i had 10 seconds to ruin your childhood and this happened 

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i had 10 seconds to ruin your childhood and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels



2-Iyl, 2021



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Angelica Mendoza-Santiago
Angelica Mendoza-Santiago
Angelica Mendoza-Santiago
Angelica Mendoza-Santiago
Have you played friday night Funkin?
Sugi Liemsky
Sugi Liemsky Kun oldin
Sus sus sus sus sus sus impostor among us sus 🎒🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
a pro gamer Flores
a pro gamer Flores 2 kun oldin
13:41 yay and ded
Bonnie Fazbear
Bonnie Fazbear 2 kun oldin
Gray: and we have a wi- *harpoon as ended grays soul*
Tyrell Taylor
Tyrell Taylor 2 kun oldin
is the music at 7:11 the Water Temple Theme from Zelda Ocarina of Time?
DarkBonnie_456 2 kun oldin
Gray: "And we have a winner" me: 😁 *Gray dies* me: 😡🤬
Andre Herold
Andre Herold 2 kun oldin
song pico
Andre Herold
Andre Herold 2 kun oldin
gray this go pico yeah is from the rhytmus game named friday night funkin and this comes in week 3 the pico
Isabel Tellez
Isabel Tellez 3 kun oldin
Get troll (139)
Isabel Tellez
Isabel Tellez 3 kun oldin
FOO SEN PING 3 kun oldin
2:23 the friday night funkin pico's song you should play it :3
Tiky 4 kun oldin
Him: what is yeah yeah? Go pico Me: FNF
Lionel xd47
Lionel xd47 4 kun oldin
2:51 the pico yeah go pico is from friday night funkin
godwin972 4 kun oldin
2:23 ah yes, my favorite ranking of skill. "quote from recent viral game"
Alden Venn
Alden Venn 4 kun oldin
face revle
The Trouble Duo
The Trouble Duo 5 kun oldin
I love the fact that in the confusing level (17:14) has He's a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean playing in the background
Cow King
Cow King 5 kun oldin
10:06 Every corrupt politician when they get kicked out of office.
go pico yeah yeah go pico oh go pico yeah yeah go pico oh from pico fnf the shooter guy from a school
Cool jems Cool jems
That’s my level
Nguyên Giáp
Nguyên Giáp 6 kun oldin
Bottle Flip blue: Go pico yeah yeah go pico Me: FNF?
A.G.O.T.I 6 kun oldin
Go pico yeah yeah go pico oh gray try out some friday night funkin mods
Blob games
Blob games 6 kun oldin
Yeah go PICO yeah yeah go PICO oh is in a game called Friday night funkin week 3
toa narbey
toa narbey 7 kun oldin
ummmm i think i now what go pico yeah yeah is from it is from Friday night funkin
Oliver Hanslow
Oliver Hanslow 7 kun oldin
2:23 you seriously dont know friday night funkin bruh
WS Chara Dreemurr
WS Chara Dreemurr 8 kun oldin
2:39 go pico, yeah yeah, go pice oh-
Nolan Medlock
Nolan Medlock 8 kun oldin
Gray trying to ruin my childhood with Sonic Me I never liked Sonic
Jose Emiliano Hernandez Agudelo Jose Emiliano
11:44 and wwwwee have a WwWWwWiwwWWINER!
Je11y-_- 8 kun oldin
5:52 that's what she said
MareMare Medach
MareMare Medach 8 kun oldin
Did enyone notis somethings from friday night funkin,piko
Jose Emiliano Hernandez Agudelo Jose Emiliano
1:39 Grey: WE HAVE A WINNER... ugh Me: 😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Grass HopperCrew
Grass HopperCrew 9 kun oldin
I like I said what is this Tiago Pico yeah I go pick her up
Peter Helou
Peter Helou 9 kun oldin
in impossible u can chet🤯🤯🤯🤯
Peter Helou
Peter Helou 9 kun oldin
among us !!!
The Gator show
The Gator show 10 kun oldin
Poor gray 1:39
Melissa Spearing
Melissa Spearing 10 kun oldin
I was very happy when I watched this how: the bottle flip had pico from week 3 from Friday night Funkin :D
Craig justin Mallari
Go pico is from fnf
OP papyrus / Host
OP papyrus / Host 10 kun oldin
Gray as a dad when he needs to cross the road: alright son you go first.
Joel Cartagena
Joel Cartagena 11 kun oldin
2:20 The go pico yea is from friday nith funkin
yes🍉🍉🍉🍉 11 kun oldin
Where sonk
WideHankMemes 11 kun oldin
1:20 Ok but can we talk about how the harpoon sucker punched Gray?
Sunflower Days
Sunflower Days 11 kun oldin
17:38 - yeetedly deet, this board just got cheat I need to remember this 🙂
Sunflower Days
Sunflower Days 11 kun oldin
I love how Gray was teaching little Tom flutter kicks, makes me soo proud....🤣😭❤️ Then he kills him- I’m done....👀💀💀
Jolanta Dudek
Jolanta Dudek 11 kun oldin
I love Grey bottles throw
Arthur Jorge Zamar Paredes Gonçalves
gray: and we have a winn- dies* gray: sigh* gray is mind: I WANNA DIE IN REAL LIFE (1:39)
Avo Prim
Avo Prim 12 kun oldin
4:49 - 4:57 - Gray, you just referenced @Innersloth’s Among Us, Red is suspicious, dead body reported.
Avo Prim
Avo Prim 12 kun oldin
