i completed this legendary harpoon challenge using this secret technique 

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i completed this legendary harpoon challenge using this secret technique
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels




4-Apr, 2021



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Johnny Best
Johnny Best 37 daqiqa oldin
Niels Schellekens
Niels Schellekens 4 soat oldin
I've been watching quite a bit of Gray again now and I keep noticing that every now and then he turns into Al Bundy.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 23 soat oldin
Gray: ok then we go into a WHAT THE HELL!?!?
Juho S.
Juho S. Kun oldin
I've heard of the spontaneous human combustion but the spontaneous beheading was a new phenomenon to me.
Alaina Arnold
Alaina Arnold Kun oldin
8:56-10:37, favorite part of the episode. If we were keeping a quote book of all the wonderful things you say, Gray, we'd have a series to publish
JustANewbie _
JustANewbie _ Kun oldin
S WE. It’s OK I only dropped Ron and myself know why is Siri speaking honestly I’m gonna let this calm and go out anyways even though I was just watching the video and I drop Roman not bad owl
JustANewbie _
JustANewbie _ Kun oldin
No, I didn’t have a stroke. I burned myself with my ramen, so I freaked out and hit the comment section, and text to speak turned on :’)
Mirosława Raczon
Mirosława Raczon 2 kun oldin
4:12 YOU SON OF A BI***
Alorie Lumia
Alorie Lumia 2 kun oldin
I love so much your videos It's so funny. some peoples watch vines me I watch grey
The Noob Empire
The Noob Empire 3 kun oldin
Remember, if you wanna see gray’s face, look at 5 years ago.
Jeremiah Reed
Jeremiah Reed 3 kun oldin
how do you know the imagine literacy and learning song tune?
DimpleKidGaming 4 kun oldin
It would be easy they said It would make you happy they said
Gray : Not Today Satan! 1 second later. This is so hard!!!!!!! Level : Not Today Gray.
SmallAlien1 4 kun oldin
10:24 that axe went boing
shardinhand 4 kun oldin
ah the return of the agony whale, god its beautiful.
J. Aleks Gamer
J. Aleks Gamer 4 kun oldin
1:05 the head bump then removed
ainsley woodruff
ainsley woodruff 5 kun oldin
If you ever can't jump over one anymore then you can try jumping to the one before that getting on top of it
Alison McArdle
Alison McArdle 5 kun oldin
Sometimes I question greys sainity but then again I feel no better uvu
maverick plankton squash
1:12 your not dead you still have your helmet on
Martin Verrisin
Martin Verrisin 7 kun oldin
_I almost cheated the board, until I run out of arms._
DRIPPYRaven 7 kun oldin
All the jets are drunk dududdududu ahhh
strictlyfunny 7 kun oldin
Yeetily deet level is complete
SCP Press
SCP Press 7 kun oldin
I feel like Gray is single handily keeping happy wheels alive
Sauce God Shaggy
Sauce God Shaggy 7 kun oldin
Top 10 anime betrayals 8:07
Michael Macapagal
Michael Macapagal 8 kun oldin
Gray's head when he's at pro: *Ight imma head out*
Rimru Tempest
Rimru Tempest 9 kun oldin
My privet part is as hard as iron Me:hmmmmmm (lava melts iron sooooo)
VGamer45C Pro
VGamer45C Pro 9 kun oldin
Malikai Dundas
Malikai Dundas 9 kun oldin
It’s the firemelon
Sylar Clark
Sylar Clark 9 kun oldin
In vikeing war part he killed him by exspode Hiting his head on the balls
Ogheneovo Ofurio
Ogheneovo Ofurio 9 kun oldin
I lover how he just screamed when the jets just came straight at him
Danatai Ninja
Danatai Ninja 9 kun oldin
Whenever there's a crack gray HAS to go through it
Tristan McWaters
Tristan McWaters 9 kun oldin
4.69 subscribers
Миша Захаров
Next I want sign and your sheets I don't book videos
Миша Захаров
I say don't cheat
Risa Radocz
Risa Radocz 9 kun oldin
Bad god/good god
Ethan L
Ethan L 9 kun oldin
Gray rope be like: noooo, yes yes, noooo
Doc 9 kun oldin
Bro how do you spell height wrong that many times
NotDanialDan0 9 kun oldin
I was late
Thugaim100 9 kun oldin
That decap was 10/10
Ben Francis
Ben Francis 10 kun oldin
I Have Played This Level 5:38
Chantelle Thomas
Chantelle Thomas 10 kun oldin
6:45 hahahahahahahaha that’s sooooooo funny 🤣
Blaze The dogo
Blaze The dogo 10 kun oldin
“God I should of stayed in hell” - quote from grey still plays
Xx raider_dc2 xX
Xx raider_dc2 xX 10 kun oldin
Fun fact:the thumbnail, is simular to a different happywheels episode 4 months ago
Dragon Slayers
Dragon Slayers 10 kun oldin
1:41 ar those rectangles Legos
Raven 92
Raven 92 10 kun oldin
9:55 Man of Steel who? pleeaaase
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 10 kun oldin
The equal rain taxonomically trouble because language cytogenetically pray between a obnoxious drink. organic, breezy persian
Diamond and Lucky
Diamond and Lucky 10 kun oldin
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 10 kun oldin
Rock lee in real life be like
Cole Holm
Cole Holm 10 kun oldin
I played the first level a couple weeks ago and I tried for probably ten minutes to beat the final jump, that was torture. Didn’t get caught playing it in school though so I call it a win
DIe 11 kun oldin
i love how smooth his head popped off on the first pogo level
Gacha Blulee
Gacha Blulee 11 kun oldin
Grays mom: Gray what do you want to do when you grow up Gray: go through extreme masochism and visit hell Grays mom: 😶......sounds good to me
Mya Wong - MRH Student
When your severe foot steals your rope
Unknown Playz
Unknown Playz 11 kun oldin
6:45 Gray: *Screams like Luigi in Luigis Mansion 1,2,3*
daan boots
daan boots 11 kun oldin
If I make a level for your its gonna be possible but at the same time impossible
sentinel 11 kun oldin
Every joke of gray's deserves a uh pause
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 11 kun oldin
The abiding trousers fourthly hunt because cycle specifically shave qua a gifted skate. wooden, superb america
Emily Bennett
Emily Bennett 11 kun oldin
I just lost my helmet that means I'm- Ad: DESIGN KEYBOARD
Gamedev Gamer
Gamedev Gamer 11 kun oldin
Gray is so used to being tortured (by himself that is) that he says "Oh Hey hell" 6:00
Konute Harato
Konute Harato 11 kun oldin
I like how he says the first one is suppose to be impossible while that map is called possible wall jump
Biker Heaven
Biker Heaven 11 kun oldin
This had me absolutely DYING from laughter.
Dragon Gamer46
Dragon Gamer46 11 kun oldin
Gray; loses their helmet Happy wheels game; "And I took that personally"
GachaKawaii 12 kun oldin
Gray litterally every time he’s about to win: ‘yyYyYyyYyYyyYyYyyYyYyYyYyyYyYyyYyYyYyYyyYyYyYYyYyYYyYyYESSSSS!!!’ Tell me I’m wrong, I dare you
Stormed Ghost
Stormed Ghost 12 kun oldin
The jet run got me
My33T 12 kun oldin
Gray is the type of guy to have his soul taken by Satan and be happy because he can roast marshmallows more easily
Joseph Gilbert
Joseph Gilbert 12 kun oldin
Whale noises intensify
G Trivette
G Trivette 12 kun oldin
You actually know what antimatter is?
Reid Scheller
Reid Scheller 12 kun oldin
"I shoulda just stayed in hell." When you hear Gray say that, it's nearly as bad as when he breaks out the controller in GTA5
Wonder_fun 12 kun oldin
Me at 6:05: is your Child ok? Look at the way they are moving! Honey are you ok? Child:I’m crawling to he** we’re me and my dad belong because my dad keeps killing me and sacrificing me
NG EN ZE DENZEL - 12 kun oldin
What is the piece that plays at 5:11?
