99.9999% of people get triggered by this never-ending challenge 

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99.9999% of people get triggered by this never-ending challenge
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




15-Mar, 2021



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black pan26
black pan26 8 soat oldin
Gray: I moonlight as Dr.Yeetmoor Board: Time to put your degree in yeeting to the test
I'm A Goddamn Jerry
I'm A Goddamn Jerry 14 soat oldin
"And to give you hepatitis!" Joke's on you, I legally cannot have anymore hepatitis vaccines! I HAVE REACHED MY PEAK!
BaeDeeWoW Kun oldin
This is totally a little Mario course, I mean the "No" signs coming in and out of the wall ride are totally a Mario course move!
Bee Kun oldin
Don't mind me, just vibing to the background music
Debanjan Gosh
Debanjan Gosh 2 kun oldin
Best last words "those god dam humans are throwing cars at us now"
alamin dosunmu
alamin dosunmu 3 kun oldin
Me always hears board me again wandering if it’s just me or that something isn’t right
Finn Sylva
Finn Sylva 3 kun oldin
Finn Sylva
Finn Sylva 3 kun oldin
William Fargher
William Fargher 3 kun oldin
when i saw the thumbnail i new it would be trippy
jwhy 3 kun oldin
"is this part of the board red because everyone dies here" most of the map is red lol
João Venâncio
João Venâncio 4 kun oldin
Is it just me, or sometimes Gray sounds like Peter Griffen?😂
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 5 kun oldin
Why does he sound like blitsky (sorry if I misspelled it) from helluva boss
Kuroi bēru
Kuroi bēru 5 kun oldin
Tree 6 kun oldin
I want gray to play kid games like roblox sike like nursery games
ReadyOrNot Animations
i feel like one day i am going to open UZblock and see that gray has done a real life version of this.
Colin McBrighde
Colin McBrighde 7 kun oldin
I want to see a map where there are pancake layers that are kind of like a free roaming platform, with wall ride and reverse wall rides coming out from the sides as check points, the platforms go up level by level and you never know which satanic flower petal the next chkpoint is on
Svoids of Infinite Chaos
The thumbnail for this video so perfectly encapsulates the insanity of what happens in these courses.
Shadow St
Shadow St 8 kun oldin
My guy needs to play doom eternal if he’s wants to kill satan
Mr. Pokirby's Arch-ive
Don't make fun of triggers. That's basic decency. People with PTSD deal with enough already without being made fun of for their trauma.
UrsaGaming 10 kun oldin
You say not today Satan in almost every GTA video, right? Yeah. Not TODAY, but you didn't tell Satan, "not ever". So now think about why you have a hard time with GTA 😎
rap dog
rap dog 10 kun oldin
rap dog
rap dog 10 kun oldin
That’s not the t-20 that’s the same-21
Vincent 11 kun oldin
Watch video with 2x playback speed it's hilarious
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips 12 kun oldin
13:04 what the hell? what is this? I've gotta go through more freaking pipes than Mario, im gonna get copyright claimed by Nintendo!
Luke Rosenfield
Luke Rosenfield 12 kun oldin
thats a xa 21
Nerfius 12 kun oldin
14:28 **channeling of Big Smoke intensifies**
Domantas Dulkys
Domantas Dulkys 12 kun oldin
Someone remake this map and delete all checkpoints. Don't forget to give bad car.
Realityblaze - Eternitys3ND
Does anyone know what GTA5 Level he is playing in this?
AllineedisKIMI 13 kun oldin
I cannot live anymore without hearing CHECKPOOOINT or FULL LIQUOR BAAR
Niquel Bones
Niquel Bones 13 kun oldin
thats... not a t20 homie
roz bi
roz bi 13 kun oldin
after a few vids same commentary on each gta course is actually boring and bit annoying
Alsowow 14 kun oldin
Satan to the guy who made this board: anyways I just wanna say that I’m a hugefan
Tatu Ketola
Tatu Ketola 14 kun oldin
billy rob
billy rob 15 kun oldin
I rate this board 7.5 spleens (the cat) out of 10
Kuper Brink
Kuper Brink 15 kun oldin
Remember how this is a race map? what if you did it with full player slots 3 laps. Would anyone finish?
Jamerboy 15 kun oldin
Ive been a fan for a min and umm why does he sound constipated every min
Lelmancz 15 kun oldin
0:27 Imagine doing this, but there is a gap of the size of Florida between the tubes of eternal pain
Asa Nguyen
Asa Nguyen 16 kun oldin
i played it its goddamn hard
exo_L3gion 16 kun oldin
What percent do you want? Gray: Yes
Pixy Stickz!
Pixy Stickz! 16 kun oldin
Every time I watch your videos I lose brain cells and I love how it feels
Kidd Chang
Kidd Chang 16 kun oldin
The cynical cream climatologically lie because swim relevantly open underneath a cut thrill. dramatic, helpless security
Joshua 'whiskers' Miller
Enid Animates
Enid Animates 16 kun oldin
Wonder how short Florida Man was when he melted out the car. Y’know, cause of his compressed spine?
Demon Princess
Demon Princess 16 kun oldin
🤣yeety tubes🤣
Ty McGlone
Ty McGlone 17 kun oldin
15:16 graystillplays' PINBALL TIME!!!
Nobody Exists
Nobody Exists 17 kun oldin
6:10 Gray, the board and hell don't have a link... The board *is* hell.
Jake666 17 kun oldin
Florida mans compressed spine how does the suspension work?
Jake666 17 kun oldin
Gray is the worlds best rhymer
Emma Puckett
Emma Puckett 17 kun oldin
When satan can’t reach you so he sends you a wall ride
Hudson gaming
Hudson gaming 17 kun oldin
Who put Gray in biology class? Edit: And why??!
SW4NZ 17 kun oldin
I wonder who the 0.00001 percentage of people are
Ice Leopard
Ice Leopard 18 kun oldin
What music are you using for the background? Plz tell me
꧁Frost The Snow Dragon꧂
iWIll OC
iWIll OC 19 kun oldin
The faint fair pastor clearly flower because pastor timely lie vice a languid title. trite, icky fisherman
Wyatt Kauffman
Wyatt Kauffman 19 kun oldin
what ever sadist made this they are blowing their top off
Nathan Lawrence
Nathan Lawrence 19 kun oldin
What's the first car he uses in this?
send help
send help 20 kun oldin
"all good things must come to an end"
Kumar Arnav -
Kumar Arnav - 20 kun oldin
This is equal to some person who smoked a truckload of pot and afterwards decided to make a satanic board full of things that completely defy physics.
Davee Pop
Davee Pop 20 kun oldin
KatFinch USA
KatFinch USA 21 kun oldin
I love how he doesn't consider every cuss word I would cuss word like everybody does
yex101 21 kun oldin
Gray’s first word: “Alright.”
dark_lord_real َ
dark_lord_real َ 19 kun oldin
ALLLLLLLRIGHT Vanoss here today were playing gta 5
Cash Miller
Cash Miller 21 kun oldin
At 7:16 you sound like peter griffin from family guy
Carsten Hoppert
Carsten Hoppert 21 kun oldin
Gray needs to play doom eternal to calm down after all the agnoy he has stored up
Major Massey
Major Massey 22 kun oldin
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 61 of asking for more beamNg
Miles Matthew
Miles Matthew 22 kun oldin
gray: MAD WITH WALL RIDE also gray: Makes car noises
dogs_kill 22 kun oldin
3:45 gray: "what i was going to say" gray literally not even one second later: "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"
:P 22 kun oldin
I thought this was beamng drive until he said “this is grand theft auto”
Erdin Sadikaj
Erdin Sadikaj 22 kun oldin
You remind me on the guy from deadpool
foxglove01 23 kun oldin
Now all we need is a map like this but it makes you do an ungodly number of laps.
???? 23 kun oldin
That 00.0001% yay it’s endless!
Damian Corodeanu
Damian Corodeanu 23 kun oldin
Teacher:the test is not that hard The test:
Mia 23 kun oldin
3:47 Gray became one with his car for a second, apparently.
MARTINGOLDING96 23 kun oldin
It would be nice to see someone do the entire track without respawning
Claudio Palermo
Claudio Palermo 23 kun oldin
Hey man i'm a big fan of you and i love watching you playing these maps! I'm a creator myself, I would like to see you trying my "impossible race", it's called " Barigazzi for stuntman V4" created on ps4, it's designed to be possible only if you take every jump with perfect trajectory and angle, the car is given so it is actually 100%possible, you just need a ton of will and precision, please I will appreciate so much if you take the challenge
cozy_streams and more
8:43 listen with your eyes closed
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 24 kun oldin
who watches grey because u want to see him suffer?
Unkown Yu
Unkown Yu 24 kun oldin
So this is that "long ass ride" that mark was talking about
Alaina bookalways
Alaina bookalways 24 kun oldin
Damn that reference made laugh out, didn't expect to see an nct fan here. XD
Xavier Houle
Xavier Houle 24 kun oldin
I like when he says "sataaan"
Xavier Houle
Xavier Houle 24 kun oldin
On hard jumps
qt_Chickeyy 24 kun oldin
I got triggered by how slow he was going with his car, not hating btw
Assassin Girl
Assassin Girl 24 kun oldin
My head...I see 💫
Logan Sawson
Logan Sawson 25 kun oldin
Every single GSP GTA video : 45% nut noises, 20% grey giving up on life, 25% depression fueled mania, 9% happy noises, and 1% satisfaction from completion
Quentin Upshaw
Quentin Upshaw 25 kun oldin
looks like the pipe screensaver
緑谷出久Izuku Midoriya !
Nothing just nobody: Gray 3:47 fastcarsounds sahubdhasijn
B.i.g D
B.i.g D 25 kun oldin
*pEnEtRaTe tHe hOlE*
Jouni Viljanen
Jouni Viljanen 25 kun oldin
"alright. so we're playing the only game..." so legendaric
Charlie Hughes
Charlie Hughes 26 kun oldin
you should do some terraria
Jordon Williams
Jordon Williams 26 kun oldin
My guy: its the t20 me : its the dayum x821
Napoleon Blownapart
Napoleon Blownapart 26 kun oldin
That car is painfully slow for what it looks like.
Tiina Sepper
Tiina Sepper 26 kun oldin
Only 3:29 minutes in and already "Those dam hoomans throwing cars at us us now!"
Bradyn Berry
Bradyn Berry 26 kun oldin
I didn't know that Maseratis were fueled on Baby deer tears :'(
Jeongyeon Im
Jeongyeon Im 26 kun oldin
The annoying uncle hooghly desert because winter anecdotally pop abaft a lamentable jason. enchanted, handsome deodorant
Stephen Fetner
Stephen Fetner 26 kun oldin
What track is that anyone know
Christopher Kompar
Christopher Kompar 26 kun oldin
Dr. YeetMoore. Made me chuckle. Thank you
Cummerata Milda
Cummerata Milda 26 kun oldin
The squeamish oil resultspreviously flash because position consecutively flood apud a mundane acoustic. expensive, testy celery
brandon flanders
brandon flanders 26 kun oldin
No hate but anyone else's frames bad
RIVULUM MATCHA! 27 kun oldin
So gray, How long do you want it? The level, I mean.
The pl8gue D0ct0r
The pl8gue D0ct0r 27 kun oldin
Grays actually a beast
gregory sauer
gregory sauer 27 kun oldin
it makes me laugh on how the way he sayes pinose
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