forcing the human body to experience 10,000,000 lbs. of pressure 

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forcing the human body to experience 10,000,000 lbs. of pressure
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Descenders is extreme downhill freeriding for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. Will you lead your team to glory and become the next legendary Descender?




12-Mar, 2021



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Dancing butters with depression.
Jayboetrein_YT 5 kun oldin
4:49 In Florida ice is rare but I live in the Netherlands and in the Netherlands we have in winter everyday frickin' ice on the road XD
*{Yeet or be Yeeten}*
Gray - *I almost died* Me - don't you always
oblivion !!!!!!!
oblivion !!!!!!! 9 kun oldin
Gray: I live in Florida, riding on ice is to unrealistic And yet riding on giant sticks of butter is
Dominic Burgos
Dominic Burgos 12 kun oldin
4:22 lol
CommonChris 14 kun oldin
“I can ride yo girl with no handlebars” 🎵 🎶
YOUNGDUB D12 14 kun oldin
He tries to be funny to much
Kevin Nicholson
Kevin Nicholson 15 kun oldin
Gray from florida: struggles to bike on ice. Me from Wisconsin: first time?
Rainbow Marley
Rainbow Marley 15 kun oldin
6:53 don’t mind
Jaydens_ _Gaming
Jaydens_ _Gaming 17 kun oldin
I did this in less than 12 minuits how tf does it take u nearly an hour
Imposterbro 2000
Imposterbro 2000 17 kun oldin
Satan said lets combine happy wheels and wipeout to cause more pain
Hannah ro'meave
Hannah ro'meave 19 kun oldin
i could be frozen cocaine gray
Kev Can.D
Kev Can.D 20 kun oldin
“Pain is on sale... And I’m buying I’ll of it!” Gray’s quote in his yearbook
Cole's Law
Cole's Law 20 kun oldin
1 *_6 9_* 6!!!!
Rendrat van Donkereschrijver
Sometiem I wonder where Gray comes up with these names I mean Molestaclese the spider
eidod23 21 kun oldin
Im gonna have to ask gray to get more thumb nails i thought this was a older video
Urban Leger
Urban Leger 21 kun oldin
The oval success physically itch because hobbies hopefully treat worth a ancient knight. accessible, shaggy numeric
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey 21 kun oldin
I don’t think you need a helmet your brain is probably broken anyway
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 58 of asking for more beamNg
Aja West
Aja West 22 kun oldin
gray is always getting hurt every time
Cameren Nelson
Cameren Nelson 22 kun oldin
This is like a wipeout course on steroids.
GamingWyvern 22 kun oldin
TofuDaTurtle 25 kun oldin
It's like Trials and Wipeout had a bastard child
If Grey was a super hero, his powers would be pain immunity and immortality.
Spleens The Cat
Spleens The Cat 26 kun oldin
Michael Key
Michael Key 26 kun oldin
Haven't watched in a while, why do you sound like pewdiepie lmao
Miro roblox gaming
Miro roblox gaming 26 kun oldin
Gray getting impaled by butters Gray: I'm still alive
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong 27 kun oldin
"It's so smooth, it's like pooping out soft serve ice cream..."
PivotGaming 27 kun oldin
3D happy wheels
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 27 kun oldin
When i first found this channel it seemed very family friendly and pg. I have come to learn this is not the case.
Myface 28 kun oldin
Grey out of context: get blown
Charligames9600 29 kun oldin
Gabi Borgstede
Gabi Borgstede 29 kun oldin
The level bra apically hammer because margin expectedly shave aside a sweet columnist. profuse, clever voice
247Jacob Oy oldin
I like how no one is questioning that he’s number 69 because we all know it’s normal for us
Beepo Playz
Beepo Playz Oy oldin
I’m just so confused on how gray does this kind of stuff and finishes it
ramanjeet kaur
I'm still alive... aaAAaAUuuGHH
ZEO Oy oldin
Yes , but why do we need checkpoints?
gallade. Oy oldin
*We have Avengers at home*
11:15 don't get penetrated by the butter -GSP 2021
0:48 how the tables have turned, usually the balls are the ones being abused
Day Breaker
Day Breaker Oy oldin
Grey:O look I’m in hell Satan:Not yet you aren’t wallride
Miriam Bradley
You know what I suggest for you Gray? Roblox. Why? Because I think Tower of Hell is calling your name.
Hello Order
Hello Order Oy oldin
Gray play solar smash use the beem and power it up to 5 and use the the darget button and carfuly cut it it have
Genocrysis Oy oldin
Grey: Rides bicycle on ice Grey: I live in Florida! This is unrealistic, I would never have to bicycle in this! Me, an Oregonman: Welcome to Oregon.
maxmagnetic9 Oy oldin
I like his number on his back
BreezyPanda Oy oldin
Imagine going to Gray’s funeral and all you hear from the coffin is “iMmM....StILllL....aAaLLiIiVVE
TomGoblin1 Oy oldin
Greystillplays; the technoblade of torturous parkour
8 ball Gaming
8 ball Gaming Oy oldin
Me on my way to school
Kiernan Shermer ATHERTON
that 666 is hot and satanic
this has 666k veiws, grey, you've done it
Sterling Hulbert
Grey's bottle flip that he's always wanted yeet Florida man
Jack Childs
Jack Childs Oy oldin
Gray on brack me todely I got the map editor
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Oy oldin
Irl quietly waiting for his noises of suffering and pain
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert Oy oldin
Even grey is making fun of the fact that I am a grown man with a rock tumbler =/
Gavin Manning
Gavin Manning Oy oldin
6:51 that is exactly what I expected when I heard you say that gray
Khaotic Sanctum
A guy at my school had to go to the hospital bc he tangled his ball hairs on a fidget spinner. They are in fact, dangerous.
Some Guy The worst YouTuber
Pain is the best medicine
Idazmi7 Oy oldin
This is literally 3D Happy Wheels with less gore.
oh its so smooth thats what she said
this butter is hot... thats what she said
Marina Senseless
i really love the assassins creed eagle-soundeffect!
SkyKibo Oy oldin
You’re not just descending anymore, you’re descending into masochism.
Lando Oy oldin
Gray I'm wearing a cast
heart of the phoenix
looks like wipe out on a bike
James Ervin Jr
Ik one of you tapped that dislike button just to get the 296 come clean and your soul will not be eaten by a demigorgon
Dele Toriyama
Dele Toriyama Oy oldin
Like getting assaulted by a... Malnourished Bowling Pin. Dr Phil: Mr Gray tell us of the time you were assaulted by a bowling pin. Gray: Have you ever met a Floridaman? Well its 10000 times worse
your funny'
Joe Beam
Joe Beam Oy oldin
OneMorePupper Youtube Edition
Actually, it is about descending. Descending into hecc.
Gabriel Marshall
I love how in games like happy wheels, you could lose all of your limbs, and in this game, just a light bone grinding and your out of commission
Jordan Tamez
Jordan Tamez Oy oldin
This game is way more testicular:)
John Woodson
John Woodson Oy oldin
At 2:40 in the video who else remember my summer car
Reis Welch
Reis Welch Oy oldin
Gray: i live in florda this is unrealistic me a canadain: slip and slid lets goooooo
gio 125
gio 125 Oy oldin
Kuba Nowakowski
When he was on this moving butter I felt butterflies in my stomach 😂
Stark Hikaru
Stark Hikaru Oy oldin
Omg. That spleens callback. Lmao!
Russian Blue
Russian Blue Oy oldin
9:19 The cursed image of nightmares
Very Descriptive
If you comment one letter on this comment I will literally go and take a sip of water
Angela Hazlewood
If you ever feel useless, just remember that Gray sounds like Peter griffin.
Berto Burraston
Ayyyy he was playing biker Wipeout. Did anyone else catch that?
Sybil Reichlan
This is essentially BMX Wipeout and I'm loving every moment of it
E.R.I.N Oy oldin
Gray: "I usually do better on the pro-cam" Gray in his last Descenders video: "The pro-cam sucks" *Confused unga bunga*
Gus Bailey
Gus Bailey Oy oldin
Good one.
Quinton Davis
Quinton Davis Oy oldin
Are you mister cheese ????????
Catryn Morris
Catryn Morris Oy oldin
little child- lets go watch avengers!!! parent- We HaVe AvEnGeRs At HoMe!!!!.........
Scott Adkins hill
Graystillplays motto: At first you don't succeed YEEET YEEET again.
Shadow Pack
Shadow Pack Oy oldin
everytime he goes for a soft landing, he ends up going "head" on into the landing
Shadow Pack
Shadow Pack Oy oldin
why do you always fail so perfectly????????????????!!!!!!!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!/
I'm always either lmao or being hella frustrated when I watch grey.
Wait, grey had friends?
Maxwell Skanse
People just joining this channel: "oh it's just another person doing a biking course" 5 minutes later: "HE GOIN X GAMES MODE"
Faris Fazli
Faris Fazli Oy oldin
Died at "delicious spleen juice" part 😂😂😂😂
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye Oy oldin
how to torture your self play HOMESCAPES
WaffleSheep Oy oldin
NGL, whoever made this board planned it out very well. Props to whoever that was :D
Von Jutland
Von Jutland Oy oldin
Mmm delicious Spleens juice
Ultimateskillet 77
Gray should play Doritos crash course
Kurt Juntoria
Kurt Juntoria Oy oldin
Grey: "thinking he can pass it but can't" the game whenever he gives up on hope: "lets him pass"
A_sour_demon Oy oldin
Grays in his 30s and he's already talking about "those times"
Version 1.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact
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when it rains at 2,000,000,000x light speed
RANDOM ROLES Mod in Among Us
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Version 1.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact