i drove to the bottom of the ocean and this happened 

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i drove to the bottom of the ocean and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.



13-Iyl, 2021



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Double-x2-Points 5 soat oldin
I couldn't stop laughing after he said "weiner tube"
Hannah Grow
Hannah Grow 8 soat oldin
『Discardio』 14 soat oldin
5:51 Anyone gonna mention he sounds like marge?
Jimmy Gymnasium
Jimmy Gymnasium 15 soat oldin
5:50 angus young
cooper oshima
cooper oshima Kun oldin
The guy who made this map is a genius
Gábor Jenei
Gábor Jenei 2 kun oldin
At 6:12 Once a legend said to McQueen: go left to go right The history repeat its self Btw I’m still wondering how can u still play (“-“)
micah thomas
micah thomas 2 kun oldin
he couldn't because the bored creator hates you.
Davling 3 kun oldin
I must know if it is hepititus a or v
Andrew Daigle
Andrew Daigle 4 kun oldin
gray im not going to hit eney thing hits pipe me: oh u hit a pipe u hit something and gray last sec me: last sec to death
Christ Immanuel halim
IF the creative is gray FRIEND Gray friend:we are not FRIEND again Graystillplay:noooooo TIMMY:yay more pain is more life
Mbugua Mungai
Mbugua Mungai 5 kun oldin
1:59 aeeeeeaeaeaaeaeaaaaaaaaaaaeaeugh
Derek Currie
Derek Currie 5 kun oldin
EMO ANGEL SINNER 5 kun oldin
If you swim in first person, you swim faster.
Exo Spiderz
Exo Spiderz 5 kun oldin
Does someone know what map this is
Andrei Gheorghe
Andrei Gheorghe 5 kun oldin
Can somebody put the Indiana Jones song at 0:49
tali _m8
tali _m8 5 kun oldin
Why didn’t he just switch to first person camera while underwater? 🤔
DiscoChixify 6 kun oldin
Whoever created this board needs to make another one. They’re on a whole other level. I loved how much fun you were having playing it and that it had so many creative challenges. It was legitimately a level I wouldn’t bat an eye at if it was intentionally created as part of the game. Like mission impossible but the terrorists have brought a long Dead Sea monster back to life, caused global warming so the tides are rising, and want a million dollars to keep the beast in its cage. And it’s your job to reverse global warming by reversing the settings on their machine, kill the sea beast, and escape with the bank codes to prevent the bad guys from hacking in and taking the money. I’d watch the crap out of someone playing that game, but especially if you played it.
Me Sia
Me Sia 6 kun oldin
Kinda want you to play genshin impact for some reasons
Cupcake Yum
Cupcake Yum 6 kun oldin
Satan be like: hm how can I make this board when every time you mess up you die oh I know *creates this*
Coldnslick 6 kun oldin
Bean 6 kun oldin
15:45 wHeRe GoNa NeEd A bIgGeR sHiP!
Bryce Walker
Bryce Walker 6 kun oldin
परम देशमुख
Yeah it could have given you a bigger hole
Stacey Rangel
Stacey Rangel 7 kun oldin
0:39 3:09 7:17 9:50 10:23 11:23 11:56 14:33 14:50 15:35 16:43
CL0WN 8 kun oldin
I like how he's self aware about the "thumbnail holes" 😂
The Pessimistic Tech-Priest
Heh, that truck is based off a Top Gear challenge. They had to modify cars to be both driveable on land and water. That particular design minus the gun, was Jeremy Clarkson's brainchild. And surprisingly it worked, more or less.
Zack Niwa
Zack Niwa 8 kun oldin
And we have a weiner!!! :D
LENORA TEBBEN 8 kun oldin
Bro I clicked on this video and a gta advertisement popped up 😂
Yubi Vachlav
Yubi Vachlav 8 kun oldin
Your gonna need a bigger boat
Ionut Cosmin
Ionut Cosmin 9 kun oldin
Wtf you are so dumb, under the water you have just to change the vew in first person
TheKillerJW 9 kun oldin
What is the map called?
Night🌙🌙 9 kun oldin
Gray: yup this game I'm makeing me hate everything
XxMasochismxX 9 kun oldin
Florida Man is back BABY!!🤘🤘 Under de sea🧜‍♀️🦀
Yaboishawn09 9 kun oldin
The devil: “hello sir how many deaths would you li-“ Gray: “ALL OF THEM”
WolfMoonStar456 9 kun oldin
ifihf 9 kun oldin
:-~Skyrix Sev~-:
:-~Skyrix Sev~-: 9 kun oldin
"you just couldnt give me a bigger hole could you"
Tyler Woods
Tyler Woods 10 kun oldin
Josh Embrey
Josh Embrey 10 kun oldin
I'm going to make Gray a board with cursed checkpoints. I'm going to ruin checkpoints for him.
Vian Bora
Vian Bora 10 kun oldin
Yeah he does but when I do it its boring
Wyatt Dyer
Wyatt Dyer 10 kun oldin
A bigger "hole"😂😂😆
Down Hill Gamer’s
Down Hill Gamer’s 11 kun oldin
fury of the fire
fury of the fire 11 kun oldin
That scream he did sounds like ssundees scream the nostalgia
Muffin Go D
Muffin Go D 11 kun oldin
You could have went first person underwater
Aiden Bouchard
Aiden Bouchard 11 kun oldin
ziggyhamer 11 kun oldin
Yay gray actually had some fun.
SML Plush Show
SML Plush Show 11 kun oldin
Carl: thanks you but I don’t need any help! *slams door on Russell foot* Russell: 1:32
E.R.I.N 11 kun oldin
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the insane creativity of this board?
Surri- -cune
Surri- -cune 11 kun oldin
I love how every episode starts like this with every game he plays. W3lc000me to the game where ur everyone of ur life decisions brought u to the point where ur roller-coastering while freefalling from 10000 feet itts gta or some other game idk XDDDDDD
M005 12 kun oldin
This is the fourth video I am watching tonight to catch up while I was out of town.
safety doggo23
safety doggo23 12 kun oldin
Im night fire you have to go through blades that cross each other under water like that but i cant say i hated to mission there one specific i hate the most
シBoba_Bunnyシ 12 kun oldin
Oh piss had me rolling in my bed
Remolt WRLD
Remolt WRLD 12 kun oldin
Pro tip: if u have to drive upside down turn on invert controls
Dylan Ellis
Dylan Ellis 12 kun oldin
Why not create your own levels
Scarbar Leonard
Scarbar Leonard 12 kun oldin
I want to see gray play subnautica lol
S.C Samurai
S.C Samurai 12 kun oldin
Every ad i get while i watch gray is vodka
Eli Bencivengo
Eli Bencivengo 12 kun oldin
! Stop to get your car back then stop to get your gas station
Kiri Winter
Kiri Winter 13 kun oldin
its too bad it doesnt let you do the rebreather. or choose the scuba outfit before you do the race lol
Erin Mcewan
Erin Mcewan 13 kun oldin
If you go if first person when your underwater the controls are normal like on land
Erin Mcewan
Erin Mcewan 13 kun oldin
Oh I just heard what you said
ODIRGO 13 kun oldin
II won't complain about Zelda's water temples anymore.
Le Mordicus
Le Mordicus 13 kun oldin
I can’t stop imagining Stewie with an American accent and Brian, imitating Peter once in a while being behind this channel. Freaking love it
Stopmotionracing33 13 kun oldin
“I know I know”
Aquaria Fox
Aquaria Fox 13 kun oldin
"Wow couldnt've given me a bigger hole?" -Gray 2021 There you go here's your comment.... You have two now... Your welcome 🙂
William Afton
William Afton 13 kun oldin
we are going to need a bigger boat
The Gherkin Man
The Gherkin Man 13 kun oldin
What you know about rolling down in the deep?
XD James
XD James 13 kun oldin
Dude how to drive under water wow
Sakosa878 13 kun oldin
16:20 You’re James Blend
Lost_Cosmonaut 13 kun oldin
Why in the HELL..did he NOT use first person 😤😔 You can't do it in first?? Fuuuu
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson 13 kun oldin
Gray just turn on inverted look controls
Magic 13 kun oldin
He’ll be like
treyart1 14 kun oldin
Many of us asked or begged RockStar. In developing and selling DLC for the campaign. Yet this is what we get. Thanks a lot RockStar. Pot smoking morons.
Hola56 Burber
Hola56 Burber 14 kun oldin
Man gray has gone to far this time-
Dark_Pheonix 14 kun oldin
Even though Gray got his megalodon he still missed his chance to say: "We're gonna need a bigger boat"
Lord Skarra
Lord Skarra 14 kun oldin
If only he used first-person for the underwater segments. :\
D 14 kun oldin
2:26 I have faith in you Dutch, you’ve always got a plan
DeathToRain 14 kun oldin
Why didn't he go first person under water...
GamerZac 14 kun oldin
Ngl i wanna try this out on my Xbox
Saad Elmalhi
Saad Elmalhi 14 kun oldin
Vyn Ashe
Vyn Ashe 14 kun oldin
Popular youtuber almost too big to fit in hole. "You couldn't have given me a bigger hole?!" He exclaimed as he attempted to squeeze himself in, barely making it.
Hermod 14 kun oldin
I must say that is the best map i saw so far and i watched every GTA video from grey. The creator made a damn good job i love this water concept. And to grey: You should now you can never trust a board creator ;P.
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 14 kun oldin
I like how gray makes his intro Bad words and end white hell and After Is gta
Meah Simmonds
Meah Simmonds 14 kun oldin
Laura Hermann
Laura Hermann 15 kun oldin
Oh my goodness
lady mopar
lady mopar 15 kun oldin
Welcome to Shark Week GTA edition
Kai P
Kai P 15 kun oldin
Ever heard of Torador
StaticDraco 15 kun oldin
why no first person?
Kai-Made 15 kun oldin
where do I go to get these freaking brain breaking maps and mods? Just got GTA5 and want to try some of these insane maps...
Tiuri Temple
Tiuri Temple 15 kun oldin
this is his 69th GTA 5 episode ;P
Xeld 15 kun oldin
14:07 mmmmhm ngl you made me do this with that quote
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 15 kun oldin
“ man, this thing drives like a uh… methamphetamine laced dream…” - GrayStillPlays 2021
Xeld 15 kun oldin
Josh dub in Florida
Chip Gaddis
Chip Gaddis 15 kun oldin
I know I know
Yanderegal 15 kun oldin
The fact that this video has 666k likes.
tlock 15 kun oldin
Gray: says he's going to go move to Canada Also Canada: has the longest coastline in the world
Riley Berg
Riley Berg 15 kun oldin
The underwater "OOF" when you drowned got me
Liam Reville
Liam Reville 15 kun oldin
Why it’s too small
David Metzener
David Metzener 15 kun oldin
Almost 2 hours of IRL playing for a whopping 17 minutes of video! You sir are a madman!
ali suheel
ali suheel 15 kun oldin
*"EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED."* *"**gta5apk.download**"* *"**gta5apk.download**"* *"**gta5apk.download**"* *”DID IT HELP YOU TOO?”* *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* *CERTIFIED* *CLASSIC**
robyn green
robyn green 15 kun oldin
For one Vidio plz don’t edit your swear words
Seth Abrantes
Seth Abrantes 15 kun oldin
Play people playground
i literally drove to space and this happened
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