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hank willis
hank willis 11 soat oldin
When the doom music kicks in
Taylor Robertson
Taylor Robertson 11 soat oldin
̇ 11 soat oldin
I literally just noticed when turning fish into axolotl's it drops fish so it technically means that it kills the fish and replaces it with a axolotl rip dark
Axel Elfarrow
Axel Elfarrow 11 soat oldin
What they throw are not anvils, they are Dumb Bells or Weights Because the Axolotls at lvl 2 are bodybuilders
Phantom 11 soat oldin
Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie 11 soat oldin
When you kill Earth in one button:
Jacen Hider
Jacen Hider 11 soat oldin
It warms my heart he played with Debra right in front of me. (I lost my best friend Deb 3 years ago)
Blue Water Balloon
Blue Water Balloon 11 soat oldin
when you hear "alright" you know your in danger
CocaCola4blood 11 soat oldin
Gray: Finally upgrades Endermen to spew ass loads of pearls. Piglins: Yay! He won't come here for pearls. Gray: arrives at the piglin settlement with his demon Enderman offspring. "We not not doing pearls before swine today. We're just giving out free murder! Hahahaha!!!"
7D4 11 soat oldin
Grey: They spawned in an entire SHIP!! Structure blocks: yes
Hibiscius 11 soat oldin
They FLY now?!!?
Kyle Cabias
Kyle Cabias 11 soat oldin
hi I'm new here I love your video 👍❤️👍❤️👍💓👍❤️👍❤️
zays animations:D
zays animations:D 11 soat oldin
I've never heard gray say "I put to many zeros!"
warcrimepotato 11 soat oldin
When he was doing the ad for his merch i could so see him going to one of his friend and say something like i need a favor then boom stab in the back
ZeroSum Game
ZeroSum Game 11 soat oldin
6:25 well, we finally got to see what a Reginald Mod would start to look like, and also dipped a toe in the mass of us who'd like to see you make an upgradeable Reginald. I think it needs a Guardian's laser eye but with a half second charge time and MORE ZEROES, but that might be a "just me" thing.
Christopher Schara
Christopher Schara 11 soat oldin
Early moment
Lachlan Foster
Lachlan Foster 11 soat oldin
We saw Reginald once I think he died
CookieCrums1 11 soat oldin
If you take angry and yeet the n so you have agry then move the a you get gray
Uluri 11 soat oldin
This one looks so fun. Love the buff axolotls
MyJunker Travels
MyJunker Travels 11 soat oldin
Pepto Bismol mobiles!!
Logan McManis
Logan McManis 11 soat oldin
Love graystillplays video and Reginald
CocaCola4blood 11 soat oldin
The giant superpowered three headed laser creepers from two months ago have become rookie numbers.
ChunkyCultistInACloset I've drowned 754 Orphans
Virgin steve vs chad axolotl
Cole Westing
Cole Westing 11 soat oldin
Grays family is so cute! And now the Axolotls won’t hurt me when the inevitable Axolotl uprising occurs :D
Rtgmax 11 soat oldin
anything: exist Gray: THOSE ARE ROOKY NUMBERS!!
Elijah 20ol
Elijah 20ol 11 soat oldin
You literally killed a baby horse 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
TravisRenegade XB1
TravisRenegade XB1 11 soat oldin
Luigi is awesome better than Mario
SpikesOmega 11 soat oldin
10:11 **GASP!** They really ARE Gray's children!
