i completed the smallest harpoon jump challenge and this happened 

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i completed the smallest harpoon jump challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels




7-Apr, 2021



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Amanda Smullen
Amanda Smullen 2 soat oldin
Y tf is dis in da gta 5 playlist
flint harnack
flint harnack 6 soat oldin
thank you gray for keeping my favorite game alive
Dário Albuquerque
Dário Albuquerque 7 soat oldin
Dário Albuquerque
Dário Albuquerque 7 soat oldin
Water dragon Jai
Water dragon Jai 9 soat oldin
If you know that your gonna die then may as well choose what kills you
Spacetick1 14 soat oldin
Gray should play people playground
Mebuyyou 22 soat oldin
He sounds like Marge simson when he got the holy hole
one dose not simply
one dose not simply 23 soat oldin
that moment when people for some reason get upset that gray spelt grey wrong even though gray is a legitimate name having about 292,734 people having that as a last name and scored #79 most popular last name
DEWEI WANG Kun oldin
pause at 10:26 and watch closely as u see a group of jetpacks go through his body if u read this part u hate logic
supduck Kun oldin
supduck Kun oldin
Day 1 of asking gray if he has been to hell and clutched the gulag with an mlg 360 ooga booga noscope
mill b
mill b Kun oldin
Leo Powell
Leo Powell Kun oldin
I've not laughed so hard till this one came along. 😂😂🤣😂😂
wildweav Kun oldin
gray, I made a bottle go into a spot that was 1,000% impossible
Wade The Scrapper
What you need are some impossible drugs...
Delano Richardson
I was just saying what are you doing
Ghost Eats Your Dreams
Infinite alcoholism should be a thing in bottle flips. Nvm I think it's already a thing.
cheryl berwald
cheryl berwald 2 kun oldin
Yeet god + gray still pays = yeetstillgod
Ian Hogben
Ian Hogben 2 kun oldin
You can't beat me I know but he can
Rotter Totter
Rotter Totter 2 kun oldin
Gray: YoU cAnT sToP ME fRoM Cheating! Also gray: lauphs in an insane way
Crystal Cole
Crystal Cole 2 kun oldin
when you find a map with jets try and hang on to one
disposession chrommmlord
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah
KyloReed12 gaming channel
I love your vids
Eddie Henkhaus
Eddie Henkhaus 2 kun oldin
Not today Satan, that is a good mercy idea
Eddie Henkhaus
Eddie Henkhaus 2 kun oldin
I mean merch
xwarockx3 2 kun oldin
1:32 I reckon you could've used the first harpoon as a Rope swing to the finish next to the building.
Antonio Mihailov
Antonio Mihailov 2 kun oldin
Rodolfo Aguilar
Rodolfo Aguilar 2 kun oldin
Rodolfo Aguilar
Rodolfo Aguilar 2 kun oldin
SpikedUpForReal 3 kun oldin
3:45 GrayStillPlays + Yeet God = GRAYSTILLPLAYS IS A YEET GOD!
Daniel Comer
Daniel Comer 3 kun oldin
3:28 - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Michael McCauley for kids
3:28 why can’t I stop laughing
gallade gamer
gallade gamer 3 kun oldin
I don't think this is supposed to be in the GTA playlist
Caleb Gilliland
Caleb Gilliland 3 kun oldin
The fact that he's a being impaled is really concerning
Riquelme Lewis
Riquelme Lewis 3 kun oldin
Y should i let u in Gray: i made a bottle flip first try So... Gray: in impossible Rigth away sir
Vivaan Patil 2
Vivaan Patil 2 3 kun oldin
10:40 what
Sean Foster
Sean Foster 3 kun oldin
I feel like Gray should make merch with "Not today, SATAN!" or "I'M STILL ALIIVE" on it.
Gacha_ Maddie
Gacha_ Maddie 3 kun oldin
I like squares.
Colin McIndoo
Colin McIndoo 4 kun oldin
I’m the 2021 comment
Tatsuya Shiba
Tatsuya Shiba 4 kun oldin
Anyone else paused to read in the bottle yeeting game? Lol
Damain Morales
Damain Morales 4 kun oldin
DynamicSaturn36 Gaming
4:11 LOL
ShadowEvee16 Gaming
I just want to say thank you so much for playing my board my UZblock hit 397 subscribers cuz of you
ERROR GAMER 4 kun oldin
I CHEATED DEATH YESSS LOL!!!!! (Final Destination) = I Cheated Death
Jacob Ackley
Jacob Ackley 4 kun oldin
1:18 it’s the way he just kinda sat wanting to get stabbed in the groin
MidnightDStroyer 4 kun oldin
"I don't beat death. I trick my way out of death & pat myself on the back for my ingenuity." ~Admiral James Kirk Gray knows how that goes...
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 4 kun oldin
i just inhaled a feather
Christian Arvin J. Barlan Jr.
me made that game
cookie _UnU
cookie _UnU 5 kun oldin
Natalie Zaranok
Natalie Zaranok 5 kun oldin
stay gray
TheGhostReckon 5 kun oldin
8:43 soldiers after a grenade explosion
Naryan Aggarwal
Naryan Aggarwal 5 kun oldin
"Gray will find a way." The irony...
Gestalt 5 kun oldin
4:08 is when colorblind people have a bad day I almost saw nothing
Guilherme LDS
Guilherme LDS 5 kun oldin
2:19 ball* 12:54 ARGH!!!!
WhiteChocolate King
I am superman bit-eheheheheheeheheheheheh straight for the win
Alex walker
Alex walker 5 kun oldin
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer 5 kun oldin
10:25 when a radioactive spider bites you
OMAR MAHER 5 kun oldin
Runa 5 kun oldin
The most inspiring sentence from gray "NOT TODAY SATAN"
Silentwraith Gaming
If the way to beat the level is to float like a butterfly, where is stinging like a bee required?
DJ Subatomic says Non-binary Rights
1:16 Castration, quick and *very painful*
Nathaniel Roden
Nathaniel Roden 6 kun oldin
Mr.Waffleeezz 6 kun oldin
1:43 the cutest no i have ever heard from a grown man
Lord Batman
Lord Batman 6 kun oldin
How do people do the boards is it pc only
Procatgamer 6 kun oldin
4:40 big rocket sus AMOGUS
Under duck
Under duck 6 kun oldin
“ I’m superman” Gray still plays
Comment Advertiser
Comment Advertiser 6 kun oldin
I'm here too!!
Ervin playz alpha
Ervin playz alpha 6 kun oldin
GRAY! the first rope swing you did in this video was the one I played!
Sai_lg10 6 kun oldin
5:20 this feels like me watching my hero while midoroya jumps from pole to pole
hehehe!!!! 6 kun oldin
The tip of the holy hole is called holy tip
Gamer_Baby 6 kun oldin
Did you see that box of Timmy guts on the troll board?
SunRedux 6 kun oldin
30FPS game 60FPS 1080p UZblock Somebody is lying! Very sus!
james francois
james francois 6 kun oldin
at the BAT 2:46
Rashelann De La Torre
PBJJ Studio's
PBJJ Studio's 7 kun oldin
6:29 his pain lines up with the laugh.
PBJJ Studio's
PBJJ Studio's 7 kun oldin
1:44 "No, not the balls!" 6 seconds later... Got em'
c h i c k e n w i n g !
1:28 gray is gay
DeadWolf 78
DeadWolf 78 7 kun oldin
3:27 Bro that scream made me laugh so much lmao
Alicia Thorpe
Alicia Thorpe 7 kun oldin
What is wrong with you
Alicia Thorpe
Alicia Thorpe 7 kun oldin
This is the person that makes everyone laugh to death
Alicia Thorpe
Alicia Thorpe 7 kun oldin
How the hell did you get sliced in half by a harpoon
Nicholas Dalloo
Nicholas Dalloo 7 kun oldin
You should play spore
Leigha 7 kun oldin
Adrienne DeRuyck
Adrienne DeRuyck 7 kun oldin
Congrats on 4.69 m subscribers 👌
Adrienne DeRuyck
Adrienne DeRuyck 7 kun oldin
Gray, My jaw has been hurting like hell lately and watching your vids make my day!
Berrybombs 7 kun oldin
This reminds me of 2015 I love it
ItzD4rk1n 7 kun oldin
I always questions grays thumbnails
Hilda Sanchez
Hilda Sanchez 7 kun oldin
Gray is the kind of person who would bring nothing to a gun fight and still win
Derp Queen
Derp Queen 7 kun oldin
As a great pirate one said “eunuchy, snip snip”
The Bone Warrior
The Bone Warrior 7 kun oldin
Hey everyone new membee here
Isak Mack
Isak Mack 7 kun oldin
Have damn gode day
Rickierick the Sith
nice and slOOOOOOO
oneball_paul74 on fn edits
When spontaneously combustion is required in all of his videos
Myles Wright
Myles Wright 7 kun oldin
BaconifiedOwO 7 kun oldin
2:01 I've heard this music before in Game Theory.. that guy Austin, thats his name right? The one going insane?
Ela Manninen
Ela Manninen 7 kun oldin
something we will never get: gray giving up
Fluffy The mareep
Fluffy The mareep 7 kun oldin
At this point I click on the happy wheels videos just to hear how many “yeet” is in each
Kristina Mika
Kristina Mika 7 kun oldin
Gray makes any game at all interesting
Michael Revard
Michael Revard 8 kun oldin
2:36 santa
Zippy Channel
Zippy Channel 8 kun oldin
Gray should've said when he chose harpoon death he should've said this is just acupunture
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 8 kun oldin
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 3 kun oldin
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 8 kun oldin
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
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when lightning splits the earth in half
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
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