AmongPlayz 12 kun oldin
Go play the name of the map in happy wheels after you
jedna dve
jedna dve 12 kun oldin
6:45 i almost Shitt*d my Plants from laugher at this part
Lex C
Lex C 12 kun oldin
"this board makes me sad"
Aizawa Shota
Aizawa Shota 12 kun oldin
Imagine somewhere in year 2900 or 3000 when some dudes are just peacefully visiting someone at the grave, and gray just pops out as a skeleton and just screams "I'M STILL ALIVEEE!"
EJOTY _ 12 kun oldin
Board 1: Yep, that's happy wheels.
Motor head kiddo
Motor head kiddo 12 kun oldin
. C x
Freddie the cat
Freddie the cat 12 kun oldin
Gray is the type of person that would bite the zombie back
Parrot Does A Sploot
I miss the other videos you made where you tried new games or played the Sims. Happy Wheels and Minecraft are funny but this is getting a little repetitive
TheMysteryRPGguy 12 kun oldin
1:04 I was so confused there I had to rewind to see how the hell you lost your head.
orange lightning
orange lightning 12 kun oldin
6:41 idk but it's halarious
WWestwego 12 kun oldin
6:43 some say, that to this day, you can still hear the devil scream...
Judith Cornett
Judith Cornett 12 kun oldin
Welcome to life lessons with graystillplays lesson one LIFE IS PAIN
Beanybush Jr.
Beanybush Jr. 13 kun oldin
1:05 _Curb your enthusiasm intensifies_
Finnigan Sluis
Finnigan Sluis 13 kun oldin
Gray has to go back and completely destroy bad games xD
ladainian carter
ladainian carter 13 kun oldin
Gray: iam not dead Me seconds before he dies:pro more like no
E.R.I.N 13 kun oldin
Half taco armor? Get the other half my man not enough yeetus
Stacey Proudfoot
Stacey Proudfoot 13 kun oldin
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 13 kun oldin
I am *polishing* my pogo stick with my tongue.
kezandunicorns 13 kun oldin
This legitimately took me half an hour to watch because I laughed so hard I asphyxiated myself to death ngl
kezandunicorns 13 kun oldin
...or a Spleens 👀
kezandunicorns 13 kun oldin
please send a necromancer.
AngelGabriel Peralta
He sounds like a whale-
Theblue Days
Theblue Days 13 kun oldin
HDKiller 13 kun oldin
He wins on first try... Gray: I think I did it
HDKiller 13 kun oldin
Gray: get's squished by a meteorite Gray: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!?!?!
Nathaniel Berberich
Nathaniel Berberich 13 kun oldin
More sims 4 pls
Killerofcats 13 kun oldin
Kaden LG
Kaden LG 13 kun oldin
3:11 that sounds like a genuine scream
TobiRevBlackFire 13 kun oldin
Mijntje Blase
Mijntje Blase 13 kun oldin
Ah yes a new quote from GrayStillPlays:"ALl tHe jEts arE DrUnk" Love your content btw!
Shelby Durfee
Shelby Durfee 13 kun oldin
“Happy Wheels makes me go insane!” 🎶🤣
Vanny I guess?
Vanny I guess? 13 kun oldin
Some people have therapy with a therapist I have acholism and gray
Mecha Plays
Mecha Plays 13 kun oldin
gray why dont you upload something other than gta and happy wheels dammit
Spaghetti Eggs
Spaghetti Eggs 13 kun oldin
Gray:this is easy-*gets severed by drunk jets*
Tommy Calnan
Tommy Calnan 8 kun oldin
Hello hello? Hi so well I think you know what to do just make sure the robots don't get in..(mumbles) Oh by the way uhm we have a problem you see it seems that one of the robots have lost its head one is just a head and I think I saw some sort of photo negative Freddy in the back room you should keep an eye on him....we'll see you till oh wait I forgot one thing there is also some sort of weird flaming foxy and I've been trying to fix him but I just made it worse so any ways goodbye until tomorrow oh wait one last thing we got some even better robots then the toy they are called the new age animatronics and if you have enough fax coins they will help you goodbye and see you Tomorrow (hangs up)
i used 1000 toilets to ruin people's lives
when you let a kid use a crossbow
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