0:48 - 2:12 - @Merlin Entertainment: You used In The Hall Of The Mountain King, the theme song for @Alton Towers, Gray. Therefore, like this reference a lot, as well as all of your other videos which used that same song, Gray.
shayman 12 kun oldin
13:04 did he just say anal-log while being harpooned in his hole?😂
Ginger And Me Roblox
Oh so you are half a colombian? Name 10 of the tropical foods used in The City Called: Barranquilla
Reenvincent Bayato
Reenvincent Bayato 13 kun oldin
Go pico yea yea is from fnf
yeshua the eturnal dragon
whenhe says "thats delicious" it sounds like baldi
That one bassist
That one bassist 13 kun oldin
Hey grey I have invented a new one And it this FEETUS DELITUS
Alex Gamez
Alex Gamez 13 kun oldin
1:39 I can sense the sadness he was in, he almost cried
Oliver Nunez
Oliver Nunez 14 kun oldin
The pico yea yea go pico yea! bottle flip is from fnf
Oscar Ostiguin Rodríguez
18:09 wat
Oscar Ostiguin Rodríguez
4:30 xd
Twisted wolf
Twisted wolf 14 kun oldin
Gray I want my shout out
K/ VonKirk
K/ VonKirk 14 kun oldin
How come the cops are using harpoons they are called tazers gray.
phoenix baez
phoenix baez 15 kun oldin
Gray sees ""go pico yeah yeah go yeah""gray doesnt know who pico is me knows picos school and fnf
Dream 15 kun oldin
I dare you play fnf
Season Suzie
Season Suzie 15 kun oldin
the thing in the bottle bottle flip yeah go pico is from bababababababababbbababababbababab du du du duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu friday night funkin
pikachu 15 kun oldin
10:16 AA
Dumcharacter 15 kun oldin
Gray:And we have a winner! Dies. Gray:•_•
RUV X SARVENTE 15 kun oldin
This 1:21 music
RUV X SARVENTE 15 kun oldin
1:12 music
RUV X SARVENTE 15 kun oldin
What that music 1:02
Noob 15 kun oldin
The Kanye West says: sus sus amongus
blanket doge
blanket doge 15 kun oldin
"and we have a wwwwww.www.wwwwwwwwwwwww.ww.w.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. -Gray 2021
Cristian D. Cure
Cristian D. Cure 15 kun oldin
as a colombian... wtf?
Ree Boy
Ree Boy 15 kun oldin
10:04 "long live the king"
Tamir Brooks
Tamir Brooks 15 kun oldin
gray go pico yeah yeah go pico yeah! is from a game called fnf
Bf from FNF
Bf from FNF 15 kun oldin
2:26 The go pico yeah yeah go pico yeah thing is like the FNF song called pico
Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen 15 kun oldin
manparido 15 kun oldin
And we have a wienneeeer
houari bouhadjeb
houari bouhadjeb 15 kun oldin
thats friday night funkin 2:22
Rob Moore
Rob Moore 15 kun oldin
Is it sir yeets a ton or is it sir yeet saton?
Remco Rozendaal
Remco Rozendaal 16 kun oldin
Remco Rozendaal
Remco Rozendaal 16 kun oldin
Go Pico yeah yeah go Pico yeah is Friday night funkin on newgrounds
G L U G 16 kun oldin
God loves you guys!
Pogfish_1 16 kun oldin
The Pyro Gamer
The Pyro Gamer 16 kun oldin
How does he sound like every movie, tv show, and youtuber combined?
Eriola Staka
Eriola Staka 16 kun oldin
14:41 the dad sits in the kids seat
jacob martinelli
jacob martinelli 16 kun oldin
when is a youtuber running for president (grey.)?
jacob martinelli
jacob martinelli 16 kun oldin
trump was president? (drones.)
AtomixGlitch 16 kun oldin
Winner more like a weener
Kiersten Johansson
Kiersten Johansson 16 kun oldin
When I saw Gray land bottles go pico yeah yeah go pico yeah I was like why the heck is pico from fnf words here
Dennis Bauer
Dennis Bauer 16 kun oldin
roses are red I am a priest and was hell my horse
callmyselfcake 16 kun oldin
the go pico yeah yeah go pico yeah is a FNF reference
MyarmsRgone 16 kun oldin
Jorge Balladares
Jorge Balladares 16 kun oldin
GrayYour half Colombian full Florida man OK
KyleCraft632 16 kun oldin
Nothing can destroy my childhood
Racerr _tv
Racerr _tv 16 kun oldin
And we have a wiuoeernerrrrickrefsdtfrcrrrr!
Asun Mell
Asun Mell 17 kun oldin
Among us
shroom bear
shroom bear 17 kun oldin
11:39 "oh oh ok yes oh ohno no no no no no yes no yes"
Vlogin god
Vlogin god 17 kun oldin
Gray: that and whatever this is Pico:🔫
ricardolopmart 17 kun oldin
There was two shoutouts in the bottleflip gray and the other one was inposible
zifeng chen
zifeng chen 17 kun oldin
Gray: AND WE HAVE A WI- *Character dies* Gray: ...
Adam Cardenas
Adam Cardenas 17 kun oldin
1:16 Who will win GrayStillPlays of a harpoon Harpoon
Lycan Rivers
Lycan Rivers 17 kun oldin
There was an fnf refference in the 2nd board
i literally drove to space and this happened
when you let a kid use a crossbow
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i took parenting from 0 to 100 in 1 minute
i was asked to babysit and this happened
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