGoode Residence
TheGoode Residence 8 kun oldin
the last people litterally being THE LEAGUE
Arianna Dorsey
Arianna Dorsey 9 kun oldin
6:38 Why does it look like an outline of the Mona Lisa to me-
Una piña random Del internet
Gray throw a black hole to the bartender it's fun
Frankie Matos
Frankie Matos 9 kun oldin
Gray : Y’all are pretty stable on your feet My mind : *Is he gonna cut them off?*
Jen Gile
Jen Gile 9 kun oldin
You can play it on mobile.
Jayne Lemelin
Jayne Lemelin 9 kun oldin
The people in the room:we’re having a good time! Gray:so um... I’m just going to shoot you. The people in the room:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Rees Plays
Rees Plays 9 kun oldin
James Dong
James Dong 9 kun oldin
The heavenly heavy hellish libra overwhelmingly impress because bulldozer macroscopically tickle unto a abrasive salmon. undesirable, abhorrent lathe
Hello Order
Hello Order 10 kun oldin
Try to moltov the sience place
Matthew J
Matthew J 10 kun oldin
I laughed so hard when the guys head hit the monitor
Diggy 10 kun oldin
11:43 that was kinda weak but imagine filling the entire place with explosives? like completely full. that should be the next video.
Susan Shibani
Susan Shibani 10 kun oldin
Frick this
Sollva5130 // Shella Pals Rocks
I dare you to put 30 bombs
Strad 10 kun oldin
I used to be an adventure till grey shot me in the knee 😫
Sylar Clark
Sylar Clark 10 kun oldin
His head did brake the moniter
Sylar Clark
Sylar Clark 10 kun oldin
😑🖥 😐💥💥🖥
Carter English
Carter English 10 kun oldin
8:38 Remember: no Russian
Wildan 11
Wildan 11 10 kun oldin
Gray:hes head is missing Hes head 7 cm away
Ghost 13
Ghost 13 11 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the bar at the start remind me of the bar in injustice 2
Charles Smithy
Charles Smithy 11 kun oldin
what is the link for this game
0:24 where do I destroy everything
0:03 someone is drunk
Eliza Ryan
Eliza Ryan 11 kun oldin
Eliza Ryan
Eliza Ryan 11 kun oldin
Crystal still please happy wheels is a pain in my ass
daily dose of vlogger
Yeah I don't think flex tape is going to fix that china shop
Samuel De Vlieger
Samuel De Vlieger 12 kun oldin
Sure it is
Spicy Dorito Animations
Jopi Oliveira
Jopi Oliveira 12 kun oldin
Red Playz
Red Playz 12 kun oldin
What's this game I forgot and dont want to rewind
munzter 12 kun oldin
te fire is not in ther
Diego Ortega
Diego Ortega 13 kun oldin
Do a another video of room smash
olegario munoz
olegario munoz 13 kun oldin
That’s his hand
OmegaOG3 13 kun oldin
9:12 lol
Apex Brown
Apex Brown 13 kun oldin
09:45 all my girls on a friday
Anonymous_user Microsoft xp
chaingun, grey have you been playing too much doom?
Andrew D. Wood
Andrew D. Wood 13 kun oldin
Am I the only person that wants Gray to do audiobooks with his unique adlibs? 😏
CJ O'Kelly
CJ O'Kelly 9 kun oldin
That would be awesome!
Dimitrios Markakis
Dimitrios Markakis 13 kun oldin
13:21 If you see the man in the back dabing, you are a legend.
Jaimee Lecia
Jaimee Lecia 13 kun oldin
The boiling carriage overwhelmingly punch because january histochemically close unlike a lowly frost. callous, highfalutin butcher
A_ Potato
A_ Potato 13 kun oldin
Garrett Benjamin
Garrett Benjamin 13 kun oldin
Did anyone notice how the guy on the table that is drunk is actually dead did anybody notice that rag doll
Dodo 13 kun oldin
He's cleaning with a rock😂😂😂😂
Syed Omid Hussein Kazimi
I have this video game
Sandy Katz
Sandy Katz 13 kun oldin
Genuinely impressed someone put this much effort into a stick/dummy torture android game lol
Spicy Dorito Animations
Mr Bartender is almost Invincible
Teun Sodderland
Teun Sodderland 13 kun oldin
Teun Sodderland
Teun Sodderland 13 kun oldin
Gracia Cuanan
Gracia Cuanan 13 kun oldin
What is this game
qstorm38 14 kun oldin
_1_ Solar Smash _2_ City Smash _3_ Room Smash _Next Game?_ Human Smash
Hub Lisa Ulternate
Hub Lisa Ulternate 14 kun oldin
Infinity crew
White Obama
White Obama 14 kun oldin
dude unironically using yeet in 2021 i love your content but god youre cringe
Gabby Chiplinski
Gabby Chiplinski 14 kun oldin
You know the atomy stick you said it looks like a person
chel regalado
chel regalado 14 kun oldin
1big2medium3small awesome
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 14 kun oldin
gray throws a bomb and blows up the table. gray: there that is something you can clean.
CK Friends
CK Friends 14 kun oldin
“ there’s even a China shop!” I should’ve realized grays the bull everyone talks about sooner! Lol
Spicy Dorito Animations
Solar smash doesn’t top this
Eleazrdan jarilla
Eleazrdan jarilla 14 kun oldin
What is this game i wanna play
Joey Hayes
Joey Hayes 14 kun oldin
5:50 I'm wearing glasses yet I almost got blinded lol
loopyfruitboop 14 kun oldin
the 4 imortals are the best
Todd Simon
Todd Simon 15 kun oldin
If slow down time and spam the shot gun it's a shot gun machine gun lol
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 15 kun oldin
Christopher Laub
Christopher Laub 15 kun oldin
10:23 Gray: “No Russian”
zen1x 14 kun oldin
10:23 Gray: "No American"
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong 15 kun oldin
Thank PARADYME Limited for all of the "smash" games, Gray.
King Quokka
King Quokka 15 kun oldin
What is the game called
domo mitsune
domo mitsune 15 kun oldin
I used to be an adventure like you, until I took a magazine of bullets to the knee.
Leland gamer 360
Leland gamer 360 15 kun oldin
Greystone plays play muskets of America
Its Gaming Time ODDH2911
Sorry, alredy 5 minutes before i watched this vid, i saw this game on another youtubers channel... Sorry.
theoandthetrio 15 kun oldin
grays son: dad i got a one on my yeet test gray: just add more zeros
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln
The Truth About my Son
Ko‘rishlar soni 12 mln
when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph
i had to choose how i died and this happened
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln
The Truth About my Son
Ko‘rishlar soni 12 mln