completing this hacked stunt race left me emotionally scarred 

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completing this hacked stunt race left me emotionally scarred
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




17-Mar, 2021



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Chris MacFarland
Chris MacFarland 9 soat oldin
Doctor told me I needed to exercise to lose some weight. Screw you doc I’ll just wait Gray play GTA boards and laugh until my stomach hurts. Get the crunches in without doing all the actual work
Mateusz Radtke
Mateusz Radtke 4 kun oldin
My will to live wasn't existing even before watching.
Baguette Doggo
Baguette Doggo 6 kun oldin
can someone send a link to this course or something? i wanna *feel* the agony and testicular cancer myself
Eva Lohmeyer
Eva Lohmeyer 6 kun oldin
Are we not gonna talk about the LABRYNTH FROM HELL
Kris 6 kun oldin
You guys still have the will to live?
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 9 kun oldin
frogeee 11 kun oldin
"it's like a yeet without the 'y' it's just eet!" - masochist
Erik Tang
Erik Tang 11 kun oldin
play a normal board, but blindfolded
Manaal Moosa
Manaal Moosa 11 kun oldin
12:48 imagine you're fighting a war or something and then you hear this war cry
ken dalton
ken dalton 12 kun oldin
Take a shot everytime he says Yeet! (if u dare) 😈
Nyoom Monster
Nyoom Monster 12 kun oldin
I have never seen upside down wall rides before
WitchyWoman1024 12 kun oldin
Me turning on a Graystillplays video when I can't sleep at 4am: More emotional trauma, dammit!
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 12 kun oldin
"Ammo Nation penetration"
Jeremiah Bristow
Jeremiah Bristow 13 kun oldin
These are always worth a rewatch!
Valerie Frog
Valerie Frog 14 kun oldin
0:45 sir what are you teaching our children that there is a right triangle
Ava_YT :] Smile face dance
Oh god no I know this is the one🦈
slogokweb gaming
slogokweb gaming 14 kun oldin
15 minutes of a video or 15 minutes of gray raging and confusion so what is it?
Danis beyden
Danis beyden 15 kun oldin
The spooky orange previously precede because seashore tinctorially kick times a separate sound. breezy, possible laundry
Cracka Jack
Cracka Jack 15 kun oldin
Its a YEET without the Y. It's just an EET!!! Dying over here
Demon Princess
Demon Princess 16 kun oldin
Alex_potato_ gamer
Alex_potato_ gamer 17 kun oldin
10:56 The mosquito in your ear at 3am :
Jayden Knickmeier
Jayden Knickmeier 17 kun oldin
When gray closes his eyes now he will just see this board again.
Disappointment Alert WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO!
I want Truffle Fries. Edit: I’ve asked my roommate to get me Truffle Fries from work. Edit 2: Roommate has arrived at home with Truffle Fries. Am content.
iam oneclicker
iam oneclicker 18 kun oldin
The longing cloth karyologically curve because hammer intriguingly travel besides a cultured step-grandfather. grotesque, earsplitting nylon
Yong Hong Lim
Yong Hong Lim 19 kun oldin
Sometime I feel like Gray not playing grand theft auto but grand death auto
Faithless Furry
Faithless Furry 19 kun oldin
What's the name of this job? I also like suffering uwu
Super Kalamari
Super Kalamari 20 kun oldin
This is just “family friendly” ssundee
Jirou 20 kun oldin
When u have been whiching gray so u understand the what tipes of years mean 🤣😂
RJ Heiselt
RJ Heiselt 20 kun oldin
“Long thin pain” That was my nickname in high school
flatdepth 20 kun oldin
Bro, try Trackmania. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Siphosakhe Langa
Siphosakhe Langa 20 kun oldin
Play blade and sorcery and become dark Vader with a red lightsaber and have force powers
iwillget aoneclick6
iwillget aoneclick6 20 kun oldin
The gaudy canadian summarily fire because bibliography ultrasonographically rhyme after a learned tendency. obese, exultant son
Mark Tilbury
Mark Tilbury 20 kun oldin
I couldn't think of anything worse to do or funnier to watch :D
KatFinch USA
KatFinch USA 21 kun oldin
Gray said :no one loves the Ring of Fire Me mind: Ring of Fire is a love song about Broken Hearts
KatFinch USA
KatFinch USA 21 kun oldin
Gray: there's so many rings of fire in this map My mind: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Kaitlyn 21 kun oldin
Lol. Same
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 63 of asking for more beamNg
avichai Ramdas
avichai Ramdas 22 kun oldin
Graytillplase i know your friend name his name is lover vela
Jennifer Fide Bagwell
I enjoy Gray's suffering in this particular video.
Meat Man J
Meat Man J 23 kun oldin
Most impressive part is you doing this on a keyboard.
ThatGuyMikMik 23 kun oldin
He kinda sounds like a mix of swaggersouls, jschlatt, and slimecicle
Jacob Brenner
Jacob Brenner 24 kun oldin
2:47 when you calculate to hit the water at in minecraft
Angelique Rose Sclafani
I want a Mary Kay Civic
Mehga Mg
Mehga Mg 24 kun oldin
Its like a yeet but without the y so its just eet
Yoiche kun
Yoiche kun 24 kun oldin
try beamgdrive
PZ4 gamer
PZ4 gamer 24 kun oldin
Make ur parents say alpha que its a code word
Henry Stickmen
Henry Stickmen 25 kun oldin
Dangit grey you make me laugh to much
Victor Vaccaro
Victor Vaccaro 25 kun oldin
"well that glitchy mess would have given me brain damage, but jokes on it i don't have any brains" - GrayStillPlays 2021
Tudo 25 kun oldin
14:34 So you like captan crunch too I see
Mine Clash
Mine Clash 25 kun oldin
“every gray video” Gray- we don't need ________ where we're going.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 25 kun oldin
The dizzy algebra accidentally pass because beautician expectedly hover with a many son. sweltering, gray greasy great input
Breanna Holmes-McCluey
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 25 kun oldin
The entertaining speedboat amazingly unite because spleen enthrallingly joke than a irate invoice. wicked, troubled rose
Jun Espino
Jun Espino 25 kun oldin
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arhg kap jdds arggggggggggggggggggg gfhufcx
Jun Espino
Jun Espino 25 kun oldin
you7 me arg aregasdmn ft
Darkenderlord13 26 kun oldin
11:57 i thought my audio glitched or something
Jeongyeon Im
Jeongyeon Im 26 kun oldin
The orange cellar contradictorily hum because paul expectably waste following a foregoing boundary. blushing, silky band
Alex Bakas
Alex Bakas 26 kun oldin
This is the first section of the tenth layer of hell. The next gta video will be the second of the three sections of the tenth layer.
Silas Smith
Silas Smith 26 kun oldin
9:54 after that he said hug this
Silas Smith
Silas Smith 26 kun oldin
Phoenix 26 kun oldin
Anyone else notice that since that one time we saw how long it took gray to finish a race, we’ve never seen that again?
Madison Leon
Madison Leon 26 kun oldin
" It's like a yeet with out the Y, it's just a EET" --GrayStillPlays, 2021
Kyle Gamez
Kyle Gamez 26 kun oldin
Grey: We need more traction! The car: traction is for the weak
babu antony
babu antony 26 kun oldin
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deadlykevin7 26 kun oldin
a yeet without the y its just an eet i love it lol
Mr. Guy
Mr. Guy 26 kun oldin
It’s like a yeet without the y it’s like an eet
RIVULUM MATCHA! 27 kun oldin
Gray is the type of kid to go to a coffe store and say “I want it black.” Then proceed to drink it while staring the cashier in the eye with a straight face.
DJ Wolfram @ESVS
DJ Wolfram @ESVS 27 kun oldin
I've developed a drinking game thanks to you Gray! #mygaminghero #supersadist. When we play we drink every time you say God, Florida, Satan, game or physics. Five of your most common words that won't leave us unconscious 💖. #demonlove like us.
DJ Wolfram @ESVS
DJ Wolfram @ESVS 27 kun oldin
Your mine & my friends most absolute favourite UZblockr; especially in your GTA and worldbox simulators videos. More worldbox simulator species please.
