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Brianna C
Brianna C 22 soat oldin
ngl the last minute or so of that was SMOOTH
Martin Kloß
Martin Kloß 22 soat oldin
Wow! big congrats to that smooth ending!
Pepper kat
Pepper kat 23 soat oldin
Man you landed everything at the end there, that was pretty sick honestly.
dan last name
dan last name 23 soat oldin
One day gray is going to try so hard he is going to have a aneurysm
Cypher 23 soat oldin
Oh just wait until hagrid hears about this one, he's gonna *love* this👁👁
Phoenix 23 soat oldin
0:41 welcome to grunts with gray
Jason Rewerts
Jason Rewerts 23 soat oldin
I would love to see these mod links, ngl.
loading _
loading _ 23 soat oldin
Homologation specials are made out of cardboard i swear
Den Of Wolves
Den Of Wolves 23 soat oldin
"If there's one thing I love, it's a foot and a half long agony dog"
Reaper's Dawn
Reaper's Dawn 23 soat oldin
Anyone else proud of the momentum gray got? Soon our crazy Floridian will be too powerful for the masochism we create.
Splash The skeleton
Splash The skeleton 23 soat oldin
The book Australian man was reading was “how to Escape a Graystillplays video” . The book was either too hard for Australian man to read, or it was entirely blank until the last page just saying he word “death” in caps
Rowan Wallace
Rowan Wallace 23 soat oldin
1 hour and 15 minute of agonising sufferable satanic pain
Invader Lav
Invader Lav 23 soat oldin
I remember squids
Lukas Maclean
Lukas Maclean 23 soat oldin
Gray how is your Day going
SomeHighGooseFromAus 23 soat oldin
OneSekcBagel 23 soat oldin
How is one so inappropriate yet so child friendly
Bram Westerik
Bram Westerik 23 soat oldin
3.31 who is soulreaper
gotcre2 23 soat oldin
I’m late
Familjen Gullback
Familjen Gullback 23 soat oldin
“They’ll be vomiting on the floor soon enough!(Yay!)” Me: Yay! Also me: So true, I like their vomit on the floor
YAW JIA TIEN Moe 23 soat oldin
i need a therapist cause i keep watching swears UZblock F*ck this
Fina Ng
Fina Ng 23 soat oldin
0:07 idk what is GTA oh Jesus, i only know GTA 5 😂😂😂
Samantha Henson
Samantha Henson 23 soat oldin
Why have I never watched his Minecraft videos? I guess I’m too obsessed with Ellis dee, Florida man, Australian man and everyone else
gemalyn buenaventura
gemalyn buenaventura 23 soat oldin
Boshhh nothing is impossible when you believe
Enderkrasher9 23 soat oldin
11:05 holy s*it what was that
Christian Jones
Christian Jones 23 soat oldin
gemalyn buenaventura
gemalyn buenaventura 23 soat oldin
They say it's impossible
kitty killiomm
kitty killiomm 23 soat oldin
At this point I knew whenever he was going to say pain agony or testicular pain etc. I love gray's videos they help me through my day so much
I’m really Bored
I’m really Bored 23 soat oldin
Boosts don’t work while reversing
Ender Watch
Ender Watch 23 soat oldin
Don’t worry we all like it when it’s loose and not tight lol😂😂😂
Rico Theberath
Rico Theberath 23 soat oldin
How come Gray flies into the ground at mach 10 with his cars and he doen't explode???
Eric J
Eric J 23 soat oldin
3:32 The Grim Reaper left chat
melodramatic dragon
melodramatic dragon 23 soat oldin
I fuckin' love this man.
play.boi_klin 23 soat oldin
U are in Spain without the S 😂💔🚶🏾‍♂️
John Aldrine C. Escorel
That last part was epic
mt_wolf_352 post352
mt_wolf_352 post352 23 soat oldin
Angel Canales
Angel Canales 23 soat oldin
5:23 you missed diamonds
NodatedPixel 23 soat oldin
12:49 holy screaming
Future Gohan
Future Gohan 23 soat oldin
You'd think by now, Gray would have learned these boards are so masochistic that the controller is always required.
Brennen Jopp
Brennen Jopp 23 soat oldin
we love you too Gray!!
mister. lean
mister. lean 23 soat oldin
ok but he straight up clutched the last thirty seconds
BlueStone123 23 soat oldin
I’m definitely addicted to Gray’s GTA 5 videos now
Grace Moriarty
Grace Moriarty 23 soat oldin
I don’t think there’s one GTA vid where Gray doesn’t say “satan”
Rodney Jenkins
Rodney Jenkins 23 soat oldin
Wonder why you barely get any likes you're being so weird
Tyler Gustin
Tyler Gustin 23 soat oldin
“You can’t spell pain without graystillplays” Me realizing there’s no N in his name (mind blown)
vr profesional
vr profesional 23 soat oldin
gray at the and: time to turn on the gray mode
JakemAhfoot Mahfoot
JakemAhfoot Mahfoot 23 soat oldin
Grey, you DO sound like a velvet chocolate butterscotch thigh. Sorry for the bad news.
JakemAhfoot Mahfoot
JakemAhfoot Mahfoot 23 soat oldin
I spelled it wrong. Frick
Ted Lund
Ted Lund 23 soat oldin
Just_A_Normal_Player 23 soat oldin
How many cars get rencked in 1 video? The answer = 1 with ALL the zero
Shelby Durfee
Shelby Durfee 23 soat oldin
“Yeeta le deet…I lost both of my feet” 🤣
James Henthorn
James Henthorn 23 soat oldin
I once again am going to recommend Trackmania
Mebuyyou 23 soat oldin
He sounds like Marge simson when he got the holy hole
god man11
god man11 23 soat oldin
I love how gray always completes these boards that make you want to smash a pile of nails to help ease the pain
Manav Jain
Manav Jain 23 soat oldin
"Wiener tube I longed to meet you " - graystillplays 2021
LETS GO Extreme Gamer
LETS GO Extreme Gamer 23 soat oldin
Btw I also live in florida
Dirk Phillips
Dirk Phillips 23 soat oldin
gray needs to actually race someone on one of these maps
LETS GO Extreme Gamer
LETS GO Extreme Gamer 23 soat oldin
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 23 soat oldin
0:01 I don’t know that sounds like GTA
samuel romero
samuel romero 23 soat oldin
Funny thing is, for an object with mass to move at even 1 times light speed it would need to posses infinite kinetic energy and would completely vaporize anything it touches.
Kel Winstead
Kel Winstead 23 soat oldin
“ I hit that one spike so hard I left some of my pixels behind” The famous words of Gray.
Doctor Death
Doctor Death 23 soat oldin
i miss seeing him play these type of games
Sean Casey
Sean Casey 23 soat oldin
This looks like an adult Roblox Obby
MdLanguage 23 soat oldin
Beautiful board and amazing performance.
Asher Cranston
Asher Cranston 23 soat oldin
Where’s my boost?! Graystillplays 2021
zane flores
zane flores 23 soat oldin
alternative title:sounds i make while pooping 14 minutes straight
Abbygail Brennan
Abbygail Brennan 23 soat oldin
When i saw the thumbnail I thought it was a egg in a nest but until I read the title I was like oh it Earth
Γιώργος Σπανός
fun fact: rhe area you landed at 6:37 was actually the winning area
miles 7448
miles 7448 23 soat oldin
Gta oh Jesus honestly sounds like a much more interesting game
Merriellen Roselette
Merriellen Roselette 23 soat oldin
I hope Gray never runs out of boards. I've been binging this series and his suffering and stubborn will to never give up just brings me joy.
Hunter Bussell
Hunter Bussell 23 soat oldin
My name was legit recommended WTF 😂
Ly Meng
Ly Meng 23 soat oldin
Every video the car always pink
Perfect bot Greg
Perfect bot Greg 23 soat oldin
Wen your favorite color is a Floridian masochist
Thunder Dolt
Thunder Dolt 23 soat oldin
GTA should make a GTA OH JESUS! Edition
Anastasios Kolpakidis
Anastasios Kolpakidis 23 soat oldin
Hey Gray can you tell me were you found this cause I can only find GTA5 end not GTA OH GOD.
Kitten 23 soat oldin
My favorite part of the day is finding out the next new way Gray tortures himself for his viewers entertainment
Cat Dean
Cat Dean 23 soat oldin
It’s painfully pink.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 23 soat oldin
Who is in a country that uses the imperial system cause there only three
MidnightDStroyer 23 soat oldin
Gray: "That's enough bonding for today." Me: ...he said while the bits & pieces of the whole family are painting the floor red with their abundant bodily fluids.
Umbra Highwind
Umbra Highwind 23 soat oldin
Us Floridamen do not yeet the cheat, when we yeet our meat it is not yeet to be beat! Graystillplays yeets the mightiest sadness-marinated meat of all the floridamen!
D R E A M D O G 23 soat oldin
You should try a board in first person :)
Camilo Garcia
Camilo Garcia 23 soat oldin
hehe roblox guest go brrrrrrrr at beach scene