i completed this legendary harpoon run challenge by outsmarting the game 

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i completed this legendary harpoon run challenge by outsmarting the game
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels




9-Mar, 2021



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Top Tier Gaming
Top Tier Gaming Kun oldin
landing sideways is 1/3 greystill plays, landing vertical is 1/2 and landing on the cap is a full grey still plays.
Elmo Killer
Elmo Killer Kun oldin
I love how in one part of the video you say im trying to get rid of you my dads exact words
Heather Bullock
Heather Bullock Kun oldin
Alorie Lumia
Alorie Lumia 2 kun oldin
I love when grey is like: lets yeetilidid there and whoup and oH mY gOd wHaT tHe HeEl
BlueStone123 2 kun oldin
Gray: “We don’t need LiMbS where we’re going!!!
Mirosława Raczon
Mirosława Raczon 2 kun oldin
0:33 MLG son
Angie Gilmore
Angie Gilmore 3 kun oldin
Let’s go out with a bang. Gray: get hit by 1000 harpoons. Me: that’ll do it
Angie Gilmore
Angie Gilmore 3 kun oldin
“I just had to use my wiener as a shield” gray still plays
Maddoc James
Maddoc James 3 kun oldin
The first 2 OH MY GOD on the ball fall. Gray sounded like Joe swanson from Family Guy
Quince Cat
Quince Cat 3 kun oldin
according to the thumbnail, an alternate title could be, 'i completed this legendary harpoon run challenge by sacrificing my son'
Soggy nuggets UWU
Soggy nuggets UWU 3 kun oldin
Okay and pro....hmmmmmm.... prok
Ben D
Ben D 4 kun oldin
Gianna Toschi
Gianna Toschi 4 kun oldin
Tom killing Gray for 2 minutes
Nishinoya Yuu, the Ultimate Libero
i always read mlg as milf loving god
Tony's vlogs
Tony's vlogs 5 kun oldin
ye gray thier is like 3 graystillplays
Spartan Op
Spartan Op 5 kun oldin
Yes finally somebody knows what the borg is woo hoo
Wolfe Gang life long love
12:23 because it’s from fnf
werid guy
werid guy 5 kun oldin
Always say MLG son when he gets MLG
Twisty 6 kun oldin
They are blue because every object in Happy Wheels spawns in blue.
Decaelo Smith
Decaelo Smith 6 kun oldin
2:55 look how it moved
Candace Bishop
Candace Bishop 7 kun oldin
I laugh so much time while you play the gray can play this winniee
Sheila Stark
Sheila Stark 8 kun oldin
When he says what is this you know it's Satans doing
Lionel Harper
Lionel Harper 8 kun oldin
Look at him 0:00
Rayan Plays
Rayan Plays 8 kun oldin
Who is here in 2021
Lincoln Robson
Lincoln Robson 9 kun oldin
Josiah Bush
Josiah Bush 10 kun oldin
Gay will find a way
Klawdia Gong
Klawdia Gong 10 kun oldin
oh so far so good i have all my limbs 3 seconds later:*looses entire body* ok i have a lot less limbs now
Sollva5130 // Shella Pals Rocks
9:35 melon: YOU CANT PASS ME gray: hOoOoO uh are you kidding me
Deathcrystal 10 kun oldin
Who is the 1% who failed that? You gray. You failed it 50% of the time.
• Artic_Fuzz •
• Artic_Fuzz • 11 kun oldin
"Did my son's a*s sword just kill me? Goddamn it Tom!" -Gray 2021
bad_boypikachu 11 kun oldin
16:06 it says "Grays tears zone"
Emriye Eren
Emriye Eren 11 kun oldin
MLG SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrHousecup 11 kun oldin
Somehow...I can see this exact situation in a Japanese anime.
Savannah The Turkey
Savannah The Turkey 12 kun oldin
4:16 Me: WHEEZE...*proceeds to die of laughter*
sentinel 12 kun oldin
The title has I broke the game in it oh it's Monday
jelly beans
jelly beans 13 kun oldin
I wish I could stop laffing
Jonah Play Mackley-Welch
do more laser dodges
kwebbelkop Junior
kwebbelkop Junior 13 kun oldin
This made me laugh at 10:33 or 10:34 Gray:Boop
Luke 14 kun oldin
4:50 must be what Jenna Jameson felt like in '94.
Bob Hughes
Bob Hughes 14 kun oldin
Gray: (looses a leg) it's fine. gray: (
Bob Hughes
Bob Hughes 14 kun oldin
Gray loses al leg) it's fine gray loses helmet) THAT'S NOT GOOD!
Yousif Issaq
Yousif Issaq 16 kun oldin
6:25 is he pooping out tom hardy's tiny pieces of his leg. CENSORED
Spleens Man
Spleens Man 17 kun oldin
Why... A non-hetero hello to you im not gay. I swear This comment was made To make you S U F F E R
Liam Eads
Liam Eads 17 kun oldin
Do face reveal
Mikie Frisby
Mikie Frisby 17 kun oldin
I died of laughing 8:40
Sean Young
Sean Young 17 kun oldin
Kro That's what OK Pro means
naruto uzumaki uzumaki
He was able to play
Pablo Diablo
Pablo Diablo 18 kun oldin
Is that 15% satan?, Me: in higher video it says 25% lol Gray when he sees this: .... Gray: my hole life is a lie
Wat? 18 kun oldin
So you know the 1% impossible? Yea i failed every part even the two vomit projectiles
Rose Shine
Rose Shine 18 kun oldin
what dose mlg stand for
james wright
james wright 18 kun oldin
It's hell
Allison Becker
Allison Becker 18 kun oldin
Grey: IM A WINNERRRRRRRR. 3 years later... Tom: ya done yet? Grey: yea
Ricardo van Elten
Ricardo van Elten 18 kun oldin
4:33 why did you become ceasar
Skyler Leroy
Skyler Leroy 18 kun oldin
Elizabeth 19 kun oldin
Gray is oddly sweet. 'You made me this lvl so I am going to try to beat it." As he slowly try to remove the watermelons
Meez Beer de
Meez Beer de 19 kun oldin
Rip gratis on 13:50
Quentin Cuevas
Quentin Cuevas 20 kun oldin
The balls are blue in reference to fnf Boyfriend/Keith on his death screen he has blue balls.
Thomas's Robloxian Adventures
I love how your child is your shield in that thumbnail 😂
edelson ortaliz
edelson ortaliz 20 kun oldin
GrayStillPlays on the Start your missed YellowStillPlays and RedStillPlays
Zachary Trammell
Zachary Trammell 21 kun oldin
You looked like the iron throne.
Itsmoosecraft Jr
Itsmoosecraft Jr 21 kun oldin
Pirate Republic Yar Har Har!
Everytime Gray makes a sound that sounds like a cow that tried making a sound but instead a person shot it's entire brain out. Making the "AURGH" sound. *It gives me life.*
Müdes Mädchen
Müdes Mädchen 21 kun oldin
10:33 "boop"
Pirate Republic Yar Har Har!
B o o p
tanya gancheva
tanya gancheva 21 kun oldin
So in the level where there is a bottle flip and there are random colors still plays i wonder where purple, pink and cian are
Kfor1 / Khamani
Kfor1 / Khamani 21 kun oldin
9:13 made me laugh so hard
What is the game name?
Vallabhavajula Anirudh
1:40 only boys will get this
Hom Tanks
Hom Tanks 22 kun oldin
That noise at 5:07
Isaac Becker
Isaac Becker 22 kun oldin
the lack of music in this episode is really weird nevermind i just realized its playing, just really quietly
Jayden Turner
Jayden Turner 22 kun oldin
HAaaaaaa you tried to do that bottle flip forever
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 56 of asking for more beamNg
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton 22 kun oldin
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton 22 kun oldin
Just to let u no u make me left every time I wtch u😹😹😹😹😹
Artist the Cat
Artist the Cat 22 kun oldin
GrayStillPlays WhiteStillPlays BlackStillPlays BlueStillPlays PurpleStillPlays PinkStillPlays RedStillPlays OrangeStillPlays and YellowStillPlays
Djfred5677 22 kun oldin
Pls stop making things that is named 'satan' cuz i h8 demon things ok? Just plz
Aleida Beltran
Aleida Beltran 23 kun oldin
I dare you to make a gaming video with your face showing the entire video.(if you already did this you don't have to do it.)
Merit Host
Merit Host 23 kun oldin
lemon auother2202
lemon auother2202 23 kun oldin
4:44 is so funny also i subbed to u
N1GHTM4R3 23 kun oldin
I like the part where gray played Happy Wheels
N1GHTM4R3 23 kun oldin
No one: Absolutely no one: Me: Gray doesn't play anymore
GooseyLu 23 kun oldin
4:05 me ☹️
Goku 23 kun oldin
I mean 4:14
Goku 23 kun oldin
4:41 too
Goku 23 kun oldin
3:35 he sounds like the mosquito. In my ears
no joe in space
no joe in space 25 kun oldin
5:32 man really spelled gary instead of Gray smh
Mist McHaven
Mist McHaven 25 kun oldin
Rush Rayla
Rush Rayla 25 kun oldin
Thats 25% satan that you land before the bottle flip
james Hopkins
james Hopkins 26 kun oldin
:jokes on you board creator snakes don't need there heads(explodes)
Ramsha S
Ramsha S 26 kun oldin
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Night Wolf Gaming
Night Wolf Gaming 26 kun oldin
1:16 it counts as a "Ok Pro"
Ps SaZz
Ps SaZz 27 kun oldin
Do a face reveal
Tolmácsi Ádám
Tolmácsi Ádám 27 kun oldin
Get those melons
Elite Tuber
Elite Tuber 27 kun oldin
Gray: I'm still alive Look boop Breaks bone Yeah u sure you alive?
SilentShadow 28 kun oldin
Didn’t Happy Wheels get taken down?
Brody Sawyer
Brody Sawyer 28 kun oldin
Why does every map designer have such a hard time with English?
a random kokichi simp
6:34 wininggggggg
Might pro Robox
Might pro Robox 28 kun oldin
4:41 *part of a gun*
Might pro Robox
Might pro Robox 28 kun oldin
2:24 *25% stan*
Nolen Rauch
Nolen Rauch 28 kun oldin
Black and white mother and father green your child
Dr. Tex
Dr. Tex 28 kun oldin
SubCity Rebels
SubCity Rebels 29 kun oldin
13:55 ready for this?! **death** **health insurance ad**
The most important day of my life
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1000 People Build 10 Countries!
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i made school 1,000,000x more violent
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RANDOM ROLES Mod in Among Us
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i used 1000 toilets to ruin people's lives
when it rains at 2,000,000,000x light speed
when you let a kid use a crossbow
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The most important day of my life
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln
1000 People Build 10 Countries!
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