Ford McSpeed
Ford McSpeed 27 kun oldin
Space 27 kun oldin
Guess the word 📻✅
Ben Hume
Ben Hume 27 kun oldin
Is there any parkour in the world of gta that gray cannot complete
blamo_ yamo
blamo_ yamo 27 kun oldin
Currently last comment
sempai2055 27 kun oldin
Anyone else think this course was created by someone spewing up Skittles? I see all the colors of the rainbow in this map and pretty sure that Florida Man tastes the rainbow now after making it through the course.
bwci 27 kun oldin
That's a good car, don't complain.
Steve looking for Jobs
Give us links to these amazing maps in the description or comments please
DarkZeroUnit 27 kun oldin
its awesome how you can make me lol all throughout these
CharizardMaster 27 kun oldin
Me when Grey went invisible maze SATAN
nevin & the bros
nevin & the bros 27 kun oldin
I feel like this kills you faster than smoking
nevin & the bros
nevin & the bros 27 kun oldin
I feel like gray rethink his life choices everytime he starts a masochism video
jeremy hearne
jeremy hearne 28 kun oldin
The name rainbow brite.. sounds familar..
Ann 28 kun oldin
*ᵍʳᵃʸ, ʷʰʸ ⁱˢ ᵗʰᵃᵗ?* I will forever believe this is how I sound when in the presence of the mighty Graystillplays.
Marcus Dyer
Marcus Dyer 28 kun oldin
When You Wanna Let Everything Out, watch Gray
mr.unknown clark
mr.unknown clark 28 kun oldin
Those rings of fire represents florida.
Georges Mcfly
Georges Mcfly 28 kun oldin
i really don't understand why no-one made something like this but with no checkpoint. or are there some and you're too coward to try ?
Cleo 28 kun oldin
Cleo 28 kun oldin
Satan was like "Hey gray ever meet my brother before? No? Well get ready to his name is pain and hunger and clolhorine
Bastet Jenn
Bastet Jenn 28 kun oldin
"It looks like a wall ride next to a pair of vertical testicles. That's *grunt, grrrr* That's GTA in a nutshell."
Anthony Barrett
Anthony Barrett 28 kun oldin
if any of you didn't know the Sultan RS was from GTA IV. I know this because I am a veteran GTA gamer. I've got every GTA game from GTA 1 all the way to GTA 5
HellFire350 28 kun oldin
When gray said “here’s satans boobs” everything that followed was funny as
Shadow Kid
Shadow Kid 28 kun oldin
You just give me Deadpool vibes
GT4viper 28 kun oldin
Anyone know the track @ 3:20?
ThePattyAndDutyGuy 28 kun oldin
hpow do you find these ways to torture yourself?
tfaded 29 kun oldin
I love it when Gray plays GTA. He gets the stress to destroy the universe in a sandbox later :b
Caleb 29 kun oldin
Not sure I loaded up the right copy of Godzilla (2014)
Axolotl God
Axolotl God 29 kun oldin
I'm glad graystillplays good games and not "NEW AMONG US POKEMON MOD (GONE WRONG)"
Aaron Filion
Aaron Filion 29 kun oldin
Second-degree burn
Aaron Filion
Aaron Filion 29 kun oldin
Funny thing when he says it’s a pain in the A## I burned my A## yesterday
Pachi Selare
Pachi Selare 29 kun oldin
someone needs to do a longass map made from pure pain, BUT no checkpoints, only the start and finish line
Nicolas Jasiewicz
Nicolas Jasiewicz 29 kun oldin
Oh no i forgot to take my massicisim pills today, lets just wach a graystillsplays vidio to make up for it
Majiid Salim
Majiid Salim 29 kun oldin
You should put the links up for these maps
Aurum Argentum
Aurum Argentum 29 kun oldin
"Hey nature, kiss my ass."
1000 People Build 10 Countries!
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99.99% of people fail this hacked stunt race
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i made school 1,000,000x more violent
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1000 People Build 10 Countries!
Ko‘rishlar soni 12 mln
an announcement 🙂
Ko‘rishlar soni 702 ming