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I make bad choices in games and cause pixel people to become sad.

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Brent Yeager
Brent Yeager 8 soat oldin
Hey I got a idea why don’t you add some zeros to your chicken and make him a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pink_Lemonade 8 soat oldin
Gray quote of the day: “The toilet is almost urinating on her head”
Allen Grove
Allen Grove 8 soat oldin
The only thing a Karen hates more than being ignored is other karens
Scooby 8 soat oldin
Please do a video where you upgrade Reginald into a villager eating god
EDISON FLETCHER 8 soat oldin
Petition to have zeros added to Reginald
Nate Broyles
Nate Broyles 8 soat oldin
Day 3 of asking Gray to put all of his creations into a battle Royale and see who comes out on top. Like so he can see
yellowcookie brian
yellowcookie brian 8 soat oldin
Can you add zeros to carbs
Sparkfire Prime
Sparkfire Prime 8 soat oldin
I feel bad for grey has a Karen for a wife and a bunch of Mimi demon offspring at least he as Reginald
Sans But In SPACE
Sans But In SPACE 8 soat oldin
Karen saying "this is unacceptable" gave me vibes of that one lemon dude from adventure time
d3m0n mastermind
d3m0n mastermind 8 soat oldin
And upgrade goats
Kill999Shot999 8 soat oldin
You should start adding off switches to their powers so they don’t screw you over
d3m0n mastermind
d3m0n mastermind 8 soat oldin
Upgrade the new copper ore
Nether Illager
Nether Illager 8 soat oldin
Day 35. of asking Grey to play the path of pain in Hollow Knight
B McClain
B McClain 8 soat oldin
only Karens dislike this videos.
anna ruyer
anna ruyer 8 soat oldin
I wanna know what mod you use
Martin Family Roleplays
I love the fact that whenever Gray sees something complex or scary he will proceed to have a stroke in the middle of talking and then pop back into reality and figure things out.
RedLevelOne Mapping
RedLevelOne Mapping 8 soat oldin
Day 2 of askin for a collab with CaptainSauce
Mr abyss
Mr abyss 8 soat oldin
That’s what happens when your mom is over protective
B McClain
B McClain 8 soat oldin
Ender Dragon: Karen: my husband is a police officer.
Bailey Seminara
Bailey Seminara 8 soat oldin
Does it bother anyone else that grey passed by a dungeon?
MysticEle 8 soat oldin
"I-I don't actually remember making her quite so violent." Around my neck of the woods we can that a clue Gray. Existence is giving you a clue.
Fiona Body New
Fiona Body New 8 soat oldin
Fiona Body New
Fiona Body New 8 soat oldin
UraniumPuppy 4000
UraniumPuppy 4000 8 soat oldin
Cassie 8 soat oldin
the way he said bastard in the beginning definitely had a boston accent
Aurora Pearson
Aurora Pearson 8 soat oldin
Gray i think I should tell you that the ender portal is blast-proof it cannot be destroyed unless you're in creative mode
R3NEG4DExSH1NN 8 soat oldin
The manager is the ender dragon lol
Venomtankmod3 8 soat oldin
Next time make Reginald evolve like a Pokémon to kill everything and multiply
Dominic Coppard
Dominic Coppard 8 soat oldin
Phoenix & Hexclar
Phoenix & Hexclar 8 soat oldin
There is no mountain too tall, no river too wide, no supermarket too vast... To destroy your manager.
Disposable Hero
Disposable Hero 8 soat oldin
What part of Florida was that underground?
HARDY_ cosmic189
HARDY_ cosmic189 8 soat oldin
Add 0's to the dumbest item in minecraft
legendary 8 soat oldin
Midnight Gold
Midnight Gold 8 soat oldin
Make this top comment so we can get Godly Reginald
Lunar Nigthmare
Lunar Nigthmare 8 soat oldin
Gray : I make a Karens 1000%. In real life: - Scream and runs away from a tall Karens -
The Original Blood
The Original Blood 8 soat oldin
Day 214 of asking Gray to finish playing The Long Dark, Wintermute.
Ro'Shaidam ,
Ro'Shaidam , 8 soat oldin
He should make an auto carb collector
Infinyti bubble
Infinyti bubble 8 soat oldin
Will you add a lot of zeros to Reginald ??
Gray i love your video i started watching you in 202 last year and i got atached
Tea Water_Official
Tea Water_Official 8 soat oldin
Can you make a discord server one day?
