1% of people make the right choice in this impossible stunt race 

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1% of people make the right choice in this impossible stunt race
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.




6-Apr, 2021



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Keegan Hilsen
Keegan Hilsen 2 soat oldin
"Aim for that head at the tip" - Gray 2021
John Cage
John Cage 10 soat oldin
04:56 "platform the size of the vehicle" ... little did he know about what's coming at this point, otherwise "what a spacious island" would have been more appropriate ;)
END3RBOX97 GAMING 15 soat oldin
Noob4 Life
Noob4 Life 16 soat oldin
Not so impossible if you beat it.
Crystal Beutler
Crystal Beutler 18 soat oldin
Drunken GTA with gray would be satanic gold
chandler -
chandler - 18 soat oldin
Use a real thumbnail dude
Collin Key
Collin Key 21 soat oldin
6:40 he has to specify IN GTA 😂
Kamar Hussein
Kamar Hussein 23 soat oldin
Kinda like his `OK'😊😜
Max YouTube
Max YouTube Kun oldin
Noooo doo more happy Weels
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Kun oldin
Where can I find these tracks?? I play on Ps4
Tobyyy1208 Kun oldin
You sound like the actor who plays General Zod in man of steel
Staci Davis
Staci Davis Kun oldin
Gray needs a shirt that says not today you f*****g satan
Waldemar Pauly
Waldemar Pauly Kun oldin
No one Really no one Graystillplays: UUAAAHHAAL
Simrandeep Singh
Give me the link to this stunt track pls... I'll play it😌
Dead Fish
Dead Fish Kun oldin
I imagine he acts all happy and jokey but behind the scenes hes raging so hard
Scott The Hedgehog 56
alamin dosunmu
alamin dosunmu 2 kun oldin
Aim for the head
alamin dosunmu
alamin dosunmu 2 kun oldin
My fav food moldy chocolate chip pancakes
Cloak 2 kun oldin
I'm getting Track Mania vibes from this one
OhhThatsJavii 2 kun oldin
Lmao!! The end
Andrew Amaya
Andrew Amaya 2 kun oldin
This is giving me so much anxiety and forcing me to grind my teeth lol.
Deacon Black [The Black Deacon]
You do this so well that I'm totally fangirling over you right now!
Jeppy Derudar
Jeppy Derudar 2 kun oldin
my anxiety goes up everytime he fell, 😆✨
beerusT23 2 kun oldin
Its like me making homework😂😂😂😂😂
Adiad :3
Adiad :3 2 kun oldin
From gray's videos i learned that i love seeing people die inside and suffer
MEMEBRO SRSLY 2 kun oldin
If you chose that vehicle- should've gone for the stromberg
Darkk Wolf
Darkk Wolf 2 kun oldin
nice content !!! u made my tooth pain go away
Aditya 2 kun oldin
"Its like how much blood pressure you'd like"😂
NelsonDrums 2 kun oldin
This is pure anxiety
Lily Bosinske
Lily Bosinske 3 kun oldin
13:54. Him: *Smacks into a statue of mary* Me: good luck getting into heaven sonnie
Mini muff
Mini muff 3 kun oldin
Someone go make a speed boost tight rope motorcycle See if gray plays it😀
Asa Rothelle
Asa Rothelle 3 kun oldin
this channel is turning into a mobile game add
Ima Jewell
Ima Jewell 3 kun oldin
Let’s see ho many times awd saved grey, hmmm 🤔 about 69 times.
comet arts entertainment
why does the car look like the cyber truck or is that just me
FindingMeaning 3 kun oldin
this video gave me autism
NOAH DINH 3 kun oldin
If this is the kind of board that fans make they must of really hate gray
SIEMKA TU MiMi 3 kun oldin
Hello! Enjoy my new YT channel uzblock.info/comp/gWjOft6m_u3BzYqkXX4XNA Regards!
Mihai Dude
Mihai Dude 3 kun oldin
Gray u wanted to play drunk in the game or in real life???
Neguun Munh-Ochir
Neguun Munh-Ochir 3 kun oldin
you so funny
Dr Moscow DVDBOX360
Oh no [Music] Yt thought your wheezing is music
Emily Bate
Emily Bate 4 kun oldin
"That is a jump I should've taken way more seriously and now I'm going to drown"
jacob stivers
jacob stivers 4 kun oldin
when he grunted around 10:00 i thought of yoshi lol
Hardcore Weeb
Hardcore Weeb 4 kun oldin
I hope the sleeves of the creator of this pos slip down when he's washing his hands! Edit: I DON'T mean Gray with "pos"
João Fidalgo
João Fidalgo 4 kun oldin
Is this some type of "Happy Wheels" map in GTA online? (Memory unlocked)
Megan Grundman
Megan Grundman 4 kun oldin
This is the video I choose to play after listening to can you feel my heart from bring me the horizon. I am not dissapointed
dillon mitchell
dillon mitchell 4 kun oldin
4:09 Someone trying to teach Thor how to kill Thanos
Bence Szlávik
Bence Szlávik 4 kun oldin
yo, map name?
Oj10101 4 kun oldin
I lost it at 13:57 - that sudden silence killed me
Roland Mueller
Roland Mueller 5 kun oldin
I love to listen to gary suffering I have no soul
The Bellflower
The Bellflower 5 kun oldin
You should do a stream with a webcam and every time you fall you take a shot of (instert alcoholic beverage here)
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 5 kun oldin
If you Play the video on 2x speed he sounds like Ben Shapiro just a little
revenevan11 5 kun oldin
I literally lol(ed?) when he hit the almost invisible statue on such a satisfying downward slope. 🤣
Kennedy Morgan
Kennedy Morgan 5 kun oldin
What I was trying to say was ... hmmmmmmmm >:(
Urin34aBadTime 5 kun oldin
Tf is the name of that car
Anthony Post
Anthony Post 5 kun oldin
More like a torturer in his past past past past past past past past past past past life
Edward Rushnok
Edward Rushnok 5 kun oldin
I miss spleen and tonsils
Beastmaster 64
Beastmaster 64 5 kun oldin
Why when he screamed ohhh oh no he sounded like Marge Simpson 🤣🤣🤣
Runa 5 kun oldin
Gray: "The creator has no soul" The Creator who is already satan: Guess I dont have any souls
Kirk Bell
Kirk Bell 6 kun oldin
Gray. Please do drunken GTA boards. Every time you die take a drink
Mayonnaise Pillar
Mayonnaise Pillar 6 kun oldin
gray you should do some impossible runs in BeamNG
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 6 kun oldin
Aren't they all hardcore?
Comment Advertiser
Comment Advertiser 6 kun oldin
I'm here too!!
Ezekiel Hull
Ezekiel Hull 6 kun oldin
At the time of this comment gray has 4.69 mil Hehe...
Kuldude 420
Kuldude 420 6 kun oldin
People : this is impossible. Gray : *hold my spine* People : what the hell? Gray : *gets in SUV*
Julee 1
Julee 1 6 kun oldin
6:49 Thats actually sounds like a fun video idea, gray😏
mental breakdown
mental breakdown 6 kun oldin
is it bad that i wish this video had a sponsor. i love his marketing
homie dino
homie dino 7 kun oldin
Here is a fact gray will never post consistent content
D4rk Flicks
D4rk Flicks 7 kun oldin
Impossible nah GrayStillPlays level yeah
Poopa Bill
Poopa Bill 7 kun oldin
You've been getting PewDiePie clout grey
Simon Noonan
Simon Noonan 7 kun oldin
Whqts the name of this track? I wanna have a crack at it :D
CatAndCrow 7 kun oldin
3:30 Gray speaking Smeagle is never a good sign XD.
It Jinxy
It Jinxy 7 kun oldin
how do i download this map
Jacseption 7 kun oldin
GrayStillClickbaits :(
yeetamus 5643
yeetamus 5643 7 kun oldin
Why do you sound like patrick from spongebob lol
Caleb Whitford
Caleb Whitford 7 kun oldin
1% of people make the right choice in this impossible stunt race
RESTORING TECH 7 kun oldin
is he's having a heart attack at 1:37
Bella Sun
Bella Sun 7 kun oldin
I think Gray should try to do one of these challenges without checkpoints
JBX_JuiceBox 7 kun oldin
your like a PG-13 version of comodo gaming
J 7 kun oldin
13:54 has me crying in hysterical laughter. 😂😂😂
Natasha Roy
Natasha Roy 7 kun oldin
It's Sprite
BoneBag07 7 kun oldin
OMG Love This One!!
Gacha Bryant
Gacha Bryant 7 kun oldin
9:58 yoshi be like
Thomas Furret
Thomas Furret 8 kun oldin
"Aim for the head, right there at the tip." I'm dying.
Hanna Fardew
Hanna Fardew 8 kun oldin
You should do a GTA map, but every time you fall to your death or have to go back to the previous checkpoint, you take a shot of alcohol
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 8 kun oldin
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 8 kun oldin
Let's add more zeros to your insanity
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 8 kun oldin
With your really messed up head plus being drunk I kind want to see you try to complete a map in GTA
XxXx xXxX
XxXx xXxX 8 kun oldin
GTA5 is probably the only game that Gray would rather get shot in than drive a car.
Hamza Elmeshad
Hamza Elmeshad 8 kun oldin
You sound like kindlly keyin
azurephantom100 8 kun oldin
gray has anyone told you your pain is our enjoyment?
pmgy 8 kun oldin
What car is that
Leo Powell
Leo Powell 8 kun oldin
I've never yelled at you so loudly! Yeetzus!!
ACombatPro01 X
ACombatPro01 X 8 kun oldin
where can i find the races gray plays?
Bryce Barnett
Bryce Barnett 8 kun oldin
God: When you give up you die Graystillplays: I AM IMORTAL!!!!
koogini 8 kun oldin
I keep laughing like a psychopath because of your funny noises 😭😭
falseprophet141 8 kun oldin
Ben Yoder
Ben Yoder 8 kun oldin
Gray: so we dont fall into hell Me: gray your already there Lol
Janene Lynda
Janene Lynda 8 kun oldin
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Shoe Seller
Shoe Seller 8 kun oldin
The stupendous centimeter notably join because wound univariately hug amidst a happy bell. super, responsible rail
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