Inner_rebellion2211 11 soat oldin
So axolotls are fish with faces like humans just without a nose so in minecraft + gray + axolotls = *SLAPPING THE ENDER DRAGON TO MAKE IT IMPLODE THEN EXPLODE*
Tea Water_Official
Tea Water_Official 11 soat oldin
Gray, Have you not noticed that one of your axolotl children is named Karen? Of course that’s all they know is death
Elijah 20ol
Elijah 20ol 11 soat oldin
No you killed a horse for real you say you like horses how are you control this axolotl‘s Concerto self hello gorgeous I need to kill a horse
Itz_Just_IvanGaming 11 soat oldin
i thought like sexy hot not just hot
carrie august
carrie august 11 soat oldin
7:03 rare footage of gray saying he added to many 0s
Brandon 88
Brandon 88 11 soat oldin
My name is Brandon so I will be the leader of the charge look at 12:16
Elijah 20ol
Elijah 20ol 11 soat oldin
F you killed a turtle I love turtles
Hpsuperfantimesten wessa
I love it when he accidentally makes all the right choices
Viktor VM
Viktor VM 11 soat oldin
:Gray: *adds zeroes to destruct things in a game* Also Gray: *complains that they destruct stuff too easily*
CredibleWhiteKnuckle 11 soat oldin
You're trending #14 in gaming by the way
Sniper Gunn
Sniper Gunn 11 soat oldin
got it never close ur eyes while watching gray did it for the first mins and i thought i clicked on the wrong type of video lol
jaspr1999 11 soat oldin
"I can't wait to get home and play COD!!!" "What, COD??? You mean, Call of Duty?" "Nope... The fish!"
Chester Zimmerman
Chester Zimmerman 11 soat oldin
If you've messaged the girl nine times and she hasn't messaged you back then she probably not interested truths with gray 2021
Amber Ingersoll
Amber Ingersoll 11 soat oldin
I just clicked on the video and said its probably the work of gray still plays and I was right 😆😆😆😂😂😂
GypsySprite 11 soat oldin
adding zeros to reginald when
Blue's temporary commenting acc
“There are multiple stages of growth… …this is the _I like sugar stage_ as you can see-hee-!”
Saturn 11 soat oldin
Lawoscar 404
Lawoscar 404 11 soat oldin
12:04 the advancement to distract a piglin with gold perfectly describes grey
Olivia Tepelus
Olivia Tepelus 11 soat oldin
To be honest being one of the axolotl‘s is a true honor. Gray I will massacre with you anytime. 😈
Phoenix Stastka
Phoenix Stastka 11 soat oldin
At 4:20 is a block that need a command to get
Chester Zimmerman
Chester Zimmerman 11 soat oldin
More people playground please
Dani :P
Dani :P 11 soat oldin
BrotherRoga 11 soat oldin
I'm starting to suspect that the mod creators are adding in the alternative food sources in order to protect the wild carbs from Gray's rampages.
Some Mentally Unstable Idiot
Finally.... I have finally commented...... Before 1k people did...... 👏👏👏👏👏
Ospreysstuff 11 soat oldin
spleens looks like he just snorted some of that "flour" he was sitting on
Tentify 11 soat oldin
SCP - 69,420 GrayStillPlays keter class If let out of its cell an *XK end of the world scenario will occur.*
Magic Gems
Magic Gems 11 soat oldin
He didn’t know his child was named Karen ? BEST PARENT EVER
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 11 soat oldin
yeah i seen a pool this big. it's called an ocean.
Duckytuber_408 11 soat oldin
Today was a yeetful day when he said "Alright"
im still lost
im still lost 11 soat oldin
You know this is gonna be interesting when there was testing in the background
kawaiiCorgi 11 soat oldin
The girl in the first one sounds like draculaura from monster high
Tommaso Maistri
Tommaso Maistri 11 soat oldin
At the middle of the vid my phone jumped from 360p to 1080p60 and my eyes restarted like windows vista
Aether Gaming
Aether Gaming 11 soat oldin
Rip axolotl’s kindness and cuteness Satan reborn
Ben halstead
Ben halstead 11 soat oldin
At this point he might as well be walking around with the doom guy
ariesinnit 11 soat oldin
Don't give him more ideas then he already does
Stealthalquinn 11 soat oldin
The reason Grey likes axolotls is because they are murderous, psychotic monsters that are easy on da eyes 😀
Star Wing
Star Wing 11 soat oldin
Omg I’m dying, my cheeks hurt Help lol The foot touches the ground and u teleport into the shadow realm XD Omg