i completed this legendary vertical wall leap and this happened 

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i completed this legendary vertical wall leap and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




7-Mar, 2021



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Sarek Loves Guitars
Sarek Loves Guitars 13 soat oldin
a obstacle
DjKinetec 17 soat oldin
This channel is a great way to pass the time at my security job
Flavian Islands
Flavian Islands 2 kun oldin
Me: *trying to yawn during the video but ends up wheezing instead *
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 2 kun oldin
7:03 Gray has been on this board for what feels like forever
Mami • Tania
Mami • Tania 3 kun oldin
I just love when he nagging as well. Something surprised him in the game and he'll swear the words that you never know if exist.
Raza Adnan
Raza Adnan 4 kun oldin
14:30 why did he sound like mickey mouse XD
Lazer_Master1 4 kun oldin
Well Gray, Tears are salt water so, there is no difference.
Zayed Parker
Zayed Parker 4 kun oldin
GTA 5: How much pain would you like Gray: Yes
rrrbomber 6 kun oldin
I like the ace ventura reference
Savage Fox
Savage Fox 6 kun oldin
As soon as Gray starts singing about masochism, you know it’s a helluva board!
phox & phoenix gaming
You are good at parkor you should keep doing it
Dylan Daily
Dylan Daily 7 kun oldin
In England in stead of a wrench we say spanner
ShotgunSlayer 25
ShotgunSlayer 25 7 kun oldin
Gray should make merch that says, "this is a both annoying and infuriating obstacle on the front and, but I will get past it" on the back
Stephen Papenfuss
Stephen Papenfuss 7 kun oldin
Speedracerrrrrrrrrrrrrr(slowly becomes more death and depression)rrrrrrrrr
A G 9 kun oldin
An* obstacle.
Samuel Dixon
Samuel Dixon 10 kun oldin
He says he saw death but he only saw a mirror
Emily Huang
Emily Huang 10 kun oldin
whats a winch
Eloy Bergon
Eloy Bergon 12 kun oldin
15:38 random "uhh"
simply ashley
simply ashley 13 kun oldin
I am coughing of laughter at fricking 3 am in the morning but new sub you just make me laugh and have ideas for my gaming channel
Owen Schauer
Owen Schauer 13 kun oldin
if you overshoot it you will go into the water and if you undershoot it you also go into the water and if you land it perfectly you still go into the water because gray always goes into the water
high240 13 kun oldin
Gray, is there an option to leave the cars in the water below? I'd like to see the amount of cars grow as the video progresses
Magic s Striker
Magic s Striker 13 kun oldin
Gaystillplays lmao
The Green Baron
The Green Baron 13 kun oldin
My brain hurts because of this
Valerie Frog
Valerie Frog 13 kun oldin
Why does hardday baalastar come on every time you get pissed off Wait r u using wevideo... ?
CatsExe 13 kun oldin
Why is the same pink car lol
Jeremiah Bristow
Jeremiah Bristow 13 kun oldin
These are always worth a rewatch!
Damien Paxton
Damien Paxton 13 kun oldin
I love how he celebrates then screws up immediately after.
Flyguyty 916
Flyguyty 916 13 kun oldin
Gray at my school they are handing out some free anxiety and stress, DM me if you want some
Timothy Rojas
Timothy Rojas 14 kun oldin
Me on my English test at the start. 7:11 to 7:13. Me after the test 7:14
Enid Animates
Enid Animates 15 kun oldin
‘A obstacle...’ Why did you do this to me?
Kokichi's Wife
Kokichi's Wife 16 kun oldin
14:43 😫✨✨*Intense turkey gobbling*✨✨😫
BRO BLOX 16 kun oldin
Never seen a board gray can't do
Vito Miguel Enjambre
Sticks the landing: YES HAHAH actually falls:oh bleep
asterios stioukis
asterios stioukis 16 kun oldin
I counted how many times gray has had an aneurism [abute 50 times]
MforTheNetherite 16 kun oldin
Next challenge: you NEVER hit the breaks
Manaal Moosa
Manaal Moosa 16 kun oldin
14:33 I didn't know Gray spoke fluent Beluga Whale
Wendy Mueller
Wendy Mueller 17 kun oldin
Are we gonna talk about his Mickey Mouse impression
jonathan morse
jonathan morse 17 kun oldin
14:22 new hit single
Nicolas Jasiewicz
Nicolas Jasiewicz 17 kun oldin
Grey "you just need a little of Finesse " Falls of the bord
Nicolas Jasiewicz
Nicolas Jasiewicz 17 kun oldin
Grey about finnish a hard part of the course Life " lets just push him to the left a little"
Nicolas Jasiewicz
Nicolas Jasiewicz 17 kun oldin
I love how the music in the background is so happy yet grey is still suffering
Nicolas Jasiewicz
Nicolas Jasiewicz 17 kun oldin
Grey " we need just a little bit of Finesse" Falls of the bord and drowns
Mufin Makes Music
Mufin Makes Music 18 kun oldin
14:34 Mickey Mouse gets his prostate tickled
Steven Conkle
Steven Conkle 18 kun oldin
Dude... I love your videos, especially the Xplane , I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, infact I was laughing so hard I was crying and almost pissed myself...please keep it up.
Umbra Highwind
Umbra Highwind 18 kun oldin
These videos are beautiful, Gray. As a fellow Floridian, I can validate that this is indeed how we drive to work.
Karatheya Roxan
Karatheya Roxan 19 kun oldin
How much time did it take to get the trick at 4:53??
Julian Bright
Julian Bright 19 kun oldin
i ment 14:30 gray sound like a pigion
Julian Bright
Julian Bright 19 kun oldin
12:40 gray sounds like pigon
Andrew Gertson
Andrew Gertson 20 kun oldin
On a scale of 1 to 10 on how my numbingly stupid this video is it is yes
jakpliskin1 20 kun oldin
ere can you go to and get these maps to play? id like to play these or the most definite 100 percent no playthru...... complete
Jeremiah Romero
Jeremiah Romero 20 kun oldin
hes not funny because his jokes just get repetitive
Vendetta Aka Simply Izumi
The one at 14:00 looks like The parkour in new donk city from super mario odyssey
Lizzy Sturgeon
Lizzy Sturgeon 22 kun oldin
14:40 anyone else think he sounds like mickey??
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 54 of asking for more beamNg
michael miller
michael miller 22 kun oldin
14:34 beluga whale🤣🤣🤣🤣OMG i love it
FallonFireblade 22 kun oldin
Wow, this is truly a uniquely hellish board lol
Pan Gerwant
Pan Gerwant 23 kun oldin
Satan: "i;m just wanna say, i;m a huge fan"
kitariki 23 kun oldin
sure ,its fun, but it would be more fun if you actually got angry, it feels like you like it. for example, i would love to see the sidemen do this. all of them. last one to do this or those who dnf, pay the others 10.000 something for everyone to not give up. but we will never see that.
Meggiedoes BOOKS
Meggiedoes BOOKS 23 kun oldin
Oh my god you had my dying at holy yeetmiester
Maximilian McGowan
Maximilian McGowan 23 kun oldin
Holy Yeetmeister
генерал барков
Watching his videos is just an endless process. I've been trying to sleep at 10PM but everytime I go to bed, greys videos pop up on my UZblock feed and I just keep watching and suddenly it's 4 AM ...
Ajay Ramsey
Ajay Ramsey 24 kun oldin
gray:Do u know how to be amazing Me:if so please tell me in description Perfect joke oprotinty missed
MackenzieEthridge0110 Ethridge
"I can't really see what I'm supposed to do here but I know it's a yeety vomit slip" Grey 2021-
BaLlZKiCK Gaming
BaLlZKiCK Gaming 27 kun oldin
2:44 grey shits his pants
blake starkey
blake starkey 27 kun oldin
I'm sorry gray but please figure out how to actually play gta bc at this point your not the greatest
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato 27 kun oldin
14:37 micky is that u?
The Cleanser
The Cleanser 28 kun oldin
0:17 Gray must have forgotten. Men don't experience this problem.
Royale Bass Boosted English
i like these videoes keep it up,, imagain somone speed running this aha, sorry im not good at texting
Cat king miow
Cat king miow 28 kun oldin
"Oh jesus, I cannot screw this up, now all I- SON OF A BI- I just screwed this up. I'm going to drown myself now."
Hazelyn Dugay
Hazelyn Dugay 28 kun oldin
You sound like ob
The Seleuf
The Seleuf 29 kun oldin
"Basically, you have to yolo this." Yolo = You only live once Definitely living more than once, there! xP
franz bla
franz bla 29 kun oldin
somebody knows this track? i need a link, pls
redneck_of_the _future
What's the name of this race I want to try it
Jonah Holmes
Jonah Holmes Oy oldin
8:36 queue monkey mode
Ian Barker
Ian Barker Oy oldin
7:39 like a glove comment if u now what movie it’s from
w h
w h Oy oldin
hate the thumbnails but love the vids.
Lemon Bunny
Lemon Bunny Oy oldin
Just a question.... but where do you get your sound effects???????
makoshark40 Oy oldin
14:34 micky mouse is watching you from the closet...
Druida Decides To Game
Might have to get GTA just for these tracks 😂
Michaela Ackerman
At 14:43 Gray is making turkey sounds 🤣🤣
Andrew Martyn
Andrew Martyn Oy oldin
I love gray so much but like come on hes so bad at gta 😂
Mareen Byolojust
The way this man uses dead memes is perfect
lady mopar
lady mopar Oy oldin
Thanks for letting us what you sink in the car totally worth it all those times I've asked
sueanne atkins
1:37 me when I’m so lonely and reallise I have depression
Kagura XilliaRage
I heard Mickey mouse saying no multiple times. Seems Gray has learned how to speak Disney during this session
Ibrahim Bonkiye
14:35 is when he talks like mickey mouse LOL
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Oy oldin
Grey at 8:40 was litterly Mark wattney in the Martian when he got pathfinder working and got a response from NASA.
Šeima Statkevičiai
Gray still plays video sudestion:If i fail the jump the video ends :D
Colm Óg Gildernew
14:34 Mickey Mouse discovers lsd.
Mika Krieg
Mika Krieg Oy oldin
dear peasus cricst
hobojoebro255 Oy oldin
Is that you dobby at 14:35
DiscoChixify Oy oldin
suddenly turned into Mickey Mouse there for a moment, getting into a tongue fight with a beluga whale 🤣
God/Jesus were busy answering Gray's prayers instead of yours XD
Y7K2 Oy oldin
14:34 Mickey raping sedated Minney
Avery Puhl
Avery Puhl Oy oldin
When Grey said "To NEVER GIVE UP" That hit different. Timestamp is 7:30.
Boston Young
Boston Young Oy oldin
7:41 how did he not notice how perfect of a flip that was
Satan Oy oldin
GTA V is indeed my game. That's why there's all those micro-transactions.
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
Sir pull the car over
Luner X
Luner X Oy oldin
Grey: what do you know I didn’t die Me: i say the same thing every time my mom drives me to school
Declan K
Declan K Oy oldin
Decloe Meloa sloloa deploa
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i made school 1,000,000x more violent
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I Have a Big Announcement
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln