i completed this legendary spike run by being a terrible father 

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i completed this legendary spike run by being a terrible father
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels




5-Mar, 2021



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Tyler Weichel
Tyler Weichel Kun oldin
Some how grey you manage to get a sharp object up your ass every fudging video
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson Kun oldin
Oliver olson
Oliver olson 2 kun oldin
Gray gives me sanity
SmileX Darling
SmileX Darling 2 kun oldin
This entire time I just want to know the music in the background he is using- at first I’m like is this pirates of the carabian and now I honestly don’t know it kind of sounds like it
Adam Weber
Adam Weber 3 kun oldin
9:05 He is having an intenal battle right now LOL
Purx Chaos
Purx Chaos 3 kun oldin
Since I'm a graystillplays fan, I counted how many times weapons went up his ass.(including wenier) 103 times.
icicle 3 kun oldin
i feel like gray is always putting on a slightly more nasally version of his voice
EMMY LAM 4 kun oldin
Anybody wondering if he actually has kids?!? Always wondering since he always makes jokes about the kid in the game.
EMMY LAM 4 kun oldin
My daughter is in love with you
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Work scam ways what annal annal coco did conquistadors hailstones
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Quotation annal and annal email aid SMS SMS exits web which decimal unilaterally
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
A arrival SoCal annal
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Love his email anus any SMS any SMS share SMS Rita Eva SMS Abraham Anibal Annan favor annal
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Wash shack
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Ev Slater
Ev Slater 4 kun oldin
Aidan gamingYT
Aidan gamingYT 4 kun oldin
I love this video I watched it like 50 times
Sp4rrow 4 kun oldin
How do you full screen without running at 4 FPS?
f f
f f 5 kun oldin
Patricia Devaney
Patricia Devaney 6 kun oldin
He didnt win
Hanseo Yu
Hanseo Yu 6 kun oldin
Im your biggest fan!
WBV 0Ping
WBV 0Ping 6 kun oldin
Orange Triangle42
Orange Triangle42 7 kun oldin
Yay I made a hard map for u
Jiguur Turmunkh
Jiguur Turmunkh 7 kun oldin
This guys head is like a rock i mean marshmelo
Glynn Hyland
Glynn Hyland 10 kun oldin
Now that is a very hard bottle run lose timmy get hit with arrows and a harpoon hit timmy in the head with a table run and yes I named it
Kanimates 11 kun oldin
Foxytheboss2231 11 kun oldin
9:03 Is it me, or does Gray saying “how many are there!?” At this point in the video sounds like he’s Jacksepticeye?
Jaiden 11 kun oldin
2:31 I Can't Find This Music Anywhere ._.
fiery -nic086
fiery -nic086 11 kun oldin
4:13the jet wanted revenge lol
Raven 92
Raven 92 12 kun oldin
please tell me I'm not the only one who almost dies of laughter when Gray almost kills himself on pointy things
Rufus Mansfield
Rufus Mansfield 12 kun oldin
8:02 his head just exploded randomly
Sirkoperlop 13 kun oldin
Face reveal?
Tristan Eger
Tristan Eger 13 kun oldin
When you say the pain isn’t that bad 14:09 What the pain really feels like 14:11
Aidan Ducharme
Aidan Ducharme 13 kun oldin
"Hole Of Glory" is a weird name for a target.
Ava_YT :] Smile face dance
“GeT tUrNeD iNtO pOrRiDgE”🥴
Jo X oL
Jo X oL 13 kun oldin
All that for *_T R O L L_* … w o w
ramen_ahh 14 kun oldin
why do you post bad to good to AMONG US
Moon Theodore
Moon Theodore 14 kun oldin
I paused it at 3:59 so gray didn't get hurt you are welcome gray
Владислав Колесников
1:49 _perfect move_
Socially awkward Weeb
“Honey where is jimmy?” Gray: “well he was in the back seat”
Frydee 16 kun oldin
Am I the only one who just knew that the final board wasn't gonna a real ending?
i_am _ms_ed
i_am _ms_ed 16 kun oldin
Don’t say bad words
Frost Anderson
Frost Anderson 17 kun oldin
I love it how he acts like he is not graystillplays
tito hotrod
tito hotrod 17 kun oldin
The charming greece aetiologically succeed because yacht internally grab onto a slow beet. vast, unequaled guarantee
Itz Jolt
Itz Jolt 18 kun oldin
I am watching gray from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM.
Mogan Yee
Mogan Yee 20 kun oldin
The awful pimple sicily influence because soybean climatologically shock aside a crabby pound. embarrassed, statuesque dream
DarkZeroUnit 20 kun oldin
was hoping you would stick it out on the last one till you got the win, but i guess the pain finally got to you
E m a n
E m a n 21 kun oldin
pretty sure gray teetered before lunging off the edge of his sanity today
Pirate Republic Yar Har Har!
1:50 Literally Mustard bottle 1 to Mustard bottle 2: *ORA!* **PAWCH**
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 52 of asking for more beamNg
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle 22 kun oldin
17:15 you got jebated
Aharon Manes
Aharon Manes 22 kun oldin
Sniiiiiiffff...smells like masochism and alcohol.
FallonFireblade 22 kun oldin
Every once in awhile, Gray yells like he was ACTUALLY stabbed in the groin in real life
blackgod 22 kun oldin
Hollie Coffee168
Hollie Coffee168 22 kun oldin
“realistically I’m like.” ”JESUS!” graystillplays-2021 28 of march
The meatball ball man
Hardy Lin
Hardy Lin 24 kun oldin
10:13 fav part
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 24 kun oldin
Just like Florida Man , Australia Man and Nixon ..... Grey screwed it up in the end 🥳
Ana Paula Pereira Dos Santos
Overshotness Difficulty Chart ⬜ ⬜ SERIOUSLY, DONT OVERSHOT THAT ⬜ ALOT 🟦 🟦 STOP OVER SHOOTING SO FAR 🟦 🟪 🟪 YOU OVERSHOT IT WAY TOO MUCH 🟪 ⬛ ⬛ Overshot Alot ⬛ 🟥 🟥 Overshot 🟥 🟧 🟧 Over Shot A Lil 🟧 🟨 🟨 Noice 🟨 🟩 🟩 Late 🟩
Mya Wong - MRH Student
All of grey’s videos fill me with schadenfreude
Smart Goose
Smart Goose 26 kun oldin
15:05 the pirates of the Caribbean music really gave me hope he would survive, laughed so hard
Natasha Sikora
Natasha Sikora 27 kun oldin
Every time u get a weapon in your balls I laugh histarically
Robin Wilson's Truckin' Across the U.S
I legit played the very first clip today(3-23-21)!😂😂
Bread FE4RR
Bread FE4RR 27 kun oldin
UZblock recommended this to me and i like your content so i will subscribe
R 27 kun oldin
Gray: "Oh my god this thing drives like frickin' washing machine" Me: So true 👍
Kora Joseph
Kora Joseph 28 kun oldin
I heard Pirates of the Caribbean. Only me?
Shadow 11
Shadow 11 28 kun oldin
That ending was .....
Shadow 11
Shadow 11 28 kun oldin
This the tenth video I've watched in a straight line and I'm chocking right now . ... literally chocking myself to death by laughing ... and I can't help it ..
Spidergaming Spidergaming
Remember gray is not good at happy wheels because 1 he just has enough time to not give up 2 he has wheels but is he really happy
Cotton_vibes 29 kun oldin
level: impossible gray: there is no such thing as impossible IN THIS CHANNEL
Reba Siewert
Reba Siewert 29 kun oldin
Me love you so much
Reba Siewert
Reba Siewert 29 kun oldin
Lennix Stowe
Lennix Stowe Oy oldin
I shoutout to u i am not am th creator of it
The sun is a deadly lazar
Use ur bike wheel to rek the wrecking ball
Bunny Oy oldin
11:37 R.I.P to his balls
Jack Scudder
Jack Scudder Oy oldin
I laughed so hard on the lime background long sword in ass level
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
How to fly as a hobo: 1. Run for minimum 3 meters 2. Start to lean back 3. Control your spin
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
6:40 - 6:45 his voice changed
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
1:34 i laughed with the bottle bouncing
Seagiant Surfer
Have you driven a washing machine?
Cool Ziemnior64
4:14 gray has been opened like a beer bottle with a thruster
Titãñús Ghïdøráh
How are they gonna shout out you when they Hypothetically does not have an youtube career
Zack Zander
Zack Zander Oy oldin
That ending just hurts so good
Roach Shadow
Roach Shadow Oy oldin
We need a death counter.
Michael Martinez
5:16 I just realized pirates of the Caribbean is playing in the background
Ender Me
Ender Me Oy oldin
Gravity gray 5:20
Elias Atiles
Elias Atiles Oy oldin
Yeetus in the neetus
Herman Patricia
The amusing poppy cytopathologically kill because temperature ecologically amuse worth a troubled produce. nice, scandalous anethesiologist
Fallen king's son
Danz McNabb
Danz McNabb Oy oldin
Is anyone else sad that he didn't push the "do not push this button" button?
The Potato rat
*M L G S O N*
Hayden Edgar
Hayden Edgar Oy oldin
Sebren Harm
Sebren Harm Oy oldin
Gray:This thing drives like a washing machine! Me:Holdup-
Garrett Edwards
9:29 This sounds like that Cardi B meme. "WHAT IS DAT? OMG WHAT IS DAT?" WhAt Is DaT??!"
Xavior Trevino
Do he’s drove a washing machine before
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