i did terrible things with genetics and this happened 

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i did terrible things with genetics and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.



5-Iyl, 2021



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Kat Downen
Kat Downen 3 soat oldin
The nether dragon
Caleb K
Caleb K 8 soat oldin
But gray, plz add zeros to Reginald
HayesRaze 20 soat oldin
nether dragon 1:19
Jeremiah Smallwood
Gray: makes a dragon size cat Me: wait is that spleens or is that just a figment of my imagination from drinking too much Bud
Jeremiah Smallwood
Gray: thanks Reginald's wondering why it's a sword Me: thanks Reginald trying to ask gray if it's edible. Reginald: spazzing out next to the cow just listening to his favorite song about Bud light and cocaine
Celeste Pengelly
give reginald powrs and add 0 to reginald so he is useful mineing fighing building shootarows flaming sowd crafting looting
Ken Livingston
Ken Livingston Kun oldin
What mod(s) are you using?
Tadeas Baňár
Tadeas Baňár 2 kun oldin
minecraft: kid game minecraft now: attack on minecraft
Demonlord Diablos
Demonlord Diablos 4 kun oldin
Regonald- what DNA dad Graystillplays- it’s the stuff you drink after you kill everything🤗 Me- wouldn’t that be the blood of your enemies
Moni 4 kun oldin
Reginald probably has a connection with that creeper because he was dancing on the magical tree
NoobAtSkywars 5 kun oldin
3:43 to me it looks like the whole world got flipped 90 degrees and hes standing on the tree
Dave Sylvester
Dave Sylvester 5 kun oldin
Dave Sylvester
Dave Sylvester 5 kun oldin
3:50 gray its cuz the way explosions work, if there's a block between your and the explosion then it can block it (no pun intended)
Roaming 6 kun oldin
did i hear nether dragon or ender dragon???? 1:18
Ethan robinson
Ethan robinson 7 kun oldin
and gray will all ways find a way to brake minecraft physics
Ethan robinson
Ethan robinson 7 kun oldin
at 3:05 whats the song name plsssssssssssssssssssss
Union Pacific 4014 Productions
9:00 "Reginald! Stop Dancing On The Super Tree Of Loot!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Gray Still Plays July 5 2021
Fenrir Gaming
Fenrir Gaming 7 kun oldin
The nether dragon.
Zac Najar
Zac Najar 7 kun oldin
Anyone else notice he said nether dragon instead of ender dragon
Dustin's Creations
Dustin's Creations 8 kun oldin
Reginald ai broke on super tree
Michael Matonte
Michael Matonte 8 kun oldin
Minecraft, the Abominable Sciences, and you!
Jacob Abramoski
Jacob Abramoski 8 kun oldin
are we all just going to ignore fact that gray had 12 eyes of ender then threw one: it broke he cut to the next scene; he immediately had 12 eyes of ender. I mean, I knew he cheated for content, but I didn't think it was this bad. who goes through all that time and effort to go to creative and get one eye of ender.
Shae Edler
Shae Edler 8 kun oldin
Cool videos 😄
James Rummerfield
James Rummerfield 9 kun oldin
You should add a ton of 0's to CARBS
cubro 10 kun oldin
Do this again but you can combine the two types of dna
Happy Place
Happy Place 10 kun oldin
Wouldn't the Creeper be more intelligent by not self-destructing? It's almost as though you gave it a glimpse of sapient existence but it couldn't resist it's natural urges. This video made me very happy!
Xander Charalabidis
Xander Charalabidis 10 kun oldin
1:22 'And then evolve the NETHER dragon'
shalai brenneman
shalai brenneman 10 kun oldin
Try it on Reginald
Marc Seymour
Marc Seymour 10 kun oldin
The nether dragon wow I have never heard of the nether dragon :>
Anand Sundararaj
Anand Sundararaj 10 kun oldin
What is nether dragon
WideHankMemes 11 kun oldin
2:29 POV: Mojang made pocket golems
WideHankMemes 11 kun oldin
Can someone tell me what song this is i kinda wanna download it
vibe_cyan 12 kun oldin
Zac Wolfe
Zac Wolfe 12 kun oldin
What's the Super Ore mod and where can I download it?
squirrelly squirrels
Anyone else want to see a grey mod pack of none shall pass played be some random who has no idea what there in for. Also reginal and spleens is there. It's Florida bitches.
steven universe
steven universe 12 kun oldin
In a funny way
steven universe
steven universe 12 kun oldin
This is just stupid
AMA Bede
AMA Bede 12 kun oldin
What the f*** gray
MerryIzzy 12 kun oldin
"how deep do we have to go to find the promised land?" - Gray
G L U G 12 kun oldin
God loves you guys!
t Hz
t Hz 13 kun oldin
did you just say "nether dragon" instead of "ender dragon"?
Antoinette Tomas
Antoinette Tomas 13 kun oldin
Antoinette Tomas
Antoinette Tomas 13 kun oldin
O.M.E.G.A stands for O My Exercises Gains Anis
Jai Loquinario
Jai Loquinario 14 kun oldin
1:20 "And then were gonna evolve the nether dragon-" Whut the-ಠ_ʖಠ
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs 14 kun oldin
4:45 gray’s evil laugh instensifies
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 14 kun oldin
The what dragon the nether dragon
Black bunny
Black bunny 14 kun oldin
VoltEeveePlayz 14 kun oldin
no one: grey: i will go evolve into a nerd me: "nether dragon"?!
friend on mars
friend on mars 14 kun oldin
Lucas Wickersham
Lucas Wickersham 15 kun oldin
You know something about to go down when gray finds a village
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 15 kun oldin
Oh yeah I think Adam is broken into on PS4 but I don't know about PC
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 15 kun oldin
Cloning is glorious in that game
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 15 kun oldin
Try ark survival evolved
Brooke Dean
Brooke Dean 15 kun oldin
You said Nether Dragon it's Ender Dragon
Josh Embrey
Josh Embrey 15 kun oldin
"What's DNA?" "The stuff you drink" That's some uncomfortable phrasing.
DewDude19 15 kun oldin
What mod?
Underfoot47 16 kun oldin
1:03 zooms in astheticly explains astheticly
John Smith
John Smith 16 kun oldin
That damn pocket golem....😂
xxFortNOTGamer22xx 10 kun oldin
He was cloned without the tall gene
xXTerror VoidXx
xXTerror VoidXx 16 kun oldin
Alternate title: Grey uses DNA to unleash total chaos upon the Minecraft world and to see if it’ll crash :D 😂😂😂
Freddie Uberita
Freddie Uberita 16 kun oldin
How about blacks
RAPID TQNK 3 17 kun oldin
Honestly he needs to do more with mobs
Evie Howlett
Evie Howlett 17 kun oldin
Come Reginald we have lives to ruin
Darke Exelbirth
Darke Exelbirth 17 kun oldin
"we're going to evolve the Wither" You spent so long asking if you could, you never thought to ask if you should!
ItzMightyPlayz 18 kun oldin
Nether dragon or ender dragon?
Redwolf Maddox
Redwolf Maddox 18 kun oldin
He destroyed 1/4 of the planet with the creeper
Redwolf Maddox
Redwolf Maddox 18 kun oldin
Utter than the hulk but bigger
yardenrak 18 kun oldin
1:17 Graystillplays:nether dragon
what is the song at 2:29 called, gray?
Charlie Neff
Charlie Neff 18 kun oldin
hay gray u shold play terraria
Rishab Yadav
Rishab Yadav 18 kun oldin
Someone needs to make a montage of every time gray has said yeet
twerking squidward
twerking squidward 18 kun oldin
I love his sadistic humour so much
jose _salvador
jose _salvador 19 kun oldin
Say Stunv seed backwards
Finis Hooten
Finis Hooten 19 kun oldin
pocket golen should be a meme
•MICAELA UwU• 19 kun oldin
Ah yes this is just a normal monday if you ask me :)
Noah Ater
Noah Ater 19 kun oldin
Let me guess, if get hit by an utterly ginormous iron golem, you basically get yeeted a considerable distance at stupidly high speeds?
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 19 kun oldin
Aiden White Johnston
Did Gray say “nether dragon” instead of “ender dragon”?
Jonathan Cody
Jonathan Cody 19 kun oldin
Is it just me or did he never take a ❤
super saiyan
super saiyan 19 kun oldin
nether dragon?
Rob Sfeir
Rob Sfeir 19 kun oldin
Nether dragon?
Gebrane Abou Mjahed
Gebrane Abou Mjahed 19 kun oldin
Whats the song that plays at 2:30
Sephtis Sizent
Sephtis Sizent 19 kun oldin
You can also force creepers to explode by using a flint and steel on them
Minotaur gaming
Minotaur gaming 19 kun oldin
Gray would be such a good father
Ikram Malikzada
Ikram Malikzada 20 kun oldin
Just discovered this channel why is this dude so funny and subed
Sabruh 20 kun oldin
Blood isn’t the only easy source of DNA Gray
Jared Grado
Jared Grado 20 kun oldin
Its the giant creeper from villiger news (RIP villiger #3)
K Christine
K Christine 20 kun oldin
I feel like Gray is the God of Chaos and Mayhem
Marvin Gillard
Marvin Gillard 20 kun oldin
new video idea u can take the dna out of any block in minecraft 6:02
Tyler WIlson
Tyler WIlson 20 kun oldin
gray:i see a lot of creepers in there... gimme ur dna me: hax!!! HAX!!! HE HAS REACH!!!
Tyler WIlson
Tyler WIlson 20 kun oldin
ooh, lava- and water- and iron- and a long fall.
Kyle Jacks
Kyle Jacks 20 kun oldin
0:30 SuPa HiGh PiTcHeD VoIcE Xd
Unknown User
Unknown User 20 kun oldin
nether dragon
unicornerrie 20 kun oldin
Give me the mods GRAY!
Kaaarm 21 kun oldin
Gray, you can ignite creepers with flint and steel
ima_goodboy9 21 kun oldin
2:29 bruh
Joseph West
Joseph West 21 kun oldin
Oh no he upgraded Reginal going to be smarter
Joseph West
Joseph West 21 kun oldin
Graystillplays kind of reminds me of drumsy
SolAstra 21 kun oldin
"To evolve the NETHER dragn" Damn gray
Le Gamer Of Stupidity
Omega Dragon means nothing to the three-headed spine boi
Diablo the Mater
Diablo the Mater 21 kun oldin
Hearing Gray whisper to various people *“I need your dna”* is both funny and scary as hell
AA Nelson
AA Nelson 21 kun oldin
does gray make himself invincible
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 21 kun oldin
We’re not going to talk about how he said nether dragon instead of ender dragon 😂
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