i completed this impossible anti gravity jump using my secret technique 

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i completed this impossible anti gravity jump using my secret technique
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels




13-Mar, 2021



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Declan K
Declan K 10 daqiqa oldin
Pro is the hardest one because the noob and legend are the same length
Skull0fry 17 soat oldin
That constipated sound he makes
Steven Sylvester
Gray it say dont go down but still go to death
Mike 2 kun oldin
0:21 son flys away 0:24 son like IM BACK BI*CH
Stella Goetia
Stella Goetia 3 kun oldin
Ha ha keyboard go brrr
Lord Neko
Lord Neko 4 kun oldin
18:18 Ummm.... what? 18:30 Gray looses his mind.
Zak Crockford
Zak Crockford 4 kun oldin
my friend said that you are all crap you tuber and he is kinda pushing his limits by getting mad at me for no reason.
Kamakunai 4 kun oldin
his child just slam dunked him XD 0:21 - 0:25
Drake Kaiser
Drake Kaiser 5 kun oldin
i love grays channel cause of stuff
Jeremiah Victoria
Jeremiah Victoria 5 kun oldin
16:49misses bottle run by one bottle lol 😂
Karl Heinrich Marx
Karl Heinrich Marx 6 kun oldin
The intro made me think of battleshits. Don’t ask
Mambe 6 kun oldin
3:27 bleurgh
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
9:49 the Hardy smoothie!
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
6:17 the flippy gray!!
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
0:18 a bag of hamburgers and Jesus
Not nooby At games
Not nooby At games 7 kun oldin
Less Irish green pewdiepie
•Lau_Kun• 7 kun oldin
8:40 AaAAa
DRIPPYRaven 7 kun oldin
Ummmm wtf alright so gray did this hmmmmm and then like the lip smacking thing right when I did
Cole Darner
Cole Darner 7 kun oldin
At 7:03 he sounds like peter griffin
Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
15:01 Tom Hardy the betrayer
Robotic Robot
Robotic Robot 8 kun oldin
13:30 the pogo litrlly siked the harpoon
honeeymoon 9 kun oldin
Alright, welcome back to the only game that’ll make you cry tears of pain and gives you trauma, It’s Happy Wheels.
Lord Diavolo With Gacha
*T* _H_ -E- *S* _E_ -A- _R_ -E- -M- _Y_ *A* _N_ *T* -I- *D* _E_ -P- -P- *R* _E_ *S* _A_ -N- *T* _S_
Dakota Stevens
Dakota Stevens 9 kun oldin
By far the best editing ever. God I love the commentary and sounds used so much😂 I swear your videos literally make me burst out laughing
KJ Dubs
KJ Dubs 11 kun oldin
3:20 I'm dead
SaiyanTheSon 11 kun oldin
Alright today I’m playing the only game where the person with the longest log wins it’s middle school
ye 7158
ye 7158 11 kun oldin
The stiff arm thirdly command because mask contemporaneously puncture before a rustic pelican. mighty, holistic pantyhose
mahdi -al-husseini
mahdi -al-husseini 11 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that when gray said OMG my son he sounds like MattShea???
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun 11 kun oldin
8:20 dancing teachers and people who do gymnastics: *pathetic*
Mono N
Mono N 13 kun oldin
mayitovo 13 kun oldin
I just saw Tom hardy has arms but no legs and gray had no arms but legs
Aidan Stapleton
Aidan Stapleton 13 kun oldin
15:00 his child just killed him
Zeta Alpha
Zeta Alpha 13 kun oldin
“I can taste the mustard! I can taste the ketchup!” No, what you’re tasting is the masochism cool-aid youve been drinking since you decided to start doing these challenges and keeping doing the challenges even though you have the knowledge that that it will be incredibly unpleasant. /joking
James Erickson
James Erickson 13 kun oldin
3:54 click then 0:00
kwebbelkop Junior
kwebbelkop Junior 13 kun oldin
HAHAHAHA at the end I laughed so hard that I spit out my drink 😂 gray=😈
Ethan Pierce Bondick
The insidious ton iteratively intend because rainstorm naturalistically moan plus a known creature. decisive, few fierce purple
Filming Productions
Filming Productions 14 kun oldin
I thought you lost
catcoolyt 14 kun oldin
15:01 in the vid is funny
Leah W
Leah W 14 kun oldin
There's a secret win in rope swing secret
Kenny Gielkens
Kenny Gielkens 15 kun oldin
Play moor brick rigs!,!!!!!
Derek Wong
Derek Wong 15 kun oldin
What was the secret
Jacob does YouTube
Jacob does YouTube 16 kun oldin
Graystillplays out of context: come mmm
Gavin Martinez
Gavin Martinez 17 kun oldin
11:01 "so im just going to try and leave" *UK Style*
YourLocalDevil 2021
YourLocalDevil 2021 17 kun oldin
Gray at the spikefall: RRrrrErReReReEeeEeEee
Elijah_Gaming. The YouTube Beginner
9:14 son and dad are doing the opposite game bc dad has no arms but he has legs and son has arms but no legs lol
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha 18 kun oldin
The hideous high share physically mine because beaver subcellularly park towards a stale angora. dull, subdued manicure
INFLAMES 18 kun oldin
Level 99999999 YeetMaster
Draconic Duelist
Draconic Duelist 20 kun oldin
13:44 Gray: "Ah, hahaha. I've been impaled!"
Juan Matteo D. Lebanto
15:01 he said 🧎‍♂️🪓 and 👨🪓
Bri Bri
Bri Bri 20 kun oldin
Lmao 💀
Juan Matteo D. Lebanto
13:25 superhuman
Royce West
Royce West 20 kun oldin
0:24 had me on the floor that he got RKO’d by his son
aqua phoenix10432
aqua phoenix10432 21 kun oldin
5:30 Why did he become the death-kwon-do guy
starry night uwu
starry night uwu 21 kun oldin
Hi im new
JayHeroPro 22 kun oldin
18:32 That scream you make when your falling into lava in FE2
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 59 of asking for more beamNg
O Dav
O Dav 22 kun oldin
I like your content😊
O Dav
O Dav 22 kun oldin
O Dav
O Dav 22 kun oldin
The dad on the bike is😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kieran Burt
Kieran Burt 22 kun oldin
Gray:mmmmmm I broke my arms Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kimi's Thingy
Kimi's Thingy 22 kun oldin
Ami Pistone
Ami Pistone 22 kun oldin
Hefty 23 kun oldin
0:24 RKO out of nowhere lol
The Golden gamer
The Golden gamer 24 kun oldin
Gray pepe
Biruh Abaneh
Biruh Abaneh 24 kun oldin
He did another version of this level with the same name and same creator in a different episode. The difference is at the end of the fake spike fall you actually win
AZuReFLAmEG0D 24 kun oldin
The way this series just took off is kinda interesting.
AZuReFLAmEG0D 24 kun oldin
4:20 at 0.5 play back speed is a really tight squeeze!
Valentine Vue
Valentine Vue 25 kun oldin
His son was the Hitman
anime and games
anime and games 25 kun oldin
Gray ree'd
-*Bad Luck Luca*-
-*Bad Luck Luca*- 25 kun oldin
Gray: IM ALIVE B---- AHAHAAHA Me: Ah yes psychotic Gray in his natural habitat
Esosa osagie
Esosa osagie 25 kun oldin
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JrMind808 25 kun oldin
0:24 Wombo Combo
Hurline Rose
Hurline Rose 25 kun oldin
The dysfunctional light ontogenically crash because napkin specifically injure for a chivalrous missile. unkempt, debonair self
rimuru 25 kun oldin
Lumbee Warrior
Lumbee Warrior 26 kun oldin
Someone add a death counter for happy wheels
Isaiah Finch
Isaiah Finch 26 kun oldin
14:45 its funny, I got an ad JUST LIKE THAT right before bodyguard.
Ella Brereton
Ella Brereton 26 kun oldin
Sniper Rexxx
Sniper Rexxx 26 kun oldin
Gray: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* Subtitles [Music]
Mark Hazard
Mark Hazard 26 kun oldin
I like how PEPOL die in rage and PAIN like for unpain
destiny Chao
destiny Chao 26 kun oldin
I realize when you were in a the green background I I saw children getting stabbed by swords and getting shot by harpoons :graystillplays who is getting shot
• Gacha edits? I gotcha! •
5:33 \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / - - -
the corruption YouTuber
8:43 this is making me laugh XD are you a horse? XD
christopher ramil
christopher ramil 26 kun oldin
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Eliasi Abdul
Eliasi Abdul 26 kun oldin
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Rocio Spencer
Rocio Spencer 27 kun oldin
Are Raycons water proof
Merit Host
Merit Host 27 kun oldin
ChefZack X
ChefZack X 27 kun oldin
6:17 My guy just did 2 front flips and a half
ChefZack X
ChefZack X 27 kun oldin
4:43 so let me get this straight. He was shot in the head, harpooned in the groin, and blown to pieces. A gruesome way to go out. Also *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL*
mike gaming
mike gaming 27 kun oldin
Hello u might be reading this so keep on reading now blink, good now I wasted 7 seconds of ur life and i wasted 44 seconds of my life making this, ha u kept reading now u wasted 17 seconds of ur life, congrats
KHRONIC357MAG _ 28 kun oldin
Yay I thought you where dead
Noah Ziegler
Noah Ziegler 28 kun oldin
0:24 he got RKO't by his son
Drake_Storm 28 kun oldin
18:31 He made me spit all my coffee out with his laugh lmao
joziah rivera
joziah rivera 28 kun oldin
Oj OldElk
Oj OldElk 28 kun oldin
He found his inner joker 18:36
Rainy Ethan
Rainy Ethan 28 kun oldin
the fact in the thumbnail the legend is more easier than the pro is making me laugh in pain
YEET MASTER 28 kun oldin
whats the song or sound effect at 1:26 cause my friend wants to know and "It is said that the spikefall may be...*gets blown up into the sky* IMPOSSIBLE"
B Dog I like turtels
I cant sleep so I'm whatching gray the man with half the plan and no body parts
JetBlackFoxx YT
JetBlackFoxx YT 28 kun oldin
He didn’t find the secret it’s in the bottom left corner at 1:00
beastly 29 kun oldin
On the tital picture legend is just noob again O_O
C0zmIKG4m3R _ZXD
C0zmIKG4m3R _ZXD 29 kun oldin
grey: i was *dies* (BLEEP) i was made for imposible me: *goes three days straight laughing at something that was stoopid*
Austin McBain-Barber
I guess you are the yeet master because in Mobile gaming ads you a battle axe into the winning point yeeted
̊FriendsCallMePanini ̊ Ππ -_-
9:42 and Tom has the hands and he has the legs :)
a child
a child 29 kun oldin
This awesome man is bakugo combined with deku gaming ( and seasoned with kiri )
The WORST Game of Geoguessr Ever Played.
The WORST Game of Geoguessr Ever Played.