Wolves4life163 8 soat oldin
OMG Gray u did something VERY ILLEGAL, u mined wood with a PICKAXE HIW DARE YOU lol
Random Minecrafter
Random Minecrafter 8 soat oldin
Even thanos feared this power
ZRampage Gaming
ZRampage Gaming 8 soat oldin
Why don't you release or link these mods gray
Allen Grove
Allen Grove 8 soat oldin
This is perfect because I was just watching a dark fluff video
Vindian86 8 soat oldin
Another awesome video.
Joshua Eubank
Joshua Eubank 8 soat oldin
You know when gray creates a truly horrific in minecraft when he starts pitying the creatures that are killed by his own creation :D
Brooke Beliveau
Brooke Beliveau 8 soat oldin
*Gray upgrading a Karen* Enderdragon: Something is wrong, I can feel it
Orion85 8 soat oldin
The fact that you were looking at a spawner and you didn't notice or care to loot it makes me sad
bryce thoreson
bryce thoreson 8 soat oldin
1:56 o like that ever stopped you
GhostlyBanes 8 soat oldin
Gray better make Reginald stupid strong soon
Sports Elite 2
Sports Elite 2 8 soat oldin
Please upgrade Reganld (Don’t now how to spell Reganld just guessed)
Char Izard
Char Izard 8 soat oldin
Me: sees the picture Also me: YES
That Australian kid
That Australian kid 8 soat oldin
Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yyyyyyy Y gray
Polen Vedgit
Polen Vedgit 8 soat oldin
Ok, for FS, somebody, explain to me, Who the hell is Karen?!
Human Haker9
Human Haker9 8 soat oldin
Karen gets her wine from the blood of the dammed
stevemc 01
stevemc 01 8 soat oldin
"I see the player you mean." "GrayStillSlays?" "Yeah he's gonna get us two fired as deities..."
Aiden Martin
Aiden Martin 8 soat oldin
After 1 yr I saw this 9:27 didnt he arrest her
F for Respect
F for Respect 8 soat oldin
Karen literally destroyed the universe just because she couldn't get $5 discount on her eyeliner
puppy being
puppy being 8 soat oldin
I never heard him be sad about a being dying
The most terrible worst completely garbage CHANNEL
How dare you steal Chuuya’s bike
Neon 8 soat oldin
Dude, I love these Thumbnails
Mr nobody
Mr nobody 8 soat oldin
Moth Man
Moth Man 8 soat oldin
Next we need to upgrade Reginald so that he can take on the Ender Dragon while on fire.
PaTrYkoxYT 8 soat oldin
Just thinking about upgrading karens makes me really scared and makes me laught
Youtube University
Youtube University 8 soat oldin
What if add 0's to *the chat?*
Gallant Gamer
Gallant Gamer 8 soat oldin
6:57 did you mean: Star Trek, The Trouble With Tribbles?
Human Haker9
Human Haker9 8 soat oldin
Gray I have an idea: how about putting zeros on food
CM Wolf Magic
CM Wolf Magic 8 soat oldin
still waiting for the bat update
Phazer 8 soat oldin
my mans really walked pass a mod spawner
Garrett Spencer
Garrett Spencer 8 soat oldin
Grey ripped my grandmother straight out of Florida, and put her in Minecraft.
Colton Kirkner
Colton Kirkner 8 soat oldin
If gray had an animated intro I can't even what that could even be😂😂
Shakespeare Nuketh
Shakespeare Nuketh 8 soat oldin
I never thought we'd see the day... Someone finally outGrayed Gray... And it was an NPC minecraft Karen. When even Gray is yelling about someone murdering innocent sheep, that's when you know Armageddon has arrived
2D Icey
2D Icey 8 soat oldin
day 28 of asking gray to add zeros to carbs
The Absent Darkness
The Absent Darkness 8 soat oldin
Karens are already bad enough. But now Gray's gotten his "ketchup-covered" hands on their DNA. RIP Minecraft.
Gabe 8 soat oldin
As a retail worker, this mod is horrifying.
GamingWather Bottle
GamingWather Bottle 8 soat oldin
Gray really ran out of Minecraft video ideas
RedDracen 2
RedDracen 2 8 soat oldin
The Karen is so satanistic that Gray actually starts feeling sorry for the people and animals she slaughters.
bigblockman11 8 soat oldin
5:44 oh hey its Lady Dimitrescu
Takbeer Ahmed
Takbeer Ahmed 8 soat oldin
Gray: you were born to die Me: like everything other living and non living things on your channel
Angela Carvajal
Angela Carvajal 8 soat oldin
So welcome back to the only game where my pet chicken gets max upgraded to destroy the multiverse... ITS MINECRAFT