i completed this legendary don't fall challenge using this godlike technique 

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i completed this legendary don't fall challenge using this godlike technique
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




30-Mar, 2021



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live well with EDS
live well with EDS 6 daqiqa oldin
thanks for flashing light warning
Alessandra Felicia
3:01 the trio of jelly crainer and slogo
Wioletta MacBurney
Wioletta MacBurney 3 soat oldin
I love how gray puts himself through hell and still swars less than 99.99 present of youtobrs
Giselle Arguello
Giselle Arguello 8 soat oldin
yep good gob “gray: DO IT AGAIN. me: you can’t.
Matt ST
Matt ST 9 soat oldin
why not play spore?
John Cage
John Cage 9 soat oldin
Joel Bowden
Joel Bowden 13 soat oldin
At first he yeeted but after he yotted
shaannyyx 22 soat oldin
Gray i love your videos
Kennedy Heible
Kennedy Heible 2 kun oldin
It’s not a gta video until he says ChEcKpOiNt
MEMEBRO SRSLY 2 kun oldin
25 RP Lol
คłpнค gคм¡หg
Its milk gang
NyxWasHere 2 kun oldin
I forgot how good gray was at amusing me I have stopped watching for way too longg
Sagar Gon
Sagar Gon 3 kun oldin
Subscribed ur channel after watching 3 videos.. really enjoyed ur commentary brother.. thanks for making us laugh
beerusT23 3 kun oldin
I have something that will kill gray do this again but without checkpoints😂😂😂😂😂😂
Creeper_Girly848 3 kun oldin
david ramirez
david ramirez 3 kun oldin
It’s physics not gravity you bastard
Jekardo Martinez
Jekardo Martinez 3 kun oldin
lia 3 kun oldin
Graystillplays:wear is my checkpoint Me:hahahahahahahah🤣
THE_UNKNOWN_YT 3 kun oldin
I was laughing thru the whole vid haha 😂
Dalan Grimes
Dalan Grimes 3 kun oldin
Yeetus the fetus
Heather 3 kun oldin
I swear you make me laugh every time lol. Especially the yeet comments and yeety tubes lol.
alden knickrehm
alden knickrehm 4 kun oldin
I feel bad for you
Cooper Laubach
Cooper Laubach 4 kun oldin
I love your vids and your funny and I’m new to your channel and subscribed
George Jones
George Jones 4 kun oldin
Gray still slays
alexandrasayn 4 kun oldin
You sound like ssundee
alexandrasayn 4 kun oldin
Alex Van der veen
Alex Van der veen 4 kun oldin
What do you want from me The bordcreator: YOUR SOUL
Slapshot Jack
Slapshot Jack 4 kun oldin
Car falling out of the sky in real life: hits the ground and turns into a pancake Car in gta lands: nothing happens
DUHRANDOMDUH 5 kun oldin
*GRAY* You should make your own board and make US suffer
The Shadow Philospher
Just like comedy, torture comes in threes
Alex Koima
Alex Koima 5 kun oldin
Nice cut😝
Sultan Ahmed Mughal
What is the name of this game ?
gooblets2 5 kun oldin
At 11:00 he sounded like Ed from ed, edd, and eddy 😂
CraZcatladee Studios
On the bright side, whatever torture they have to offer in hell will be nothing compared to this! Heck, eternal damnation doesn't sound so bad after the anxiety attack this gave me!
Aribella Dickerson
Aribella Dickerson 6 kun oldin
7:25 “Oh that doesn’t look that bad” while he falls of Me: oh wow it isn’t that bad
MontyCaden 6 kun oldin
You sound like Flynn Lockwood
MontyCaden 6 kun oldin
I truly wonder if you actually like doing these videos bc this straight up looks like torcher
123 6 kun oldin
This video in a nutshell: f'ck
Bull Shrimp
Bull Shrimp 7 kun oldin
its not over the moon its "over the hump" now
VoVillia Corp.
VoVillia Corp. 7 kun oldin
Stephen King's Dominoes lol
Davonn Boyer
Davonn Boyer 7 kun oldin
don't you just enjoy pain and suffering?
Mr. Freake
Mr. Freake 7 kun oldin
What’s the name of this board?
GraveDigger 015
GraveDigger 015 8 kun oldin
y do u call levels boards?
Christian Montgomery
ChEk PoInT__-Gray
Tech News for Tech Noobs
One thing I have learned after watching Grey for over a year now... NEVER try watching one of his videos at night after your wifeysauce goes to bed. You absolutely, positively WILL wake her up from laughing or trying NOT to laugh.
Savagecrossing 1234
And him being like... what is patients ?
Reuben Stacey
Reuben Stacey 8 kun oldin
How do you get custom maps on PS4?
Kakaface 8 kun oldin
Gray turned into a car 7:42
dannytheman1313 8 kun oldin
I fully believe these were designed by Florida Man whenever Grey plays you can hear him screaming how do you like it?!?
Anderson Luis Silva Pereira
The happy boat distinctively pack because wish intriguinly greet afore a remarkable rise. amused, elite chauffeur
DaT Animations
DaT Animations 8 kun oldin
What's the name of this map?
Maxwell Auel
Maxwell Auel 8 kun oldin
Why does he sound like a single parent of possibly 5 children 3 of them being 17. (Dream smp reference )
Steph Sloane
Steph Sloane 8 kun oldin
Stephanie Burkinshaw
I love how this man is just motivated by the checkpoints
[Neko Gacha]
[Neko Gacha] 8 kun oldin
Gary: Noshdunrhchrnejuwbfhdhn3 Me: Wise words my friend
FREAK SHOW 8 kun oldin
Gray is like my dad and i love it
ELY AND TMUG 8 kun oldin
I can hear the screaming if you had to do this with no check points
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 8 kun oldin
You should go back to the bum simulator game
KP YT channel
KP YT channel 9 kun oldin
7:41 racers start your engians
spot the cat
spot the cat 9 kun oldin
grey has changed since his my summer car vids
Mathias Peña
Mathias Peña 9 kun oldin
Jozef Smajda
Jozef Smajda 9 kun oldin
Can you please put the name of these stunt races to de description? I'd like to try them but I couldn't find a single one of them. Thanks!
kavill jr B
kavill jr B 9 kun oldin
How long did it actually take you to do this 😂😂😂😂 seen that the vid is only 16 mins
Shinokami007 9 kun oldin
i have no idea how you could put yourself through such thing... i couldn't. kuddos to you :)
LitterX.D 9 kun oldin
I love seeing you suffer!
Rees Plays
Rees Plays 9 kun oldin
Rub Rude
Rub Rude 9 kun oldin
tortur idk how too spell YAY
Pavel Stoev
Pavel Stoev 9 kun oldin
you sound like ssundee
Peashooter and primal Peashooter
I wanna make a game called Graystillplayscraft Basically it's Minecraft but IT'S HELL BICH
Peashooter and primal Peashooter
*Graystillplays HELL
Agangu 10 kun oldin
use the *Morsecode63* on !G he got my account back with less time taken
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson 10 kun oldin
The infamous letter extragingivally permit because coffee histologically stop among a encouraging cloakroom. many, freezing lilac
Shinokami007 9 kun oldin
i tried googl'ing some words you used and couldn't find reference to it...
Ursula Genest
Ursula Genest 10 kun oldin
The yeet god
Trung Tính
Trung Tính 10 kun oldin
The tired desert principally smell because lily prospectively suppose atop a delightful philosophy. burly, silky sand
Plant 10 kun oldin
14:24 “Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” sounds like Kirby sucking something in
Lazy Gaming
Lazy Gaming 10 kun oldin
Did anyone else here the random "ChEcKpOiNt!" At the start of the video? No... just me? ok.............. No but fr fr, did you srsly hear it?
Erik Baron
Erik Baron 10 kun oldin
Koalt9Playz 11 kun oldin
Heeeey, completed it! *The Scout*
Hamster Afonso ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
14:27 my computer ventilator in a nutshell:
Hamster Afonso ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
16:29 my computer ventilator in a nutshell part 2:
Dominic Vanassche
Dominic Vanassche 11 kun oldin
Boo hoo hoo boo hoo hooo
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 11 kun oldin
As a physics major, watching this channel in general just makes me cringe and die inside as my brain tries in vain to come up with a logical explanation for him just ignoring almost every law of physics. In the end, I just accept that it's video games, they don't care about most of the laws of physics.
Chevrolet Caprice
Chevrolet Caprice 11 kun oldin
Holy -bleep- there is a checkpoint. 2 seconds later... Damn I missed it
David Taylor
David Taylor 11 kun oldin
you ask what i want the answer YOUR SOUL
Will Kirk
Will Kirk 11 kun oldin
Anyone know the car name?
Blank the dutchie
Blank the dutchie 11 kun oldin
bro you soul dying helps my soul exist
uven 11 kun oldin
hi checkpoint lover
Charlzz 123
Charlzz 123 11 kun oldin
4:04 MLG
stacy elliott
stacy elliott 11 kun oldin
Grand Game
Grand Game 11 kun oldin
i sometimes rewatch his vids to fell good that im not the one in agonising pain
Sam Barber
Sam Barber 11 kun oldin
Grey, your channel is built off of yours and others suffering
Worland 11 kun oldin
The key to get across the platforms is holding CTRL if on keyboard so ur car tilts backwards when airborne @greystillplays
Siverker 11 kun oldin
gray: this doesn't look that bad 5 second later gray: NOOOOOO
elijah scuito
elijah scuito 11 kun oldin
I hatethis one because he says cHePoInT
Hafidz Moech
Hafidz Moech 11 kun oldin
how to make gray happy : *checkpoint*
TacoToastify 11 kun oldin
It would be nice to link the maps somewhere. I realy want to play them too
Nin Guém
Nin Guém 11 kun oldin
10:50 was sweet
monke4076 12 kun oldin
7:39 car noises
Wolf Princess
Wolf Princess 12 kun oldin
The time: 36:58.855 hours 😳
ChrizZone 12 kun oldin
I like how the end of a video I press another one and it looks like the same video when it swishes
Tyler Moses
Tyler Moses 12 kun oldin
Yeetie tube #1: bing. Yeetie tube #2: .........aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh...
Zach 12 kun oldin
I wanna see him do one of these where it's locked in first person view
toy boni 2019
toy boni 2019 12 kun oldin
gicve y7ou robuks ohfed
Exploring Timelapse in Google Earth
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Minecraft, But Enchants Are OP...
Ko‘rishlar soni 149 ming
minecraft, but you can farm lucky blocks
Exploring Timelapse in Google Earth
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln