99.99% of people get trolled by this challenge until they uninstall 

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99.99% of people get trolled by this challenge until they uninstall
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




22-Mar, 2021



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CrazyCam Gaming
CrazyCam Gaming 10 soat oldin
Would his family approve of his title?
Deacon Black [The Black Deacon]
Gray: "I have no idea where I'm flying right now." (in a car. flying.) Me: "To hell. Apparently at warp speed."
Deacon Black [The Black Deacon]
@ 10:26 - is that a weed tree? The leafs look just like cannabis fan leafs. So. GrayStillPlays was stopped by weed. NO! WEED IS AN ENABLER! :D
King Bombooza
King Bombooza Kun oldin
tetchily driving is just a forward or strait wall ride
lionel cathey
lionel cathey Kun oldin
BeeFeeBoi Kun oldin
I dont give a DAMN
slinoha 2 kun oldin
7:11 Was not expecting a David Farragut reference, but I'm also not complaining.
Leo Powell
Leo Powell 2 kun oldin
That one hurt my brain. Gray is the man!
harry potter music
harry potter music 2 kun oldin
Which game is this
Floyd LaFlare
Floyd LaFlare 3 kun oldin
God this sucks
Jeremiah Mann
Jeremiah Mann 4 kun oldin
Lets be honest we all clicked because of the thumbnail
Shadow Link
Shadow Link 4 kun oldin
The moment gray started falling From the one little gap on the white cylinder he was like GUAYHBDNIGSJJSVAGACUEJB
Patrick Lei Mon Dela Cruz
13:23 funniest part
Ryan Kindberg
Ryan Kindberg 5 kun oldin
4:41 "Well there goes the spoiler. It came off like a piece of mutant popcorn" - Gray 2021
Aubrey Abuan
Aubrey Abuan 6 kun oldin
Imagine ordering a package and when the package arrives you see a dude in full pink and his full pink car
Joseph Russell
Joseph Russell 7 kun oldin
8:01 Gray are you playing on like an Xbox 360 or whatever the buttons in the social club button on the Xbox controller looks like that I was just wondering
تميم محمد عبدالعزيز الثبيتي P1-2 InterN Student
4:41 was the funniest 🤣😂🤣😂
Myster K
Myster K 8 kun oldin
how to describe this challenge in one word? A) impossible B) asspain C) pies D) RAGE
V L A D I M I R 9 kun oldin
Gray is the only UZblockr I enjoyed and still watches GTA 😂 The other UZblockrs, I don't really watch their GTA now, but gray, Oh gray. 😂
Mateo Baez
Mateo Baez 10 kun oldin
I love your vids 😃😃
Calib Carmichael
Calib Carmichael 10 kun oldin
I haven't heard gray say a spaceballs reference in a long time
Sarek Loves Guitars
Sarek Loves Guitars 10 kun oldin
son of a biii...
the fury
the fury 10 kun oldin
Should I make a nice race for u Garry 😳👿
Danda Style
Danda Style 10 kun oldin
9:01 7:23
Sem Barendregt
Sem Barendregt 11 kun oldin
I no dismap
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
Nost42 12 kun oldin
Is his favorite color pink 👞
Laila Colbert
Laila Colbert 12 kun oldin
... where's the creator soul
Laila Colbert
Laila Colbert 12 kun oldin
You know I kind of wonder where are the soul of the creator is
stiiinkyray 12 kun oldin
Best not challenge Gray to a race on Rainbow Road, it's nothing to him now.
AJ Landin
AJ Landin 13 kun oldin
DEAL WITH IT just deal with it
What da hell is florida man ♂️
Jeremiah Bristow
Jeremiah Bristow 13 kun oldin
These are always worth a rewatch!
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore 13 kun oldin
Imagine darkness from Konosuba becoming a UZblockr? She'd be the next Graystillplays. Darknessstillplays!
Bohica 13 kun oldin
It’s not a spoiler it’s a rear wing
Draco WarriorEX
Draco WarriorEX 13 kun oldin
This is the best one I have seen so far. It just needs more multiple choices that lead nowhere imo.
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 14 kun oldin
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 14 kun oldin
the cripplingly Depressed sociopath
What is this map called?
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips 14 kun oldin
4:41 (YEET) "welp....there goes the spoiler"
Marc Byrnes
Marc Byrnes 15 kun oldin
Gray is like the Great Wile E. Coyote. How matter how many times he has a booby trap or the latest offerings of the Acme catalog blow up on him and send him spiraling him off of a cliff, you know that he'll brush the dust off and take another shot at catching the roadrunner. Btw: I think the roadrunner would best avoid Gray in all of his scenes.
Giovan Lim
Giovan Lim 15 kun oldin
15:09 but u need to abuse game to make jump, not abuse map. nose first in booster go jumpy.
the_man cave with jacob
I'm surprised there isn't more ads in there to help him pay for his cancer treatment
AllineedisKIMI 16 kun oldin
I feel the pain and someone should tell this challenge's creator to chill out
Lillian White
Lillian White 16 kun oldin
I am losing brain cells because of how GOOD he is
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright 16 kun oldin
7:21 🤣I think that’s the closest we have had to Gray saying the F word
Nate Rice
Nate Rice 18 kun oldin
Sebastian Bell
Sebastian Bell 18 kun oldin
at 13:22 you can really hear grey's soul leave his body
Reaper City
Reaper City 18 kun oldin
I dont think gray fully understand the break pads at 14:53 Ur supposed to tilt the front part of ur car and it will/should boost u up on the platform
Richardson Family
Richardson Family 18 kun oldin
Can you do a Job Simulator video xD?
Ricardo Frutuoso
Ricardo Frutuoso 18 kun oldin
hey buddy I like your content but could you tell us the name of the maps to find them ?
Plaid Gamer
Plaid Gamer 19 kun oldin
*this is why gray will be in the VIP room in heaven*
Eli Isser
Eli Isser 19 kun oldin
Gray: “AND WE HAVE A WINNNERRRRR!!!” But you still lost your soul.
Lucien Rose
Lucien Rose 19 kun oldin
0:32 both
yaire zazueta
yaire zazueta 19 kun oldin
I like it when he gets so freaking frustrated point where he’s just complaining and then at the end he is as bad is it 😂😂😂😂
Josiah Rockafield
Josiah Rockafield 19 kun oldin
If I remember correctly you can do a front flip onto the slow sticks and it kind of floats you forwards, I saw it in a ConnerIGL video!
Hemambika Varma
Hemambika Varma 19 kun oldin
Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Suki Brass
Suki Brass 19 kun oldin
I only rage if you die in a game then it takes forever to respawn. 😅 😂
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 20 kun oldin
7:21 His mic just said "No I don't want to record your anger Gray."
Loree Thorndike
Loree Thorndike 20 kun oldin
frankie mckay
frankie mckay 20 kun oldin
does anyone know what this map is called
Alexis Le Boulc'h
Alexis Le Boulc'h 20 kun oldin
oh look, there's a... *clearthroat* "plante" right here
Crazy Ubiquitous
Crazy Ubiquitous 20 kun oldin
800,000th view!!!!!
Shingalogical 20 kun oldin
Ace William
Ace William 20 kun oldin
the natural next step is for you to get revenge on the community by building your own impossible map combining all the agony and despair you've experienced into one hellhole.
Phil Joseph Mendoza
Phil Joseph Mendoza 20 kun oldin
How do I find this kind of maps in gta? What do I search for and where? TIA
ei7g7i4j4id 20 kun oldin
Gray is the definition of never give up
Big Oof Blocks
Big Oof Blocks 20 kun oldin
Marie 20 kun oldin
Satans easter eggs lol!
Jus Chris
Jus Chris 21 kun oldin
What is this called I want my friends to rage
Furiouspizza 21 kun oldin
I thought this was trackmania
Dennis ojinkeya
Dennis ojinkeya 21 kun oldin
Board name?
Jaron Frazier
Jaron Frazier 21 kun oldin
Did you know that f1 cars make enough downforce at full speed to stick upside down
Ninja rafahdpro
Ninja rafahdpro 22 kun oldin
I see him every where he goes
Jason Womble
Jason Womble 22 kun oldin
Can't u use the boost on the f1 ?
Robin Koch
Robin Koch 22 kun oldin
4:43 Spoiler warning!
Oli Solar
Oli Solar 22 kun oldin
Gray: Colors hate me Gray 2 seconds later: COLORS LOVE ME
Alf Johan Ahlsen Rånes
When in upsidedown wallride ho into first person then it looks like the right way up
HunterBeatBilly98 22 kun oldin
99.99% impossible? ROOKIE NUMBERS!!
D Mercier
D Mercier 22 kun oldin
Video 67 of asking for more beamNg
Abigail Clarke
Abigail Clarke 22 kun oldin
8:17 I am colour blind :( why me
Benjamin Shertzer
Benjamin Shertzer 22 kun oldin
Gray: This map gives you hernias The border: Ha Ha Bitch
Q Zrex
Q Zrex 22 kun oldin
the title looks like a game ad
Koinu 22 kun oldin
10/10 recommend watching this as immersion therapy for fear of heights.
ZenBlobbo and The Gatcha King
Grey: so that you can then, we’ll fail and die. OK GREY ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE EVERYONE DEPRESSION BECAUSE IF U ARE YOU ALREADY HAVE btw I love your vids and recommend playing a game called weed simulator 😇 it’s totaly normal
Crystal LuvDogs
Crystal LuvDogs 23 kun oldin
Austin Moore
Austin Moore 23 kun oldin
Am I the only one that wants an uncut video of one of these to see how long it takes him. And how many times he walks away and comes back
JEREMY BRISTER 23 kun oldin
eva boomgaard
eva boomgaard 23 kun oldin
grey at 11:05 chuckles im in danger
XxSINSxX 23 kun oldin
Ohh fwwaaaakk
Adam Broadley
Adam Broadley 23 kun oldin
"Damn the torpedoes (close to death) FuLl SpEeD aHeAd,**** OH FU--'" That's the best phrase I have ever heard.
Oggyguy72 23 kun oldin
Don’t worry Gray, F1 cars are capable of driving upside down, you should be ok.
radal fan
radal fan 23 kun oldin
I was dying of laugh on 7:19 Respect ur the funniest yt ever ur the best gray
Ruv Zavodila
Ruv Zavodila 23 kun oldin
yassine torjmene
yassine torjmene 23 kun oldin
7:00 i sneezed and you fell off perfedt timing
MFDONKEY 23 kun oldin
how long did that actually take to finish lol
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart 23 kun oldin
The only people that are born cool are... People who let all the wheels on a road
uncharted7again black king
10:33 u said.....that was a bad idea lol
uncharted7again black king
Keep up the content remember this....
skids pizzeria
skids pizzeria 23 kun oldin
Josh Gay
Josh Gay 23 kun oldin
10:24 *grey tries to kill marijuana plant* FAILS *HORRAY*!!!!!!!!!!
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I Broke Bedwars with TommyInnit
Ko‘rishlar soni 456 ming
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Ko‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln